We have seen hedgehogs and rabbits coming out in the dark with Don't be suspicious TikTok. We have seen pets running on and off with this music and even some people dancing on it. It has grown into one of those TikTok trends. We all want to know the origin of this TikTok trend. But before we talk about the origin of the trend we must know TikTok better.


If somehow you don't know about TikTok, you have been living under a rock.  Let me tell you.

TikTok is a social media platform based on short video content format. It has been renamed from musical.ly to TikTok and in early 2021 it became a global trend. It gave normal people the freedom to to create content. As the content on TikTok was short and simple to create, with no requirement of scripts, almost every TikTok user started creating videos on the platform.

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The content algorithm of TikTok pushes almost every video irrespective of the followers and likes that the account has, giving very high reach to every content.

don't be suspicious TikTok
Don't Be Suspicious TikTok Trend 9

This global trend started with lip-syncing to music and later on developed to dance and other short video formats. As video got its reach, it started influencing people to create more such videos. This started a TikTok Trend.

Recently the song Don't Be Suspicious TikTok made its trend over the platform. A lot of people got involved in the track. The track became immensely popular and people started to figure out the origin of the song.

An Improvisation from Parks And Recreation.

The song Don't Be Suspicious TikTok originated from a TV show named Parks and recreation. The show was based on workspace comedy. The Song made its way to the scene when the cousins were trying to figure out the death claim made by the one who is supposed to be dead.

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The two twins went on to investigate the death claim at the funeral. As they hid behind a tree they started singing, don't be suspicious and they got so involved that they came out dancing. This blew off the cover and they were caught spying on the funeral.

The trend originated from the scene and became the most popular meme from the show Parks and recreation. It has around 4.2 million views on YouTube and 1.2 million views on TikTok. Schwartz and Slate, the actors behind the scene, say they feel nostalgic after 6 years of the Epic TV show Parks and recreation. The characters say that it's an honor to work and be part of such a huge Trend.

Don't be suspicious TikTok

They haven't figured out yet how to actively participate in TikTok. However, they both say they have seen a lot of videos with their audio and love the way people are using it to create such unique content.

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If you want to be the next trend on TikTok, you need to have a good following. However, generating a good following needs lots of likes. And to get lots of likes, you must have lots of followers. This is a loop that requires a lot of effort to fill. However, to make your job easier you can even buy TikTok followers and likes. Click here to buy your first hundred followings and likes.

don't be suspicious TikTok
Don't Be Suspicious TikTok Trend 10

The show's actress revealed that the scene was completely improvised. They were supposed to do something funny to blow their cover so they concluded using don't be suspicious as the song to initiate the comedy and to add some cherry on the pie, they started making some moves and dancing while still singing don't be suspicious TikTok.

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Today the scene has become a complete story on its own. People use the track to show their pet's behavior, and kids make some funny moves.