If you are one of those people who wish to add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentations, then we have written this article for you. In this article, we will teach you how you can embed a video from YouTube and add it to your presentation without having to worry about downloading it. Let’s get into it and make your presentation fun!

How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint

Why Do People Embed Videos To Their PowerPoint Presentations?

There are different reasons why people may want to embed a video from YouTube into their PowerPoint presentation. Many people find it easier to explain their point using visual aids and YouTube has interesting videos about almost everything. It is much better to show your audience a good YouTube video on whatever you are discussing instead of having to write and speak everything.

Moreover, the reason why people choose to embed is that it is much easier and time saving than having to download the video and uploading it. The latter not only takes too much time but also makes the file too heavy to transfer and load. Since internet is now available almost everywhere, it is better to simply embed a video and add it to your presentation.

Data predicts that soon videos uploaded online will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. This provides an amazing opportunity for people to use videos in their presentations. Regardless of whether you are presenting your thesis, selling a product or building a strategy for your brand, you will find relevant videos for everything. Videos will not only save your time and effort, but also make your presentation more lively, fun and interesting. If you keep speaking on and on without showing people anything, not only will you get tried but also the audience will lose their interest. Having established that the YouTube videos are great to add to the presentation, now we can delve into the details of how to do so.

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Embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint using the “Search YouTube” feature

Due to increasing number of people using YouTube videos in their presentations, the latest versions of Microsoft provide a “Search YouTube” feature with PowerPoint. This has made locating and embedding videos a lot easier than before. All you have to do is select the slide you want to add the YouTube video to, and then click on the Insert tab that you will be able to find in the toolbar.

The next step is to click the video icon that you will find on the far right of the insert menu. Click that and select online video, and then wait for the dialog box to pop up. This will then allow you to search the desired YouTube video. Once you have found the desired video, just click the ‘Insert’ button that you will be able to find at the bottom.

Once your video is added to the presentation, you will be able to run in within the PowerPoint Presentation without having to go to the browser. The latest versions of Microsoft Office also allow you to resize the video as well as add the desired transition and animation effects. You can also preview the video before showing it to the audience by clicking the Preview button from the menu.

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Embedding a YouTube video in PowerPoint using the “Search YouTube” feature

How to insert a YouTube video into PowerPoint using an embed code

If you do not find the above method easy, or if you already have the link and embed code of your desired video, then you can use this method as well. You can simply use YouTube’s embed options and add the video to your presentation. Once you decide which video you want to add, just simply click the Share option on the YouTube app or website. You will see Embed as one of the sharing options.

When you click that, you will find a new window open with an embed code and some other options that will allow you to alter when you want the video to start or end playing. You can also decide whether you want to show or hide the player controls when playing in PowerPoint. Moreover, you can also control whether you want to enable or disable privacy-enhanced settings.

After carefully selecting your preferences, you can simply select and copy the entire embedded code at the top and then select your desired slide to add video. This you can do using the Insert tab that you will find at the top. Using the same insert menu that we mentioned earlier, you will select adding video option and paste your embedded code in the box. Just like the first option, you can resize the video and add desired effects according to your needs. You can also preview the video in the same manner as we had described earlier.

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Insert video on mac Powerpoint How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint
How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint 5

Can You Add a YouTube video to PowerPoint presentation on a Mac?

While Mac users may enjoy many other benefits, the PowerPoint for Mac doesn’t include the “Search YouTube” or embed code options. Hence the process of adding a video to the presentation is slightly different. Mac users can do so by copying the URL of the video and following a few simple steps.

The first step is to simply select the slide you want to add the video in and then click the Insert button as you would do on any other PC. When you will click on the insert button, you will find an option to add an ‘Online Video’. This will allow you to paste the URL and then simply insert the desired video. Just like a PC, Mac will also allow the user to add the desired effects and resize the video as they like. It will also allow the user to preview it in the same manner.


In this article, we have first explained why people should embed the YouTube videos to their PowerPoint Presentations. In the latter part of the article, we have also described different ways of doing so.