Of all the social media sites out there today, we’re seeing a lot of potential with TikTok and its special niche of short-form content. There’s just something unique about having to fit your video ideas in a small amount of time while being able to easily collaborate with other creators. Now, loads of aspiring influencers and personalities are trying their hand at creating a TikTok following this 2022.

Like with any social media site, cultivating a following is tough work that needs your full attention for most of the journey. Although a good amount of it is dependent on the app’s algorithm, there are ways to grow your number of followers. With the average TikTok user spending around 14 hours on the app per month and around 100 million active users in the US, it’s no wonder that the app is such a large presence nowadays.

In this article, we’ll be going through 10 quick tips that you can use to create your brand and grow your following on TikTok! Keep reading and we’ll get you up to date with all you need to do to catch up with the rest of the competition!

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10 Tips to Grow Your TikTok Account in 2022 | Third One Will Surprise You! 3

With TikTok, trends tend to disappear as quickly as they appeared. The site itself is dependent on trends and you’ll find that your account will grow faster if you’re leveraging trends as they come and go. As an aspiring influencer, you’ll need to make the call whether you’re jumping onto a trend or not. Going for the wrong one might end up alienating your fanbase, which is related to our next tip.

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Know What Your Audience Wants

Aside from that, it’s important for a content creator to understand who their audience is and what sort of content they respond well to. With TikTok, there’s a whole load of content types that you can explore and experiment with. However, going for an approach that’s too general might not allow you to have a deeper connection with your following.

Utilizing Quality Content for Growth

Of course, a big part of developing a TikTok following is creating content that’s both fun to watch and engaging. Relatability is also a huge factor as it helps keep fans and users coming back for more of your videos. This relates to our previous tip as you’ll need to know your demographics and how you can connect with them. From there, you can create high-quality content that interests your audience through engaging visuals and genuinely unique scenes.

When it comes to duration, you’ll want to hit the sweetspot of around 30 seconds. If you need more time, you could get away with a video that’s a minute long. You’ll also need to create a good hook for people to keep watching the video and not just skip through it.


Making Good Use Of Hashtags

Like Twitter and other social media sites, TikTok uses hashtags to connect users to the sort of content they want to see. Although it doesn’t guarantee instant viral success, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience with the right set of hashtags. Ever since the site increased its character limit to 500, you can make full use of it by writing a good hook and placing good hashtags.

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Consistency And Interactions With Your Fanbase

You’ll notice how larger creators keep constant interaction with their audience and how they try to maintain their engagement as much as they can. This goes the same for when you’re just starting out and growing your fanbase’s numbers. For optimal engagement rates, you’ll want to post at least one video a day to keep users coming back for more. Working with other creators can also open up a world of opportunities when it comes to content creation.

Responding to comments and replying to the videos of fellow creators can help boost your growth as well. Check out the many ways you can encourage users to visit your profile and you’ll see good growth in no time.

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Timing Your Posts Properly

A surprising aspect of posting content on TikTok is how you need to plan out when your video gets released. With users coming in from all sorts of timezones, you need to know their peak times to fully leverage them for views. Do some research on your audience and the time they’re online and you’ll see an uptick in views during new releases.

Fixing Up Your Bio and Profile Page

Along with all the videos you post, you still need to keep your profile page updated and your bio engaging for every visitor. Making it attractive and approachable is key so take care in using a good profile picture and make sure to link your other social media accounts if you have any. Make sure that your bio catches your audience’s attention and leaves a lasting impression too!

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Within your profile page, you can choose to pin certain videos that you’ve posted before. Selecting your most popular content can help viewers sift through the top videos that you have and lead them further down a line of engagement opportunities. You could even do the same thing to comments on your videos!

Make Use Of Great Music Choices

Creating TikTok content is a bit different as you’ll want to add the right audio clips to go along with your video. You could visit sites like TrendTok to see the most popular sounds going around right now. You could also go and edit your own sound if you want to stand out from the crowd. Just make sure that you edit the sound on TikTok itself to ensure other users find you when they search for a specific sound clip.

Enjoy The Process and Have Fun!

If you’re audience feels that you’re having fun making your videos, that feeling will spread onto them! Growing your TikTok audience is a gradual thing and you’ll be needing to experiment with what you can do on the site to find what works for your account and your audience. Find what makes you happy and enjoy making the content you love.

So these were the 10 tips to grow your Tiktok account. You can also buy TikTok followers via this link.


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