Tiktok is the most popular short-video entertainment and social media application. To this day, it has crossed over more than two billion downloads on all the application stores, excluding the APK downloads.

As one can see, it is currently in the top position when it comes to content creation and short videos. It has helped many creative and colorful people across the globe and given them a chance to showcase their creativity through the application.

One can sing, dance, and make dubbed videos, and many more on Tiktok. And as someone who has started to gain followers genuinely or buying followers, one always has the curiosity that does TikTok tell you who viewed your profile? Does TikTok let one see if who viewed their page or videos?


Unfortunately, in recent updates, the question of does tiktok tells you who viewed your profile is omitted as Tiktok doesn’t allow one to see who viewed their profile or see anyone who visited their profile.

For the people, who have updated their application to the latest version, they can only see people who commented on their videos or profile, liked the videos, and shared them.

It was the recent step taken by the Tiktok creators for security reasons, and everyone should follow those who want to create more content on tiktok.

does tiktok tell you who viewed your profile
How does TikTok tell you who viewed your profile? 3

A simple trick.

Although one can’t go into the specifics, people don’t know if Tiktok will ever let someone see into who viewed their profile, but one thing people can do is buy the pro Tiktok account and buy tiktok followers.

It is the closest one can get on: who is viewing one’s profile or videos by getting the Tiktok pro account and then viewing the Tiktok analytics.

Although they don’t show who is viewing the profile, they do show who is currently on the profile; and which audience or whom the videos and posts are reaching out to.

Analytics isn’t made for seeing who is watching whose profile: its main purpose is to see how one is growing and if the content is reaching out to the right audience.

does tiktok tell you who viewed your profile
How does TikTok tell you who viewed your profile? 4

Can one have a look at who viewed one’s TikTok videos?

Another question people have in their mind is that does tiktok let one see who viewed their videos? In simple words, no.

One can’t see who viewed one’s videos and again for reasons. Although one can see how many views are there on the videos and how many people are watching them.

No one can only see, only the rounded up number of people who watched their video or are watching it. does TikTok tell you who viewed your profile there is no way for one to see the name or see which account viewed it?

Can one have a look at who viewed one’s TikTok page?

Another frequent question in people’s mind is that if Tiktok doesn’t allow one to see who viewed their videos or profile does it allow to view who watched one page?

Again the answer is no! Tiktok has made a lot of changes in a recent update and increased the viewer’s security. Therefore one cannot see who viewed the page too.

It is for the best for the viewer and data security: as Tiktok is a huge platform and they need to uphold their policies.

Final words.

In short, all the answers to the above question were no, but Tiktok has come a long way, and it is for the best and security reasons.

The staff is thoughtful of its user base and therefore had made such decisions. Even allowing the content creator to see who viewed their profile, page or videos will create a negative user experience.

One wouldn’t want to watch a video or visit a page knowing that the owner will be able to see one’s account and other information.