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Reasons to buy YouTube comments

Reasons to buy YouTube comments

You simply cannot think about an online video without YouTube crossing your mind – it is just an impossibility. With the number of people using YouTube increasing day by day, the focus has shifted to engaging them and getting feedback to make their experiences better, attract more people and convert them into long-term clients. One of the best ways to engage them is by using the comments section. The more comments you have, the more satisfying your business will seem.

Businesses are moving their marketing strategy to social media platforms, and YouTube seems to be one of the best. Why? Sharing videos is one of the most efficient ways of passing information. Not only is it entertaining but also engaging, and users will have a lasting memory of what they watched more than what they read.

Among the options that businesses can utilize in their quest to command authority on the site and increase their number of sales is the comments. This is a convenient way that you can get in touch with potential clients and answer the questions they may have concerning whatever it is that you deal in. Getting a substantial number of comments in your posts can be a task, to begin with, but the good news is that you can now simply buy YouTube comments.

Many people are not aware of the fact that you can buy YouTube comments & the benefits of doing it. So this article will focus on the reasons for buying comments and help you figure out whether that is the missing piece in your marketing puzzle.

Increase the rate of interaction

Getting feedback from customers is what keeps businesses on toes. It helps to point out the loopholes that need to be fixed & to improve specific parts of your business.

Rank higher

It is important to understand that the algorithm used to rank YouTube videos  on the site uses the number of interactions, views, likes, and comments. Logic follows that the more the interactions, the higher the ranking is.

Increases the number of views

Users will be more concerned about what other people, in large numbers, are talking about. In an attempt to get the full picture of the conversation, they will end up watching your video first before commenting.

HelpS TO get ‘real’ comments

One thing about YouTube as an important platform for digital marketing is that users are attracted to masses. This means that once your video has a lot of comments, more people will follow and learn what the buzz is all about. In the process, many others will be involved in the conversation, giving you the engagement you need for your business. Your task will be to keep the conversation going.

Increases the number of views

The point of using YouTube is to get as many views on your videos as possible, and buying YouTube comments can get you just that. You see, as explained before, users will be more concerned about what other people are talking about. In an attempt to get the full picture of the conversation, they will end up watching your video first before start commenting. With the increased number of views, the video will trend, and you will get even more views.

Increases rate of interaction

On YouTube, after posting your video and getting comments, you will be able to understand what you have been doing wrong. Upon correcting, you may realize that you had been missing out on so much.
It is in that section where most clients will post their queries about a thing or two, and you should ensure that you respond effectively. You can also use the comments to figure out what line of your production needs boosting among other important business decisions. As such, buying comments will result in more interactions.

It’s a ranking factor

It is established that you may end up getting more views as a result of having many comments on your YouTube videos. It is important to understand that the algorithm used in ranking searches on the site uses the number of interactions, views, likes, and comments. Logic follows that the more the interactions, the higher the ranking. And the higher the ranking, the more visible you are online.
The importance of such visibility is that your business will be found easily by potential customers looking to purchase from you. Always ensure that you use a link in your posts or a direction to where your products and services can be found.

Increase rate of interactions 99%
Get more HR views 95%
Rank higher 87%
Become a Youtube star 69%

Good for brand promotion

A business should aim at becoming an authority in its niche. This implies that your business will always be associated with the type of goods and services that you offer, and clients will not be looking any further. As established, buying YouTube comments will get you more views, make your videos trending, and therefore increase the number of subscribers to your channel.
This is handy when it comes to brand promotion. It means that the huge following and subscribers will help you spread the word when they share your videos with their other followers. Before you know it, the number of sales you convert will be massive.

Makes things easier

You will agree that getting comments on the YouTube videos is a less common thing compared to likes and subscriptions. It might take you a long time to get the right number of comments you always wanted to have a productive engagement. To make things easier comments can now be bought from various vendors online.
Before you show your desperation for comments and possibly get scammed, you may want to consider the success rate of the provider and check their reviews. The last thing you want is to buy junk comments that will not get you anywhere. Also, you may consider looking for professional advice. After that, be sure to use the potential of the comments to the fullest and achieve most, if not all of the benefits discussed above.

