Age plays an important role in every field. There are many professions that have an age bar and once you reach the age of thirty, your opportunities for a new career may cease. No wonder people change their date of birth to decrease their age. If you want to learn how to change your age on TikTok then here is a helpful guide that will help you change your age on the account easily. When you first create an account on TikTok, you are asked to provide your age. You have to add your personal details to activate your account and validate your account.

How To Change Your Age On Tiktok

Another criteria for creating an account on TikTok is that you have to be thirteen and above. If you are below the age of twelve, you will not be able to create an account and even if you do, TikTok places certain restrictions on your account. If you are below the age of eighteen, you will be limited from viewing some content that may be inappropriate for your age.

Therefore, your age may limit you from enjoying the entire content available on the platform. You will be restricted from using certain features of the platform too if you will not be able to meet the age criteria mentioned before you create an account. You can check this website to learn more about the same.

Owing to the rules and restrictions of TikTok, it is not uncommon for people to lie about their age. Teenagers want to view all the exciting and engaging content available on the platform. They want to access all features of the platform and therefore, they may add a fake age when they are asked to fill in their personal details while creating a new account. Once you have reached the age criteria, you may want to edit your date of birth and you may be looking for ways on how to change your age on TikTok and you may be exhausted of finding an answer to the same. Here is a simple guide that can help you out.

Change your Tiktok age

If you lie about your age on TikTok, you may be banned from using the platform in the future. Sometimes, you may intentionally add a fake date of birth but many times, you may accidentally enter the wrong date of birth. If you happen to face a problem like this, you may find it difficult to solve it. Here are some steps you can follow to change your date of birth which are as follows. 

How To Change Your Age On Tiktok
  • You have to submit a privacy report on TikTok if you want to change your age. There is no other way you can edit your date of birth. You cannot edit your date of birth on TikTok like your video, bio, or username. Hence, you have to be very careful when you are submitting your personal details while creating an account.
  • The next step on how to change your age on TikTok is to open the privacy report option on the platform. Submit your account information. You will find an option called “What is your request?” under which you will find the option called “Request information or action about account data”. You can add a problem stating that your date of birth is incorrect. You may have to provide identification proof to verify the problem.
  • Once you have requested your problem, TikTok will proceed with your query. If it approves your query, you will be able to change your date of birth. If it does not approve your request, you have no other choice but to create a new account.

These are the steps you need to follow to change your age on TikTok. Ensure that you follow all these steps and enter the right date of birth.