15 Fun TikTok Facts
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TikTok is a new subculture! This is especially true for the Z-generation. It is developing into one of the fastest growing social sites. Users can create short videos with music, filters and other creative features and then share them with their friends and fans.

It allows users to be very creative. This creativity allows them to express themselves in very funny and sometimes crunchy videos. Young people can't get enough of this mysterious app, which is very addictive!

Let's dive into the fan facts about TikTok, I bet you didn't know.

1.   200 days for the development of TikTok

The ByteDance team developed Douyin in a record time of 200 days. With more than one billion videos viewed daily within a year, a record 100 million users were reached. TikTok, as it is called in markets outside China, was launched in September 2017 in the western market.

Four months later, on 23 January 2021, TikTok was the number one free download app in Thailand and other countries.

2.   A story of two apps

In September 2016, the parent company developing the software launched the Douyin App for the Chinese market. One year later, in 2017, ByteDance launched the same app called TikTok for markets outside China. It was aimed at Western audiences, originally part of Musical.ly.

It's interesting to note that there are a few similarities between Musical.ly and TikTok in terms of the app's capabilities. This is because ByteDance bought Musical.ly in November 2017. This allowed a smooth access to an already existing audience. The two, Douyin and TikTok, both run the same software, but have separate networks to comply with Chinese restrictions and censorship.

3. TikTok has 800 million active users per month

800 million active users, an unimaginable number considering that TikTok was introduced three years ago in 2017. This puts TikTok in 9th place among the most popular social sites. LinkedIn, Twitter, Pintrest and Snapchat are former market participants, but TikTok has overtaken them in terms of popularity and number of active users.

Of this number, 150 million are active users in China using the Chinese version called Douyin. Its popularity will grow exponentially as more and more countries welcome the app for their citizens; Asian countries are doing very well. If we can compare how other apps have performed, it took Instagram six years to reach 180 million active users per month, while it took Facebook over four years to reach 180 million active users per month.

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4. 2 billion app downloads in total

TikTok hits 2 billion customers, India largest market with 611 ...

In April 2022, TikTok had reached 2 billion downloads. These downloads are made on mobile devices. It is interesting to note that the increase in popularity occurred during the coronavirus pandemic. In the first quarter of 2022 it had 315 million downloads. This is the highest number of downloads an app has received in a given quarter.

It's the fifth time in a row that TikTok has been the most downloaded app at the Apple Store, and the third time at Google behind Whatsapp and Facebook. It took a year and a half for TikTok to reach 1 billion downloads, and just one year to reach the 2 billion download mark. This shows how TikTok is evolving to grow and attract new users.

5.   41% of TikTok users are young people

Worldwide, TikTok has infiltrated teenagers like no other app. For the older generation, it's pretty hard to find your way around the app, but for teenagers it's easy and amazing. TikTok is used by 41% of teenagers between the ages of 16 and 24 worldwide.

Its popularity with this age group was intended. The creators of the app chose a target group under 18 years of age. You will rightly say that TikTok understands this younger generation better than its competitors. It gives them what they want; they use video to express themselves creatively. This can be done through dancing and lip-syncing, among other things.

6.The older generation is catching up with TikTok

Old People on TikTok Memes - YouTube

The age group of TikTok users is getting on in years. Remember, we mentioned that TikTok is very popular with young people. In the recent past, we've seen an increasing number of users over the age of 18. This age group brought in 22.2 million unique mobile visitors, 23.2 million in February and 28.8 million in March. In April the number was 39.2 million!

It is important to note that TikTok users in the 18-24 age group decreased to 35.3%, while those in the 25-34 age group increased to 27.4% and those in the 35-44 age group to 17.1%. Some good information for content creators that will help them to decide on the right content for a target audience.

7. TikTok is available in over 155 countries

TikTok has a reach of more than 155 countries and this is growing exponentially. It is available in 75 languages and covers a large part of the world's population. It began in China with Douyin before being introduced in America as TikTok. In China it is huge because the other social sites in the country are blocked.

Asia comes into play very strongly with its growing TikTok followers; Thailand and India respectfully have over 10 million and 20 million active users respectively. This information helps any marketer consider their target audience, and there is a high probability that your audience is in one of these countries.

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8. Top 10 TikTok usage by country

With coverage of more than 155 countries, we have the top 10 countries in terms of TikTok users compared to other countries around the world. Most of these downloads in 2021 will come from Asia and especially from India. The growth in India cannot be ignored, and we have the TikTok development team working to address this population. It currently supports 15 Indian languages and is doing much more.