How to produce the perfect Youtube video

How to produce the perfect Youtube video

According to Hubspot, about 78 percent of people will spend time watching videos every day with 55 percent of all these views taking place online. Cisco reports that by 2020, online videos will be bigger in that they will make up at least 80 percent – 85 percent of this statistics will be from the US population. There’s also the fact that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, right after Google, its parent company, and that users watch more than 500 million hours of videos on YouTube on a daily basis.

What these numbers, it makes sense that every marketer, blogger or vlogger is trying to break into and tap into all the potential that lies in videos, specifically YouTube. For these reasons, anyone trying to break into the marketing scene, specifically video marketing through YouTube has to work a lot harder. You need to be the best to attract more views and to bring in more subscribers. While we could help you to break into the YouTube scene by increasing the number of subscribers you have (yes, you can buy YouTube Likes, views and subscribers), it’s important for you to understand that you will have to work harder than you imagined.

And, the work starts with learning and perfecting the art of producing perfect YouTube videos. Of course, your ability to come up with and communicate unique, interesting, informative, and inspiring content is vital to the process, but, you should keep in mind that even with the biggest ideas, a viewer will not get through the first 10 seconds of a YouTube video.

Also, worth mentioning is the fact that video marketers are reporting an increasing number, as well as an increase in brand awareness by 54 percent. However, it’s surprising to note that despite the effectiveness of videos and the effectiveness of YouTube only 9 percent of small businesses use YouTube in the US.

So, taking all these numbers into account, you see why we insist on creating the perfect YouTube Videos, right?

Numbers aside, how do you create the perfect video for your YouTube Channel? How do you ensure that your video gets a significant number of YouTube Likes just because of how awesome your videos are?

Determine the kind of videos you want to make

What do you want to use your YouTube channel for? Since you are looking up to the self-made YouTubers raking in 6 and 7 figures from YouTube monthly, you have to identify the exact needs of your niche and how best to use the platform to communicate your needs.
Often, the type of videos you share are based on the things you are passionate about. But, you need to make others understand and even appreciate your passion for creating excellent videos.
There are 11 types of videos you could create on YouTube. Which one (s) best represents your interests or rather, which types of videos will your business benefit from the most?
Demo videos: you use demo videos to demonstrate how products work. If you are a manufacturer or a marketer of certain products, a demo video of the product will appeal to your market because some things are super complex.
Whether you are unboxing or highlighting unique ways of using the product, a demo video will come in handy. Note that demo videos are also effective when you are reviewing a specific product, say from Amazon because your channel focuses on a topic related to the product.
How-to or educational videos: these are instructional videos that teach your audience specifics of something new or something that you need to build upon. If you find that your products and services sell more when you show people exactly how they are to use them, you could make it a part of your sales strategy.
Explainer videos: these are almost like the how-to videos, but they are often easier for the audience to understand given the fact that they are based on a fictional character. The actions of the character are based on the use of a product or service, how it works, or what a concept means. Explainer videos are common when explaining complex subjects to persons who might struggle to understand a subject. Explainer videos feature ‘cartoon-like’ characters, and they involve a lot of illustration.
Brand videos: want to promote your business to a larger audience, create brand videos. Brand videos are mainly for advertising purposes. Done well, a brand video will increase your brand awareness significantly. Since this video plays an advertising role, use it to outline the best parts of your business. Basically, work on selling yourself to your target audience.
Expert interviews: some vloggers are making a living out of this. After you identify an area of business or life that people need information about, you find experts in the relevant fields to shed light on various aspects. YouTube videos that are based on interviewing internal experts and thought leaders give you the foundation to become an authoritative resource, and your target audience will use the information gathered in different areas of business.
Event videos: if your business is the host for a major conference, you can increase the reach of your brand and the event by using videos to capture the whole event. Highlight reels or interviews of specific presentations could be promoted in the video.
Animation videos: animation videos are different from the explainer videos mentioned above in various ways although they are also used to explain features that are hard-to-grasp. They have strong visual elements, they could be used to explain how an abstract service or product works, but they could be promotional as well.
Customer testimonial and case study videos: Your company could use its YouTube channel to help its prospective customers decide to use a specific product or service, especially if it will help them solve a specific problem. By sharing videos of satisfied customers and success stories, you will attract more customers to buy and use your products or services.
Live videos: besides social media, you could be live on your YouTube channel giving your viewers details of an event or sharing behind the scenes videos live. If you are a car manufacturing company, behind the scenes videos of the production process will push your engagement rates higher. You could also use your YouTube channel to share live stream interviews, events, or presentations. Encourage people to comment on the event. This works for music channels and concerts too.
Virtual Reality (VR) and 360-degrees videos: did you know that you can create 360 degrees and virtual reality videos on YouTube, either live or for post-shoot viewing? These videos allow your viewers to scroll around to view the video from every possible angle as if standing within the content. These spherical video styles allow viewers to experience an event or an adventure as if they are part of the whole experience. Also, viewers get to control their experiences.
Augmented reality videos: thanks to AR, you can add a digital layer to your current videos so that you view and even change that space as if you are there.
Content creation
Choosing the type of videos you wish to showcase on your site is the easy part. The hardest part of the process lies in content creation.
A lot goes into content creation, and missing one step makes the difference between the best video that rakes in thousands of like to one with more dislikes. You want to appeal to your audience, especially the critics. For this to happen, you must have a clear purpose in mind. Reshooting, editing, and re-framing.
Here are some of the most important questions you should ask yourself (and your team) before you get started.
• What’s your target audience like?
• Why are you shooting videos (why do you have that YouTube Channel?)
• When do you need the video to go live and when is it due?
• What’s your budget?
• Which are the creative requirements for the video?
• What is that thing that will make you feel and know that you have succeeded?
Now that you have all the answers to these hard questions, it’s time to get down to work.
Never go into YouTube video creation with a just-wing-it mentality. You must have a written plan outlining the whole video and the message you want to communicate if you are working on a business video. The only time you can create an unscripted video is when you are on a rant, when creating a tear-jerking documentary or when shooting funny cat videos.
You should start by writing down the script, the same way you would prepare to write a blog post. List down the important points and then order them appropriately. To allow for real-time commenting, you should use Google Docs to make your draft. A table format or insertion of a table will go a long way in ensuring that you stick to the script and do everything as planned.
You might be wondering why you need to go through all this trouble when you are not producing a TV show, right? Well, it’s the same process. Think of it as your show. You want to make a great impression, and you can only do that by creating a great script.
Also, the script means you will get right into the video when the cameras start rolling. A script eliminates the need for filler words and a confused look when you are ready for your viewers to ‘enjoy’ the show.
Keep the language simple, relaxed, short, and clear.
A script ensures that the information you communicate in your video sets you apart from everyone else trying to do what you are doing, or also trying to do.
Note that even after years of creating YouTube videos, you will only create impactful videos if you pay attention to YouTube SEO. This is the strategy which ensures that the words spoken on your video include the right/ target keywords, but also it keeps you safe from keyword stuffing.


