Telegrams were once a popular way to send messages quickly before the advent of email and instant messaging. The author of the novel The Mother I Never Knew, Sudha Murthy, says that telegrams are like "unspoken words that carry a lot of weight." In her view, telegrams represent unspoken emotions and thoughts that you may be afraid to express directly. They can convey positive and negative messages and can often be more effective than spoken words. Telegrams can be a powerful way to communicate your feelings, but you should use them wisely.

The telegraph was seen as a threat to traditional values and way of life. It allowed people to communicate without having to meet in person, which was considered very dangerous. Murthy's father was especially worried about the telegraph, and he did everything he could to prevent his daughters from using it.

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Despite her father's warnings, Murthy was curious about the new technology, and she decided to send a telegram to her sister. This turned out to be a mistake, as her sister misinterpreted the message and thought that Murthy was in danger.

Sudha Murthy talks about Telegram
The Impact Of When Telegrams Were Bad: By Sudha Murthy 5

The telegraph may have been considered bad news by some, but it also had the potential to bring people closer together. It was up to each individual to decide how they wanted to use this new technology.

How did Sudha Murthy feel about using telegrams?

When Sudha Murthy began working for Infosys, she wasn't used to the idea of using telegrams to communicate. She was used to communicating by phone or in person. However, she soon realized that the company culture at Infosys was different. Telegrams were commonly used to communicate between employees.

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Sudha Murthy felt that using telegrams was a more efficient way of communication. She didn't have to waste time traveling to meet someone in person or waiting on the phone for someone to pick up. Telegrams also allowed her to communicate with people who were not in the exact location as her.

How did Sudha Murthy feel about using telegrams
The Impact Of When Telegrams Were Bad: By Sudha Murthy 6

Sudha Murthy found that she could use telegrams to communicate more effectively with her colleagues and clients. She was able to get her message across more clearly and concisely. Telegrams also allowed her to stay connected with her team, even when she was away from the office.

Overall, Sudha Murthy was happy with the switch to using telegrams. She found that it was a more efficient way of communication, and it allowed her to stay connected with her colleagues.

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Why did Sudha Murthy's family continue to use telegrams?

When Sudha Murthy's family received their first telephone in the late 1970s, her father was so excited that he wanted to send a telegram to his friends and relatives to let them know about the new addition to their household. However, her mother quickly nixed that idea, telling him that it was too costly and that they should use the phone to make calls instead.

But even after getting a phone, Sudha's family continued to use telegrams for important announcements. Her grandfather passed away in 1981, and her grandmother sent out a telegram to all of the relatives informing them of the death. In 1986, when Sudha got married, her parents again used a telegram to let everyone know.

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Sudha's family continued to use telegrams even after getting a telephone because of the cost. At that time, making a long-distance call was very expensive, and it wasn't something that most families could afford to do regularly. Sending a telegram was much cheaper, and it was a way for her family to keep in touch with their loved ones without spending a lot of money.

Even though Sudha's family has since replaced their old telephone with a newer model, they still hold onto the sentimental value of the telegrams they used throughout her childhood. Her father keeps them in a box in his study, and now and then, Sudha will take them out to look at and remember the good times her family had together.

Why did Sudha Murthy's family continue to use telegrams
The Impact Of When Telegrams Were Bad: By Sudha Murthy 7

How Telegram Has Changed Since Its Inception

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1. Telegram has come a long way since it was first introduced as a telegraph service.

2. Today, Telegram is known as a social media platform similar to Facebook and Twitter.

3. Telegram has undergone many changes over the years, and it continues to evolve today.

4. Telegram offers a variety of features that make it a unique and popular social media platform.

5. Telegram constantly innovates and introduces new features that keep users engaged.

6. Telegram is a reliable and secure platform that users can trust.

7. Telegram is committed to user privacy and security.

8. Telegram is an essential tool for communication and social interaction.

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9. Telegram is a powerful social media tool that can be used for various purposes. Whether you're looking to stay in touch with friends or family, or you want to connect with like-minded people, Telegram is a great platform to use.


The author states that telegrams were terrible because they were a costly way to communicate. The author also says that the telegram service was unreliable, and the messages would often not be delivered on time. However, the author points out that Telegram has come a long way since its inception and is now a reliable and secure social media platform that offers users a variety of features. Sudha Murthy concludes that a Telegram is an essential tool for communication and social interaction.

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