It was in 2016 when this application set foot in the world and, since then it has only been rising. It has become a household name now. More and more people are joining the app. But do you know how does TikTok algorithm work? It is an interesting question. It is one of the most downloaded apps now. Its algorithm has always been in the eyes but it was never disclosed before by them until 2021.

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How Does the For You Page Show The Different Suggestions

Have you ever thought about how can you see all these interesting videos on tiktok one after the other without even searching for them? Now as per tiktok, these videos come from the activity and preferences. So, if you watch some videos related to music the tiktok app will show you more videos based on that. The activities you do will decide the for you suggestions on tiktok. It implies that those videos are especially found and selected for you. It is quite interesting if you think about the whole process.

How Does Tiktok Algorithm Work

So, if you watch some cooking videos, makeup tutorials then your feed will have so many video suggestions based on that. Interesting.

How Does the User Interaction Take Place

User interactions are very important for the tiktok algorithm to work. It is designed all around it. The videos it will show will be based on your activity. The app will monitor your:

  • Likes you give on videos.
  • The type of videos that you share with everyone.
  • The accounts you follow.
  • The comments you post on the videos.
  • Lastly, the content you create.

Based on the above criteria tiktok will suggest the videos. It all depends on what you see and what you do and what you share on the platform. They see the length of video that you have seen.

So, if you see an entire video from start to end it will imply that you like it and are interested to see such videos. Therefore, they will show more of those. For videos that you just scroll and do not even watch for a second will be removed.

Device Settings and Account Settings

To optimize the app performance, the device. Account settings are taken into consideration. For other things, this is not given much importance. More important is paid to the videos and the likes. The account settings include many different options like language preference, device types, country settings, and others.

How Does Tiktok Algorithm Work

What Is Not Included in The “For Me” Suggestion Feed

We know how does TikTok algorithm work by now. Let us find out the factors that are not included in the “for me” suggestion feed. The number of followers in your account does not affect the suggestion feed at all. In case you have more followers it means that your content is loved by more people. It does not affect the preference of videos that appear for me. Also, the videos that have been seen and appreciated more will not play any role “for me”. Similarly, the videos that have not been seen much will have no role to play in deciding the video feeds.

Now you know how does TikTok algorithm work in the situations mentioned above.