Social media has been closely linked to images almost from the start. It began with profile pictures on the first social media networks and soon enough, it turned into almost entirely-visual platforms with images, videos, and other forms of visual content. 


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In the last couple of years, if you’ve used any social media platform (let’s face it, we all have), you have seen thousands of photos and videos. Millions of people are active and use platforms like Instagram and Facebook daily. Just take a look at these numbers:

5 Best Ways to Edit Photos for Social Media


Almost every day, users create Twitter posts, post images in stories on Facebook and Instagram, and even create custom great Instagram highlights to organize their visuals. 

It’s become hard to pin down how many photos are being shared on these platforms every day. According to AdWeek, this goes around 3.2 billion daily, while we can see over 97 million images and videos on Instagram per day alone.

This makes it quite understandable that you want to join the trend and impress on your social media accounts. However, not every image is a success. As a matter of fact, only the best ones have the most likes, shares, and impact on users.

Nowadays, images are one of the best tools to achieve something online. Whether you want quality images to impress your friends and followers, to market your brand or a product, or to become a great influencer, you need to make your photos great. 

That being said, this article will explore some tips and tools that will help you maximize the potential of your social media photos. 

Choose the best photo editing software for it

Social media platforms have their filters and editing capabilities that you could use to tweak the photos before you post them. Still, if you want your photos to look as professional as they can be, your best option is to use highly-rated photo editing software. One excellent example of such software is FixThePhoto.

This is actually a brand that offers photo retouching services. It’s been doing so since 2003. Instead of doing lengthy edits and trying to figure out what filters to use, you can simply upload the photos as they are, write down your requirements, and let professionals take care of the rest.

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This is the simplest and, by far, the most effective solution since you’ll be placing your photographs in the hands of people who are doing this professionally. They can remove the imperfections, enhance things to make better impressions, and make it realistically edited.

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Some of the things that you can get with this software include color adjustment, make-up corrections, airbrushing, lighting issues fixed, background/ reflection removal or replacement, skin texture retouching, clothes wrinkles smoothed out, etc. 

If you want to take things further, you can even use this software for photomontage. You can replace objects, swap heads and faces, apply all sorts of special effects, and much more.

Start with a professional, quality photo

Not even the most experienced editor can fix a photo that is too blurry or of terrible quality. They might improve it, but if you want to really make a difference with your social media photos, the first and most important thing is to start with a quality photo.

Circumstances when taking photos will differ for you. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to leverage the beauty of natural light. However, many of the photos need to be done close up, in dim light, in the dark, etc. 

Quality photos usually take some preparation to be done right. Surely, you should be taken by the moment when an amazing opportunity shows out of the blue. However, since social media users often post, you can do some planning in most cases. 

The quality of images on social media can seriously impact the behaviors of other users. They can impress or disappoint, influence in either direction, and promote or distract people from your brand, product, or services. 

When it comes to creating quality photos, some things are an absolute must for you:

  • Use a quality camera. A lot of the time, your phone camera can be enough if it’s good. However, if you want this to look as professional as it can be, you might want to opt for a professional camera at some point. 
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  • Take several photos. If the idea allows for it and you don’t have time restrictions, take many photos from different angles. 
  • Make sure that the photo is well-sized. You can always reduce the size of the image for social media, but if you start with a small image and limited pixels, there’s very little you can do to improve it. 
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Decide on your social style

Have you noticed how established brands and popular influencers all have a similar theme in their profiles, a certain style that makes you detect their work immediately?

This should be you, too. If you want a great social media presence, you need to decide on your social style. 

Do this before you pick out filters, add text in your preferred font, or even before cropping your images. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit. Make sure that you find the best combo of colors, filters, fonts, and sizes, and then – just stick with it to achieve consistency.

Practice and learn about photo editing

Photo editing might require the right tool and some knowledge, but most of it comes from practice. So, take your time to master at least the basics. Amateur work is easily recognized in photos that are overly edited or poorly edited. 

It takes much more than using a filter you like on Instagram or putting your photo through an automated editing tool before you publish it on Facebook. Here are a couple of edits you should be familiar with, to begin with:

  • Brighten eyes, within the teeth, remove blemishes and make them look natural 
  • Do go-to edits like sharpness, contrast, and saturation 
  • Use a variety of whitening tools to brighten the images, the backgrounds, or any elements you want to highlight
  • Consider your colors wisely (color can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, a study says)
  • Crop, but for composition to minimize the distracting elements in the photo

Follow the trends on social media

Checking out your competition and following social media trends is crucial for your success. You should know what people like to do on different platforms and offer it to them. Still, you should remain authentic and post only high-quality photos of value. 

Being cohesive with your photos is good, but this shouldn’t mean that you’ll post the same content in different forms all the time. There are many trends in taking photos, and even in editing them. So, explore your creativity, check out what’s trending, and try something new. Followers expect consistency, but they also expect fresh content.

Some of the things to pay attention to when it comes to photo trends are:

  • Borders. Borders have been part of social media trends for a while now. They are added as a special effect to the photos, as banners to spread a message, and as a way to showcase your social style. From graphic patterns to simple white and black borders, you can use these to add a flair to your photos. 
  • Typography. The font size, color, and type you use in your colors are very important. In most cases, brands and influencers use the same font type, and even size in their photos to establish authenticity. At times, you might even decide to remove the image part and opt for a quality background with big text in the middle. If you do this right, you can emphasize your message and make it richer with the photo. 
  • Grid. The so-called ‘tiling photos’ and all those images split into a grid can make a big statement. You can either use several images with the same theme or split your brand’s image into multiple images thanks to a grid. Some even experiment with this further and use different filters for different parts of the image!
5 Best Ways to Edit Photos for Social Media


  • Filters. Last but definitely not least, filters are very important in photo editing for social media. These are your best friend – the things that will make editing simpler, more cohesive, and more effective. Decide on whether you’ll use a single filter or a combination of similar filters in your photos. If you opt for different filters, look for options that offer a similar feel or a similar contrast. 
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That’s it! It’s time to make those great photos!

There you have it – a short, yet very useful guide on how to edit your photos before posting them on social media. By editing your images, you can get the best out of them. This allows you to impress, get noticed, and even convince people to trust and like your brand or account. 

The right images posted regularly and combined with authenticity and consistency can make your social media presence amazing! In return, you can expect happier and more importantly, more followers!