Another year, another batch of TikTok-created musical memes. The app has been full of music snippets that have remained in everyone’s heads, even if they weren’t major successes, as we witnessed in 2019. One such famous song is the Renegade TikTok song

TikTok assisted tracks including “Say So” and “Savage” soar to the top of the rankings in 2020 – and stay stuck inside your brain for days. You can’t get the song “Renegade” out of your brain, and you can’t get the sleeper hits out of your head, too. These catchy soundtracks help you to attract more likes to your post. However, you can also go for the shortcut of buying likes from a reliable website. 

This is a continuous list of some of the most popular Renegade TikTok song in 2020. 

Renegade TikTok song

1. Laxed 

This sound was employed in a pretty interesting small dance fad in which individuals showed off their countries’ traditional attire. Then, for some reason, Jason Derulo acquired it and reworked it as “Savage Love.” We’re working in an odd era. 

2. Roses 

People doing this with their arms and gently spinning their bodies took on, and TikTok superstars transformed it into a weird hip-swaying thing. In the remix, the words aren’t very apparent. The initial (unremixed) tune has a considerably slower feel to it. Last September, SAINt JHN uploaded the remixed version on YouTube. 

3. Boss Bitch 

Doja Cat could easily take up every position on this list due to her proclivity for becoming Renegade TikTok song popular on TikTok. For instance, her song “Say So” inspired a viral dance fad that was later featured in the released music video. “Boss Bitch” isn’t clearly a Doja Cat song, but it’s also gone viral. 

4. Supalonely 

Performer @zoifishh created a catchy routine to this popular tune, which Charli D’Amelio, Emma Chamberlain, and Addison Rae later performed. BENEE is a Zealand singer-songwriter who has had success in her native country, but this Renegade TikTok song triumph is her first significant worldwide smash. It was first published on an EP in 2019, but it became international in March of this year. 

5. Stunnin 

This song was utilized in several variants of the “What I Would Wear As…” fad, in which individuals dressed up in various clothes for various themes. Curtis Waters is initially a native of Nepal but now lives in North Carolina, as per a Rolling Stone piece on his viral popularity. When his song went viral on TikTok, he turned down record company offers and opted to stay freelance. 

Renegade TikTok song

6. Lottery 

Indeed, no TikTok dance has gone viral or caused as much controversy as the Renegade TikTok song put to this music. It was developed by Jalaiah Harmon, an Atlanta adolescent, and subsequently re-enacted by almost everyone, frequently without recognition. The song was published in 2019, and it’s really named “Lottery,” despite how you may remember it. 

7. Roxanne 

This was also one of those popular songs that only appeared on TikTok. While it was linked with a dance movement, it became so popular on the app that it was utilized as music in the background for basically almost everything. This is the epitome of a Gen Z song, evoking a Post Malone feeling but with a more cheerful feel. The tune was already popular, but it exploded once TikTok decided to spotlight it. 

8. Bored in the house 

Because we’re all locked in our houses and bored to death, this tune has effectively become the official music of quarantine. This song began as a viral TikTok by Curtis Roach, which consisted of him banging on a table and rapping, but it was quite infectious! Rapper Tyga was one of the many individuals who lip-synced to the song, and he was so taken with it that he sought out Roach to collaborate on a new version.