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How did Musical.ly Become TikTok - The story behind 4

Musical.ly is a platform that allows you to make videos and share them. It was developed by Louis Yang and Alex Zhu. The app enables uses to make different kinds of videos and broadcast them too. The most commonly found videos featured by this app are about comedy, dancing, lip sync, and singing. The duration of each video featured on this app is nearly 15 seconds. What is TikTok is a common question that the users of Musical.ly tend to have in their minds. Musical.ly is counted as one of the latest trends used to get higher exposure to the youth. It has a huge user base that still continues to grow.

How to use Musical.ly?

Just like many other video-making apps, Musical.ly allows its users to shoot 15 seconds short videos with a musical or dialogue playing in the background. To begin with, users can select the audio type that they want to play in the background of their video. They can make the choice either from the readily available audio options on the platform or they can also use their own music library. In this context, you might want to learn what is TikTok.

Then, the user is supposed to create a video with their desired music playing in the background. Once the video has been shot, you can find numerous tools that can be used as edit options like colour filters, video parting, audio editing, face filters etc.

The app also includes a story feature by which the users can combine 4 different videos with a maximum cumulative duration of 60 seconds. Then, they can share the video with their friends as well as on other social media accounts. The primary way of creating engagement on this platform is through comments and likes, the option for which can be seen just because of each video. It offers a URL link by which the users can ask different questions or share the video on other social media platforms.

Let check some more features - Musical.ly

Musical.ly offers a duet feature too and this enables the users to make a video along with any other user even if they are not together in one place. Also, there is a feature mentioning “ Best Fan Forever “ by which any user can request a follower to create duets without having to follow them back. A user on Musical.ly can also try the “ host a party" option to interact with their friends or just one friend. To know more about what is TikTok, read ahead.

Musical.ly is not just a platform used for creating content and sharing them but also exploring other content. On the homepage of this app, popular musers and their trending videos are featured. For discovering new music, the most well known songs are shown on a song list. For discovering new videos, there is an option called “popular now" in which popular videos are shown. You will also find a “ Leaderboard “ for new content developers.

On the search page, you can find “ Trending Tags", just like the trending option on Twitter. This enables you to discover the most relatable topics. To conclude with, the search page of Musical.ly also shows a trending title which is completely content based and helps you earn rewards like Shoutouts on Instagram.

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How did Musical.ly Become TikTok - The story behind 5

Let's explore TikTok

TikTok is apparently the greatest online platform that has not been used by majority of the adults. But, amongst the teens, it is immensely popular. Earlier known as Musical.ly, this application is a short video making and sharing app which also enables the users to shoot and share their videos. This app original in the year 2016 in China and is used by over 500 million regular users monthly, which can outdo other social media apps. As a platform used to share videos, it allows you to upload videos of lip sync , dancing, cracking jokes etc. This was just a brief information on what is TikTok.

The usage - All you need to know

Users can choose any song they want to be used in their video and shoot a video of themselves mimicking that particular music. As an alternative, users can shoot a video at first before choosing a song. As you already know what is TikTok, you should know that this app also offers many ways to make your videos more exciting like filters, time-lapse, slow-mo, effects, fast forward, and also playing a song backward.

Once a user completes shooting a video, he or she can instantly post the video to their account. Besides, it also allows sharing the videos to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. It also follows a duet function by which you can connect to other users and make a lip-sync altogether. With the help of the search option, the users can view the videos of other users. You can view the most trending videos by relevant hashtags including #comedychallenge #blooper etc.

How is TikTok Different from Musical.ly?

As of now, Musical.ly is named TikTok. In the year 2021, a China-based technology company known as Byte Dance combined both apps TikTok and Musical.ly as one. Initially, people were keen to know about TikTok with its launch by the name Douyin in China. They don’t share a commonplace of origin. However, their owner is the same developer who combined both of them as TikTok.

Musical.ly was earlier a video-sharing platform that enables users to make and share videos of about 15-20 seconds. It also enables them to post live broadcasting videos. The primary base of musical.ly is comprised of short music videos only. Whereas, TikTok is another video-making application enjoyed by the users who make lip-sync videos. Though TikTok is all about music and video it also offers many additional categories.

Therefore, we can say that both Musical.ly and TikTok are owned by the same mother company called ByteDance. Considering them individually, both the platforms offer the users different options to create videos as per their choice. This post contains detailed information about what is TikTok. Once the video is created, the users can try enhancing it with the help of different filters and other effects. As far as the basic features are considered, both apps are quite similar to each other.

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