While scripting the videos for your YouTube Channel, it is essential for you to keep in mind that everything you say and then title you use will determine whether your video is rank high on YouTube and Google.
Below is a highlight of the most important elements of YouTube SEO
Keyword research – should be something that your target audience searches for. Use the suggestions you get from YouTube’s search bar. If your YouTube channel is still a baby, you should always focus on the low-competition keywords. Don’t forget to search for the keyword on Google. Then, optimize your video around the selected keyword.
High-retention videos – your mind and script should focus on creating a high-retention video at all times. By audience retention, we mean creating videos your viewers will want to watch to the end. Given YouTube’s high ranking for videos that people watch to the end, you need to focus your energy here. From a high audience retention video, you will attract a lot more likes, comments, views, shares, and subscribers; not to mention a high click-through-rate.
Video optimization- shooting an excellent YouTube video will not get you far if you fail to say the keyword the first few seconds into the video and a few more times as the video runs.
Make a greater investment in the equipment
Befriending the cameras
Perhaps a few people are born camera ready, but you may not be like them. You may need to spend a lot more time courting the cameras to ensure that you look your best and communicate effectively.
Also, befriending or courting the camera boils down to learning to use the tools you have well.
Shooting your video using a Prosumer or a Professional Camera
For a professional looking video, you need an excellent camera. Fortunately for you, there are several types of high-quality cameras in different price ranges, and you will always find one that meets your needs.
Prosumer cameras: these cameras form a bridge between the advanced cameras and the compact ones. If you want to create a perfect video using a camera that lets you press record to start rolling, this could be your best fit.
Professional cameras: these include DSLRs. They offer finer control in comparison to the prosumer cameras, and they have a manual setting for shooting a video while allowing you to attain a shallow depth in terms of the depth of the field because they can focus with the background out of focus. Although DSLRs are commonly used for photography, they are great at videography too. They work well in low-light conditions especially when yours is paired with a wide range of lenses.