Here are the top 10 countries and the number of users

  • India – 119.3 million
  • USA – 39.6 million
  • Turkey – 28.4 million
  • Russia – 24.3 million
  • Mexico – 19.7 million
  • Brazil – 18.4 million
  • Pakistan – 11.8 million
  • Saudi Arabia – 9.7 million
  • France – 9.1 million
  • Germany – 8.8 million

9.TikTok lost $8 billion in one week

India currently counts 30.3% of all TikTok downloads. It is a market that has grown exponentially. This came with its fair package of spending. By 2021, TikTok was facing a number of problems; TikTok was accused of lack of security, lack of privacy and other accusations of data abuse that made headlines.

An Indian court ruled on 3 April 2021 that the application would potentially expose children to cyberbullying and pornography. The Indian government blocked all new download attempts for its citizens on April 27, 2021. TikTok appealed this decision and the court overturned the ruling on April 24, 2021. During this one-week suspension, TikTok had lost $500,000 per day and $8 billion in revenue this week. After that, India recovered and 30% of Indian smartphones had downloaded the TikTok app by August 2021.

10. 52 minutes that TikTok users spend daily with the app

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TikTok users spend 52 minutes a day using the app. They create and share videos of themselves or watch and be entertained by others' videos in the app. We have nine out of ten TikTok users who access the app several times a day. Having an app that users spend almost an hour with is no small feat!

Looking at how users spend their time on other sites, Facebook leads the field, with users spending 58.5 minutes a day on the app, while Snapchat users spend 49.5 minutes and Instagram users 53 minutes. TikTok does not score badly considering that the app has only been around for 3 years. And these figures are important for marketers.

11. One billion video views every day

With over 800 million active users monthly, TikTok has more than two million uploaded videos and one billion views of the videos every day. Statistics show that 75% of TikTok users have uploaded a video at least once. Amazingly, in the first year of its development, TikTok already had one million daily video views.

The number of views gives marketers insight and informs them about the right content that can be produced with high commitment. In addition, it also informs content authors about the type of content that will delight their fans.

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12.TikTok displays

TikTok has developed the app so well and continuously improved it to meet the needs of its users. TikTok Ads is no different. This was announced in early 2021 and it is still in development. You can now advertise on TikTok. Brands that have used this feature have had great results.

The TikTok ads are subject to a fee, since ads on this platform are very rare. It costs an average of $10 per CPM and can be up to $300,000 for larger companies. This social platform may not be ideal for small businesses as it also requires a minimum investment of $500 for a campaign.

13. 14+million educational videos

TikTok diversifies the type of content exchanged on the platform. We have videos with career tips and instructional videos that are becoming very popular. With the introduction of #EduTok, TikTok has seen an increase in knowledge-based content shared on more than 14 million videos. TikTok is especially popular in China and India.

The success of educational videos promoting #EduTok has increased the number of hashtag views to 85.8 billion. It's not just instructional videos, we also have financial experts who give trends and career tips. This is especially noticeable among users from the United States. Over time, more and more cohorts will be formed.

14.The TikTok creator marketplace

TikTok has creatively created a platform that makes it easy for TikTok celebrities and companies to work together. TikTok's work is home to thousands of influential Tik content creators. A brand logs into this function and searches for a content creator that fits the brand's target market to run its campaigns.

The app works by inviting potential content authors to join this exclusive club. They use statistics on content creator data ranging from the number of hits, number of favors, releases, and/or comments. This app feature is not available to the general public, but instead sends private messages that are an invitation to join this club.

15. Interesting gender-specific distribution of TikTok users

Interesting gender-specific distribution of TikTok users

Looking at the gender distribution of TikTok users, it is interesting to note that in the USA, more women use TikTok than men, with a difference of 2 million. We have 8.2 million women and 6.1 million men using TikTok. TikTok reaches 14.9% of women aged 18-24 years.

Japanese users, on the other hand, have a gender-biased TikTok user base. The two highest age groups using TikTok in Japan are teenagers at 15% and users in their 40s at 12.1%. India has an interesting distribution of more male than female TikTok users. This male TikTok user in India is on average 20 years old. In December 2021 the Indian users were 90.5% male.


TikTok has the sole purpose of creating content. For content creators, this is the best social website of choice. The reason for this is the ease of creating content on the platform, and this has contributed significantly to the growth of the platform over the years. With the fun facts about TikTok discussed above, they will help you understand the platform from different angles; that of a content creator or social media user. It is a social website that cannot be ignored.