How to do transitions on TikTok? Read below.

TikTok is one of the applications that are made new for itself in past few years. It is a unique application that is mainly used for posting short videos in a range of one to 60 seconds.

One can follow TikTok accounts or influencers to see a different kind of content and enjoy the application. Or one can become a content creator just for fun and enjoy different features of TikTok getting tons of likes.

The TikTok application: as originally created for short videos, has dubbed songs or lip-syncing videos. But over the past years, it has emerged as one of the most influential platforms over the internet.

Despite that, people love making videos and posting them on TikTok. The features which are unique to only the application play a major role in its popularity.

One such feature is the transitions. TikTok allows mostly eight types of transitions for content creators to show their creativity.

Most of them need practice, but some of them are beginner-friendly. One of the biggest questions that new content creators have is how to do transitions on TikTok? Where do they start? And which one is better for them?

The answer to the “which one is better for one?” is simple, whichever suits the niche and the personal style that one makes videos in. 

Three simple transitions that are easy for beginners.

There are transitions where one can use creativity and create unique content. But half of them are advanced, and one needs to know the basics of transitions to perform them. How to do transitions on TikTok?

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But there are three transitions one can do if they are new to the concept and wish to create content revolving around transitions.

how to do transitions on tiktok
How to do transitions on TikTok for beginners? 4

How to do transitions on TikTok?

  • Finger snapping

One of the easiest transitions is the finger-snapping transition. In this one, one just snaps a finger, and at a later moment, one's outfit changes.

To get started with it, stand in front of the camera with a different shirt ready at the back. Then start the transition by pressing on the "+" icon.

Hold the fingers in front of the camera and snap. Later after the timer is done, change the outfit and come again to start the timer. To edit it, one can see both the videos at the bottom and crop the video right till the snap and merge them together.

  • The hand swipe

Another easy transition that can be performed is the hand swipe. In this, one swipes a hand over the camera and swipes it again to show that one has vanished from the screen.

To do this, first, one has to stand in front of the camera and press the “+” icon. Go to transitions and start the timer. Make the timing perfect and cover the whole camera with the hand when the timer stops. Now don't remove the hand but move away from the spot once one was standing on.

Press the record button again and slowly remove the hand off the camera to show an empty space.

  • The hoodie

The last one is the hoodie transition. It is one of the favorites among beginners. In this, one is wearing a hoodie in front of the camera and closes the hoodie in front to show it has been removed.

To get started, one can press the "+" and stand in front of the camera wearing a hoodie. Later on, one starts to record and slowly bring the hoodie in front, covering one's entire face. Hit stop right after one's face is covered and remove the hoodie off.

Hold the hoodie back in the face covering position and start the recording again. When the recording starts, throw the hoodie in front, showing the hoodie has been removed in the transition.

how to do transitions on tiktok
How to do transitions on TikTok for beginners? 5

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