If you are looking for simple, tried, and tested tips on how to get on the foryou page on TikTok, you have landed exactly at the right place.


TikTok, the video-sharing social media app has witnessed a steady growth ever since it was first launched in 2016. It’s the go-to app for literally everyone out there who is passionately interested in showcasing creativity and talents through videos. Ever wonder why so many young artists are becoming part of the TikTok community each day? Due to its massive global reach, it provides you with the perfect platform to gain popularity and kickstart your journey as a full-time video content creator.

how to get on the foryou page on TikTok

Once you start creating and uploading content, you need a solid engagement for your videos to have a wider reach. The best way, to begin with, is by trying to get your content featured on the foryou page.

The foryou page is the first page you see when you launch the TikTok app. It features videos of creators you would like to follow based on your activity on the app. The collection of videos on your foryou page are specially curated for you according to your preferred content choices and interests. For example, if you follow and like videos of a particular dance style, it will feature similar videos on the foryou page. The foryou page on TikTok is similar to the explore page on Instagram.

how to get on the foryou page on TikTok

Having your videos featured on the foryou page is a brilliant way to gain recognition. It is a big deal to have your videos on the for you page as it means that you are creating quality content and can open avenues for brand collaborations and other such opportunities for monetization.

Here are 5 tips on how to get on the foryou page on TikTok:

1. Creating Quality Content: Creating high-quality content is important if you are aiming to get on the foryou page. Make sure the videos are high definition, have clarity with proper shots. The videos must be aesthetically pleasing for viewers to watch till the very end.

2. Creating Engaging Content: Remember to create content that viewers find interesting and would love to watch more on their feed. It could be based on either general interests or focus on niche videos like a particular dance style that the target viewers might look forward to. Also, keep in mind to keep the videos short so that the completion rate of your videos increases. All these factors will gain you more likes and resultantly boost your engagement. This can drastically improve your chances of getting on the foryou page. You can also consider buying TikTok likes of authentic viewers on Galaxy Marketing.

3. Adding Music to the Videos: It’s always a good idea to add popular or catchy music to all your videos. TikTok became popular in the first place because of users lip-syncing to music and dancing to music. So, adding music gives you an edge and keeps the viewers hooked to your content.

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4. Hopping on to the Latest Trends and Challenges: Apparently, TikTok favors videos that keep up with the ongoing trends. Participating in trending challenges or even starting a new challenge can visibly boost your ranking on the foryou page. This will also ensure a better engagement in your videos. You can additionally add trending hashtags in your captions. 

5. Engaging with the Audience: The need of interacting and engaging with other users cannot be stressed enough. TikTok is a social media platform and needs users to be social. One cannot expect to gain popularity and bag a spot on the foryou page without engaging with the viewers. If you are making quality content but struggling with enough followers for engagement, you can consider buying followers on Galaxy Marketing. Interacting with the audience who takes out time to view and like your content can take you a long way.

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Now that you know how to get on the foryou page on TikTok, make sure that you consistently post videos. Consistency is the key to achieve success. Think about new ways to create and innovate your content. Also, always remember to create content while keeping in mind the community guidelines of the app and you are good to go.