TikTok is a great platform for people to share their likes and interests. Since TikTok is such a hugely downloaded app, it is very evident that people will face competition with each other to stay relevant and on the top of the charts. Due to this cut-throat competition, you may have competitors whom you may not like. For this purpose you should know how do you unfollow someone on TikTok


Introduction to TikTok. 

TikTok is a social networking/media app which was created by the Chinese company Byte Dance and launched in September 2016 with the name Douyin. Primarily, TikTok is used as a video making and sharing application in which people can make short 15 seconds to one minute video anytime and anywhere they want. In August 2021, Douyin was renamed TikTok by Byte Dance. In TikTok, people can shoot short dancing and lip-syncing videos. These features were drawn from a similar app named Musical.ly. Today, TikTok is the most downloaded social networking app in the world with approximately 700 million active users as of January 2021. Let’s see how do you unfollow someone on TikTok.

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img 60d032012e93f How do you unfollow someone on TikTok?

Features of TikTok. 

TikTok is an app with good features such as:- 

  1. It is an app to upload and edit videos:- This is a basic feature of TikTok, where people can shoot and share short videos with different alterations and modifications. The videos can be based on a topic/genre or just a general one. 
  2. Videos can be edited with Filters and Effects:- One of the most prominent features of TikTok is that it provides its users with a multitude of filters and effects to enhance their videos. TikTok would be incomplete without these filters and effects. The filters and effects make videos eye-catching and attractive. 
  3. Follow, like and comment on videos :- On TikTok, one creator can like and comment on the videos of other creators. If a person likes the content of another person, they can follow their account to be able to see more of their content. How do you unfollow someone on TikTok?
  4. Users can live stream:- Just like Instagram, on TikTok, users can live stream where they can speak to their followers and answer their questions, see their comments, and also receive virtual gifts form other users.
  5. Duets and reactions:- The duet feature has been gaining popularity for a long time because it enables its users to make videos with other users side by side. Two users at the same time can either dance, sing or do anything as they like by being side by side on the same screen. It is a fun feature as it lets people connect better with each other. Reaction is a feature where a person can record their reaction to a user’s video and upload them on the app. 
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Famous TikTok celebrities.

TikTok has given fame to many young people. Some of them are:- 

  • Charli D’Amelio 
  • Addison Rae 
  • Bella Poarch 
  • Khabane Lame 
  • Zach king 
  • Will Smith

How do you unfollow someone on TikTok? 

TikTok is a platform that has given rise to many people. Due to this the competition has increased, and users have started to compete with each other in order to stay relevant and famous. The users they compete with might be their friends and those they follow. So naturally the question of how to unfollow someone on TikTok will come to our mind. Follow these simple steps to unfollow someone. 

  • Open the TikTok app on your mobile phone. (iPhone or Android)
  • On the bottom-right corner of the screen, hit the profile icon. 
  • Your profile will be displayed. Hit the following button.
  • The list of users you follow will appear on the screen. Hit the following button present next to the user’s name whom you want to unfollow. 
  • The user you want to unfollow is unfollowed instantly. 
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It is always good to stay friends with all and appreciate them, but sometimes it becomes difficult to do so. For such situations, the above-mentioned steps on how to unfollow someone on TikTok comes handy. 
img 60d032023155d How do you unfollow someone on TikTok?

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