Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify
Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify 11

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music services on offer today. Over the years, it has extended its streaming services to several countries around the world to provide more than 30 million different tracks for both free and premium consumers to listen to on their computers and mobile devices.

Understanding how to use the best-hidden features of Spotify is exactly what you need to drive your music listening experience to the next level. You will be able to discover new music that fits your personal taste, keep organized all of your music, use it with your friends and much more.

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Spotify's free option for many users is just what they need. A free account enables users to play any artist, track, or playlist on shuffle while a paid account enables users to click and listen to any song instantly.

If you're a music junkie who needs complete control over your listening experience, the premium subscription to Spotify is definitely the way to go. This list of tips and tricks is primarily intended for the premium user, although with a free account you may be able to take advantage of at least some of them too.

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Listen to the Discover Weekly Playlist

Listen to the Discover Weekly Playlist
Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify 12

Spotify provides users a special playlist named Discover Weekly, which is refreshed with a compilation of songs every Monday focused on the music that you already love. The more you use Spotify, the more Spotify will be able to learn about your listening habits, so that the best songs can be delivered just for you.

The Discover Weekly playlist can be found simply by accessing your Spotify playlists. It'll probably be classified as first.

You can add this to your music when you hear a song you like, add it to another playlist, go to the album it's from, and so much more.

Organize Your Playlists Into Folders

Organize Your Playlists Into Folders
Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify 13

This may not be important if you only have a handful of playlists, but if you're a long time Spotify user with a wide variety of music preferences, chances are you have plenty of playlists to browse through to find the right one. By using the playlist folders to categorize related playlist groups, you can avoid wasting so much time.

It looks like that can only be concealed from the Spotify mobile app at this stage. Only navigate to the top menu Tab, and select New Playlist List. In the left column where your playlists are appears a new field which you can use to name your new playlist folder.

Simply click on the playlist you want to pass to drag it to the correct folder to start organizing your playlists into folders. Clicking on the folder name will bring up your playlists in the main window while clicking on the little arrow icon next to the folder name will allow you to directly expand and collapse its contents in the column.

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See Your Music Streaming History

See Your Music Streaming History
Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify 14

If you use Spotify to search for new music to be heard, there is always a risk that you will miss something interesting by not saving it to your album or adding it to a playlist. Lucky for you, the desktop app provides a simple way to check your video history.

Only press the Queue button at the bottom of the clip, indicated by the three horizontal lines icon. Then press the tab History to view a list of the last 50 songs you've watched.

Easily Switch to Private Listening Mode

Easily Switch to Private Listening Mode
Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify 15

Spotify is interactive, which can be perfect if your mates listen to you and vice versa. But if you want to listen to something a little more obscure and don't want your mates to judge you poorly for it, it's not that useful.

You could be getting new friends, or you could just stop sharing your music for a while. If you really don't want anyone to know what you're listening to, only turn to private mode and you're all going to be good. You can do this on the mobile app by clicking the arrow in the top right corner next to your username and by clicking from the drop-down menu on Private Session.

To listen in private mode on the mobile app, access Your Library, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen to access your settings, tap the Social option and finally turn the Private Session on so that it’s green. You can switch this option off and turn it back on any time you want.

Start a Radio Station from Any Song

Start a Radio Station from Any Song
Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify 16

Spotify has an option for Stations located under Your Music, which suggests radio stations based on the artists you've been listening to, plus artists involved. You can browse by genre also through radio stations.

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To start listening to a radio station based off of any individual song on the desktop app, just hover your cursor over the song in the main tab and click the three dots that appear to the very right of it. From the dropdown menu, click Start Song Radio.

To start listening to a radio station based off of any individual song on the mobile app, tap the three dots beside the song or pull up the player from the bottom and tap the three dots there. You’ll see a Go to Radio option that will bring you to a radio station playlist.

Recover Previously Deleted Playlists

Start a Radio Station from Any Song
Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify 17

We all have regrets. Sometimes, those regrets involve deleting Spotify playlists that we wish we could listen to again.

Luckily, Spotify has a unique feature that allows users to recover playlists they’ve deleted. Visit on the web, sign in to your Spotify account and you’ll see a list of playlists that you’ve deleted.

Click to restore any playlist you want to your Spotify account. (If you've never deleted a playlist, like many of us, then you won't see anything.)

Use Spotify’s Built-In Party Mode Feature

Use Spotify’s Built-In Party Mode Feature
Tips and Tricks For Your Spotify 18

If you’re not ready to invest in a third-party premium DJing app, then you can take advantage of the Party Mode feature in Spotify. This gives you access to flowing party mixes with three different adjustable levels to suit the mood.

To find this feature, navigate to Browse followed by Genres & Moods and look for the Party option. Select a playlist and then adjust the mood if you want before hitting Start Party.