Telegram was created in 2013 by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur who also developed the social networking site VK. Telegram was created as an alternative to WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook in 2014.


Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app that prioritizes security and speed. Today Telegram is one of the fastest-growing messaging apps, with more than 200 million active users.

Initially, Telegram was only available for Android and iOS devices, but a web version was released in 2015. A desktop version of Telegram was also released in 2016. This led to a significant increase in users, as Telegram could now be used on any device.

image 128 When Telegram App Was Invented? The Rise Of Telegram
When Telegram App Was Invented? The Rise Of Telegram 19

So now Telegram is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, macOS, and Linux. It is no wonder that this app is so popular! With its security and speed, Telegram is perfect for anyone who wants a messaging app that is both reliable and fast.

Telegram is constantly adding new features to improve the user experience. In 2019, Telegram added a new feature that allows users to send messages that disappear after a certain amount of time. This feature is similar to Snapchat’s “Disappearing Messages” feature.

Features of the Telegram App

Telegram offers some of the best features of any messaging app available today. The features it offers are not only unique but also useful.

Here is a rundown of some of the best features Telegram has to offer:

Secret chat

One of the most useful features of Telegram is its “Secret Chats” feature. This feature allows users to have end-to-end encrypted conversations that cannot be intercepted or read by anyone else, not even Telegram itself. This makes Telegram a very secure messaging platform, perfect for sensitive conversations. It is one of the many reasons why Telegram has become so popular with security-conscious users.

Features of the Telegram App
When Telegram App Was Invented? The Rise Of Telegram 20

Self-destructing messages

Another great feature of Telegram is the ability to send self-destructing messages. This means that once the message has been read, it will automatically delete itself from both devices. The way this works is that you will need to first set a timer for how long you want the message to exist (1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, etc.).

Once the message has been read by the recipient, it will automatically delete itself after the specified time. So when you send a self-destructing message, the timer starts ticking as soon as the message is opened. Once the timer runs out, the message will be automatically deleted.

This is a great way to ensure that your messages can never be read by anyone other than the intended recipient.


Telegram is also a cloud-based messaging platform, which means that your messages are stored on Telegram’s servers rather than on your device. This has a number of advantages. Firstly, it means that you can access your messages from any device, as long as you have an internet connection.

Secondly, it means that Telegram can offer a much higher level of security, as your messages are encrypted on their servers. Finally, it means that you can easily backup and restore your messages, so you never have to worry about losing them.

Group chat

Another great feature of Telegram is its group chat feature. This allows you to create groups of up to 200 people or more and share messages, photos, videos, and files with all of them. You can also set up “Channels” on Telegram, which are essentially public groups that anyone can join. This is a great way to broadcast messages to a large number of people. It is also perfect for creating communities and groups.

Group chat
When Telegram App Was Invented? The Rise Of Telegram 21


Telegram also has an extensive Bot API, which allows developers to create bots that can interact with users. There are a wide variety of bots available, ranging from games to utilities. You can even use bots to create your own custom commands. Telegram’s Bot API is one of the most powerful features it offers and is one of the main reasons why Telegram is so popular with developers.

Videos calls and voice calls

The app also offers video calls and voice calls. Both of these features are end-to-end encrypted, so you can be sure that your conversations are secure. Video calls are perfect for group chats, as they allow you to see up to four people at once. Voice calls are perfect for one-on-one conversations.

Instant view

Telegram also offers an “Instant View” feature, which allows you to view web pages without having to leave the app. This is perfect for reading articles or news stories. Simply tap on the Instant View button, and the page will load within the app. Additionally, this feature also strips away all of the advertising and other unwanted clutter from web pages, so you can focus on the content.


This is a feature that is becoming increasingly popular on messaging apps. Telegram offers a wide variety of stickers, which are essentially large emojis. There are a wide variety of sticker packs available, ranging from cute animals to famous meme faces. You can even create your own custom stickers.

These are just some of the features that Telegram offers. In addition to these, Telegram also has a number of other features that make it a great messaging platform. If you are looking for a secure, feature-rich, and user-friendly messaging app, then Telegram is definitely worth checking out.

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