How to Advertise on TikTok? See below.


TikTok is one of the newest apps that have been included in the world of social media. It has gained immense popularity among the youth and people of different age groups. Lately, it has also been targeted by advertisers to promote their product, service, or brand. The advertisers keep planning out different advertisement strategies for the same. This app has been downloaded nearly 2 billion times and is used by almost 689 frequent users every month. Many advertisement formats have been launched by this app to assist different brands in reaching their target audience. Follow this post till the end if you want to know more about how to advertise on TikTok. 

How effective is advertising on TikTok?

A remarkable aspect of the TikTok app is that it has very few advertisements that keep popping up in the middle of videos. Towards the beginning of 2021, TikTok launched a beta edition of its advertisement platform. That was when all well-known brands started using TikTok advertisements for their product promotion through entertaining and distinctive ads. 

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There are different formats offered by this app that can be used to target your audience. However, you need to know how to advertise on TikTok judiciously. It also enables you to access those groups of people that are most difficult to reach. 

Is it too costly to advertise on TikTok?

TikTok is indeed a very reliable application that can be used for advertising purposes as well. It is already used by a lot of reputed brands. Though it doesn’t reveal the real cost of advertising some of the leaked official recordings have disclosed that larger campaigns might cost you a bigger amount. This is solely dependent on the kind of campaign you are choosing. 

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If you want a self-service advertisement, you might have to pay lower costs. This will enable you to view all results as well as make sure that the advertisements you post are able to reach the target audience. It is one of the best advertisement modes for both small and big businesses.

Which group is the most targeted audience on TikTok?

If your foremost target audience is the young generation, you should think about How to Advertise on TikTok. Almost 66% out of these users belong to the age group of less than 30 and 41% fall in the age group of 16-24. Also, some videos keep trending on this app. These videos are mostly about dating, homework, high school, and other youth-related topics. However, you must essentially note that a lot of social media networks initially gain popularity only in the youngster group before expanding to the rest. Even if you are not having the requirement now, you must know the whole procedure for future use. 

What are the steps to follow?

1. Create an account on TikTok ads 

As the advertising feature of TikTok is completely new, the procedure is not fully automatic. You can try visiting the homepage of TikTok ads and tap on the Get Started option. 

How to Advertise on TikTok

2. Start an advertising campaign

There are three different levels on which advertising is organized on TikTok. These are ad groups, ads, and campaigns. The campaign is the entire activity that is carried out whereas ads and ad groups are what occur within the campaign.

3. Setting up an advertisement group 

The next step to follow is setting up your advertisement group. This will help you in knowing your target audience better. 

4. Ad designing 

The ads on TikTok comprise videos and images in different formats including square, vertical and horizontal. This makes it convenient for the advertisers to use a specific tool that comprises images and templates. These can be customized with the help of your pictures.

How to Advertise on TikTok

Here was everything that you should know about advertising on TikTok. It is a great medium for advertisers that allow them to make their brand or service even more popular. Follow these steps mentioned above on how to advertise on TikTok. 


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