As a social media expert, I am often asked how TikTokers make money. At first, I was just as curious as anyone else. But after doing some research and working with some of the top TikTokers in the industry, I have learned a thing or two about how these social media stars are rolling in the dough.


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TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that has taken the world by storm. With over 1 billion active users, TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. TikTok is particularly popular among young people, with over 60% of its users aged between 16 and 24. With such a large and engaged audience, it’s no surprise that TikTokers are finding ways to monetize their accounts.

The Basics: Making Money on TikTok

First things first, TikTok does not pay its users directly. Unlike YouTube, which shares ad revenue with content creators, TikTok does not have a revenue-sharing program in place. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make money on the platform.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to make money on TikTok is that it takes time and effort. Building a following on TikTok is not easy, and it requires creativity, consistency, and a lot of hard work.

Brand Deals and Sponsorships

One of the most common ways that TikTokers make money is through brand deals and sponsorships. Companies are always looking for ways to reach younger audiences, and TikTok is the perfect platform for that. TikTokers with large followings can command thousands of dollars for a single sponsored post.

Brands are looking for TikTokers with a large following and engaged audience to promote their products. The influencer’s followers trust their opinion and are more likely to make a purchase based on their recommendation. Brands are willing to pay top dollar for this kind of exposure.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another popular way for TikTokers to make money. This is when a TikToker promotes a product or service and earns a commission on any sales made through their unique affiliate link. This can be a lucrative way to make money, especially for TikTokers with engaged audiences.

The key to successful affiliate marketing is to promote products that are relevant to your followers. If you have a niche following that is interested in a particular product or service, you can promote it to them and earn a commission on any sales made through your link.

Merchandise Sales

Many TikTokers have turned their personal brand into a business by selling merchandise. This can include anything from t-shirts to phone cases to stickers. TikTokers often use their unique catchphrases or inside jokes as inspiration for their merchandise, making it appealing to their followers.

The key to successful merchandise sales is to create products that are unique and appealing to your followers. If you have a catchphrase or inside joke that your followers love, you can use that as inspiration for your merchandise. You can also create products that are related to your niche or area of expertise.

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Live Streaming

TikTok has a live streaming feature that allows users to interact with their followers in real-time. During these live streams, viewers can send virtual gifts to the TikToker, which can then be converted into real money. Some TikTokers have even made thousands of dollars in a single live stream.

The key to successful live streaming is to engage with your followers and create content that they will enjoy. You can use live streaming to answer questions, showcase your talents, or just chat with your followers. The more engaging your live streams are, the more likely your followers are to send you virtual gifts.

Competitions and Contests

Some TikTokers have been known to host competitions or contests on their page. This can be anything from a dance challenge to a lip sync battle. The winner is then awarded a prize, which can be anything from cash to merchandise. These contests not only engage followers, but they can also attract brand sponsorships.

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The key to successful competitions and contests is to make them fun and engaging for your followers. You can use a popular song or dance as inspiration for your challenge, or you can come up with something completely unique. The more creative your challenge is, the more likely your followers are to participate.

Becoming an Influencer

Ultimately, the key to making money on TikTok is becoming an influencer. TikTokers with large followings have the ability to command high rates for brand deals and sponsorships. But building a following on TikTok takes time, effort, and creativity.

To become an influencer on TikTok, you need to create engaging content that resonates with your followers. You should also engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages. The more engaged your followers are, the more likely they are to share your content with their friends and family.


So, there you have it. TikTokers make money through brand deals, affiliate marketing, merchandise sales, live streaming, competitions, and by becoming influencers. While TikTok doesn’t have a revenue-sharing program like YouTube, there are still plenty of ways to monetize your account. If you’re interested in learning more about how social media marketing can help you grow your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Galaxy Marketing.

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how youtubers get sponsors 1 From Dances to Dollars: How TikTokers Cash In

How much does TikTok make per user?

It is predicted that TikTok’s advertising revenue per user in the US will reach 65.8 US dollars in 2022, a significant increase of 170.7 percent from the previous year. This amount is projected to continue to rise in the following years and is expected to reach 112.94 dollars by 2024.

How much money is 500k views on TikTok?

If your video on TikTok gets 500,000 views, you can expect to earn $15. TikTok compensates its content creators based on the number of views, with a payment range of $0.02 to $0.04 per 1,000 views. If you add brand deals and partnerships to the mix, you could earn between $500 and $1000 per sponsored post, depending on how engaging your content is. This information was last updated on January 2, 2023.

how youtubers get sponsors 1 From Dances to Dollars: How TikTokers Cash In

Who is the highest paid TikTok?

Charli D’Amelio is the highest-paid TikTok influencer in 2022 and has been recognized by Forbes twice in a row as one of the top 7 highest-paid TikTok stars. She gained popularity after posting dance videos on TikTok in June 2019 that quickly went viral.

How much does TikTok pay for 2 million followers?

An influencer who has approximately 2 million followers may earn around $9 to $38 per day. This might not be a significant enough amount to rely solely on social media as a career. Stay updated on esports, gaming, and other related topics by subscribing to our newsletter.

What makes a TikTok video go viral?

On TikTok, hashtags and challenges are essential for gaining more exposure for your content. Incorporating relevant hashtags and joining popular challenges can improve the likelihood of a larger audience finding and engaging with your posts.

How do you know if TikTok is paying you?

The money earned from video views should appear in your Creator Fund Dashboard within three days of accruing those views. To access the dashboard, go to your profile and click on the “…” icon to open your settings. Then select “Creator tools” and click on “TikTok Creator Fund.” This information was last updated on December 29th, 2020.


  • David Stressemann

    Meet David, the maestro of social media enchantment at Galaxy Marketing. With a keen eye for trends and a flair for strategic storytelling, David turns pixels into engagement gold. In the digital cosmos, he's the navigator steering brands to stellar success. 🚀✨ #GalaxyMarketingExpert