With a DSLR, there are a number of settings you should be aware of, even with a videographer in the set. An understanding of color balance, aperture, ISO, and the frame rate is crucial, and you must test all these features before you get into serious shooting.
Frame Rate: this is a basic camera customization option that allowing shooting of videos at 24 frames per second (fps) or even 30fps. Though the 30fps frame rate is common, most video experts use the 24fps setting because of its cinematic look, especially in videos that require broadcasting or projection. Also, you need to check the resolution and keep at 1920x1080 for high-quality footage.
Aperture: to control the aperture, ISO, and the shutter speed, you need to turn on the camera’s manual settings mode. Note that these variables always work in tandem and form the Exposure Triangle which explains how the features relate to lighting and also how they interact with the camera.
So, the aperture is the size of the lens’ opening, the one that controls the amount of light getting into the camera. F-stop measures the aperture, and a higher number represents a lens that is more closed, and you have a deeper depth of field so, you can maintain your focus on a larger portion of the frame.
Shutter speed is the shooting speed while ISO is the factor that measures your camera’s sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO figure, the higher the camera’s sensitivity.
In a low-lit space, choose the lens that shoots with a low f-stop to let in more light into the camera, while avoiding a noisy shot with a higher ISO.
To make the process easier, start by taking photos, and once you are accustomed to all those settings, you can form a process that works for you.
White balance: The exposure triangle aside, you now have to learn about the white balance. This element tells more about the camera’s color temperature in the environment you are shooting at. This is important because lights have different colors. Preset or customize the white balance but never automate this feature.
Focus: your DSLR allows manual or autofocus. Manual focus is recommended for the best effects.
Shooting with your phone
Most self-made YouTubers and vloggers use phones, and all their excellent videos are the product of perfecting the use of a phone’s camera. You could do that too.
If you have an iPhone, first ensure that the device has adequate storage and then enable the Do Not Disturb feature. To use it, flip the phone horizontally for the best viewing experience and move closer to the subject. Do not use the Zoom feature because your final video will be blurry and pixelated.
If you are worried about shakes, even when using a professional camera, buy a tripod.
Other cameras that work well include point and shoot cameras, mirrorless cameras, or action cameras.
Also, you must use powerful lenses for clear videos.
Now that you know how the camera works get ready for studio time.
Before you sit down for the interview, you must have a studio. Your studio should be fitted with the right equipment.
Tripod: as mentioned above, you need a tripod to avoid motion shakes. With a tripod, the risk of breaking your expensive equipment is lower. Find a good quality tripod that you can afford. You also need to get extra camera batteries as well as SD cards.
Lighting: the lighting will make or break that shoot or your live broadcast on your YouTube channel. So, ensure that the room has adequate lighting. You might want to buy light stands too. You need three types of lighting: the key light, fill light, and the backlight.
Audio Equipment: you already know that your video has an internal microphone for recording audio, right? Thinking of using it? Don’t. The internal camera isn’t powerful enough for audio recordings so, invest in sound equipment, say a microphone. Even when shooting with a phone, you must buy a microphone. Fortunately for you, there is a wide variety of plug-and-play sound options.
For the best sound and image quality, choose the DSLR and get a lavalier microphone, it could be wireless or wired. In a controlled environment, use a shotgun microphone because it is more reliable and it records the background noises so that the noise sounds natural.
Speaking of sound, always pay attention to the hum of your air conditioning unit and find a room with minimal noise.
Rule of Thirds
By now, you have a camera/ phone, and you know what you are going to say, perhaps your make up is on point and you are ready to get rolling. But, are you certain that the video will turn out great, whether you are interviewing someone, you are the subject, and you also want to showcase a product? To create the sense of balance, you need to apply the rule of thirds. Imagine the canvas to have two horizontal and two vertical lines. Lines in place, the key elements of the video must be at the intersection of the lines.
Improving the look of your video:
• Use the B-Roll
• Establish the shots: are you going for medium, wide or tighter shots?
• When shooting and regardless of the tools, you must stay close to the subject
• Avoid the vertical shooting syndrome when using the phone
Unless you are doing a live video, you must edit your videos.
Fortunately for you, there are many video editing tools online, and you can edit your videos on YouTube.
Using YouTube Video Editor
• Sign in to your Google or YouTube Account
• Click on Upload then select Edit in the Video Editor Tab.
• Add the new video you want to edit by dragging it or hitting the plus icon at the top right corner
• Edit the video. This tool allows cutting or splitting, adding filters, changing the settings, and you could also add texts, music or translation to the video.
We recommend using the YouTube Video Editor tool because it’s one of the most powerful editors available for YouTube videos, it makes your videos professional, and it is free.
Other tools include Wondershare Filmora, Windows Movie Maker, or the Virtual Dub. They are all free tools.
If you are using a Mac, you can edit your videos for YouTube at no cost using iMovie or Blender.
Notes of the editing tools
Voice over: you could record your voice the overlay it on the video to add value to the information.
Music: the kind of music you choose to use on your video breaks or makes your video. Bad music means that even if you buy YouTube likes, you won’t gain the traction necessary for making you popular and eventually rank higher.
Editing Formula for your YouTube Videos
Introduction: the introduction will determine whether or not viewers like your videos or watch it to the end. To reiterate the point on audience retention, the first 10 seconds are crucial. So, when editing it, ensure that it is super engaging to sell your channel.
Brand’s logo: once you introduce the video and what you will be sharing in the video, promote your brand. A logo and great music will do the trick. But, this is the shortest part of your video, and it should not exceed 5 seconds.
Body: this is the longest part of your video, and the length depends on your content. Ensure that the content shared here is original, informative and presented creatively.
End/ Call-To-Action: it is important to say a few words at the end of the video. But, if someone watches your video to its end, you need to ensure that they keep coming back for more. So, use the ending to encourage the viewer to subscribe to your channel. This increases your video’s ranking. You could also use the ending to introduce a card or an annotation that encourages your viewers to visit your website or tell them what you have in store for them in the next video. Again, keep this section short.


Now that you have done the dirty work, it’s time to make your video live on YouTube.
First, upload it as a private video to touch it up and to ensure that it has all the relevant details and the description and title have the target keywords. Also, uploading it privately allows scheduling so that the video is live at the time you promised your subscribers. The scheduling option is the reason why you need to have an email list for building a subscriber’s list.
To upload it, log into your YouTube account then click on Upload located in the upper right corner.
Crosscheck the essential elements
Before your video goes live, you need to ensure that it’s well optimized for it to garner views from your actual subscribers and potential subscribers.
Here, you need to ensure that your video is well optimized.
The video must have the right keywords, as should the title, the meta-description, and the video tags. If you are transcribing the video, sprinkle the relevant keywords.
Perfect Thumbnail Image: an attractive or perfect thumbnail image is essential to boost your brand’s visibility, and it also ensures that your fans relate to your content faster.
Mistakes To Avoid When Shooting YouTube Videos
1. Holding your phone vertically: as mentioned above, you need to stop holding your phone vertically when shooting videos. Since some people still make that mistake, it is important to reiterate that no one wants to watch a video with black sides.
2. Moving or shaking: A tripod is crucial for taking great videos. And even when you have to move around during the shoot, you need to keep the camera focused and steady. An alternative to the tripod is a phone mount. The mount or tripod needs to be made out of strong materials, and it should be balanced. Your phone or camera must be kept level.
3. Forgetting to edit: you are not too good to edit your videos. Your viewers could be great fans but, they will easily discredit you if your videos have things that should not be there. At the same time, failing to edit the video means you are too careless, yet there are many free editing tools at your disposal.
4. Uploading videos with poor audio. You want people to hear what you are saying so, reduce the background noises, and ensure that you are audible.
Metrics to track your videos
Video Count: This represents the value of the number of times that the video has been viewed. It is also called the reach of the video. It’s essential in ensuring that your track your brand’s awareness.
Play Rate: it is the percentage of the people who’ve played the video divided by the impressions gathered.
Video completion: this is also called the audience retention rates. It measures the number of people who watched your video to completion.
Comments and social sharing: this is a ranking factor. With a higher number of comments, it means that you have relevant content.
Other essential metrics include click-through-rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates/ time-on-page.

So, there you have it, all the basics of creating excellent YouTube videos. Now that you have a great video, it’s time to focus on promoting your channel and videos. Keep in mind that while we offer great services like an option to Buy YouTube likes, you should work on improving your views and boosting the number of people subscribed to your channel.



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