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Why you should buy YouTube Views

Why you should buy YouTube Views

With the number of people using YouTube being way over the one billion mark, it is no doubt that video marketing is the way to go. Almost everyone using the web is watching YouTube videos nowadays. That’s why it is useful for both offline and online businesses as well as internet marketers to use YouTube to attract traffic and increase conversions.

The strategies for YouTube Marketing are centered towards gaining more views on the videos you post. Also, it will be beneficial if you can find the right ways to make the viewers of the videos come back to your channel and watch more videos. But you will agree that before this happens, you need to have views on your videos, right?

Getting views can be a slow process which doesn’t always have to be the case. What if you could just buy legit YouTube views and get your video watched by many people as a result? Do you want to find out why you should buy YouTube views, likes & subscribers? Read on

Higher search ranking

The algorithm used to rank channels  and videos on YouTube uses the number of views, likes, comments etc. – the more views, the higher your videos will rank. Many people usually click on the most viewed videos when searching for something to watch on YouTube. Therefore, getting views will attract even more natural YouTube views & likes!

Going viral

Video marketing: you want many people flooding your channel and viewing your videos. You will only be successful by having many views which are potential customers for your services and products / projects. It doesn’t matter if you want to promote your business channel or your personal gaming channel.

Increase your market base

YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine behind Google. That’s why it is one of the best ways to advertise and market any of your products. Before uploading content for advertisement in YouTube keep the interests of your viewers in mind. This will help you increase the chances that more people who are your target market will view your content.


Businesses are using the power of YouTube to promote their businesses. The idea of showing what they can do in a short film or a series of videos has enabled many of them to grow over the years. And if you are looking to use the social media platform too, then you need to get some things straight. You see, it is not all about sharing videos and growing. No. Many other factors are supposed to be taken into consideration to make your endeavor successful.
You probably understand by now that YouTube views are one of the main things that affect the success of any YouTuber. It is an indication of the number of people interested in your stuff, and who may end up hitting that "subscribe" button at the end of every video. As such, it is the desire of any user who has a channel on the platform to have as many views on their video as possible.
One thing that stops everyone from having a million or so views on their videos on YouTube is that you cannot force anyone to watch your videos. And since that is what you need to get the word out about your products and other services, much effort should be put in getting views. Luckily enough, those views can now be bought. The good thing is that you wouldn't have to wait for months to get a substantial number of views. You start on a high note and buy YouTube views in huge amounts for cheap prices here.
YouTube views are an important aspect of marketing on the social site, the next part of this article focuses on the reasons why you should buy YouTube views for your videos. Most of the reasons apply for those looking for fame using channels on the platform.


As mentioned earlier, most YouTube users will be interested in the videos with most views. They will watch the video and even engage in the conversation in the comments section. Both moves by the users are beneficial to the business in one way or another, and to achieve them, buying YouTube views is a great way. The impression that you have many viewers on your channel will convince users to subscribe to your channel too.
Subscribers are very important for your YouTube channel, as a YouTuber you know that. They will be among the first people to be notified of your new video posts.


There is a section on YouTube for the trending videos and most users, before watching other videos watch those that are trending first. Many views on the videos make them trendy and buying YouTube views will get your video in that section too. Also, you will get other ‘real' views in the trending sections.


Another important reason why you should buy YouTube views is that your ranking can benefit from it too. You see, making it to the top of the search results is a significant achievement for any business. Most buyers will only choose to do business with those that are at the top of the list. And that is where you should be. Among the factors that search engines use to rank channels and videos on YouTube is the number of views the video has.
As established so far, once you buy Youtube views from a trustworthy seller like Galaxy Marketing, the video will get many more views. Such huge numbers of views will come in handy when ranking your channel and video posts. As a result, your videos will be easily found by new users.

Better ranking 99%
Reach more people 93%
Videos get recommended 87%
Become a YouTube Influencer 85%


If you want to succeed at making many sales on YouTube, then posting a quality video with an attached link to your website or the product is not enough. You need to ensure that many people watch the video. Buying YouTube views is the key to achieve this. Not only will they make the video go trending but it will also increase the number of subscribers on your channel. Now with a lot of viewers and subscribers, getting them to make a purchase will not be as challenging as without the bought views.
The sales you will be making will be way more than anticipated just in a short while. Never forget: Remember to ensure that your videos are engaging and relevant to keep the huge subscriber base.


Now the last benefit of buying the views for your YouTube video is rather obvious yet still worth noting. Getting a huge number of views is not an easy thing especially if you are just starting out. The frustration you can get from a small number of views you may have some months after starting your channel may end up affecting your business and threaten it. It gets even worse when your competitors have hundreds of thousands of views and a similar number of subscribers on their channels and videos. Thanks to our Services, they won't be much ahead anymore.

10 SECRET ways to get more views on YouTube

10 SECRET ways to get more views on YouTube

A few years back, owning and running a YouTube Channel was a dream come true, the biggest step you could make for your business and career, and an effective strategy for showing off your skills in videography.

But today, well, things have are different although some aspects still stay in place. For instance, YouTube is among the best places for you to market your brand and products or services but, your skills are not enough to give your video a high and highly coveted number of views. But, who can blame them? YouTube’s got a lot going: it’s got the second highest reach, right after the social media giant, Facebook; and the most interesting bit is that YouTube remains the 2nd largest search engine after Google, its parent company.

As a result, there a rise in the number of vloggers on YouTube. This means that the site has had advancement in its systems which ensure that only the best videos with excellent content rank high. What this means is that you will have to work harder now, more than ever to get more views.

And, did you know that YouTube possesses its own VR (virtual reality) setting which allows viewing of videos in 360 degrees? What about the fact that you could create a YouTube time-link that directs your viewers to specific moments in your videos?

Fortunately for you, this article outlines everything you need to know about YouTube by uncovering the little nooks and crannies you can make use of in YouTube. By the end of this article, you should have all the tools necessary to increase your number of subscribers, but most importantly, this article will teach you how to make your channel an authoritative resource base.

Noting that some individuals are living off YouTube, this article aims to make you one of the highest paid vloggers.


As a world-famous site known for its premium-quality content, YouTube drives an incredible amount of traffic. It’s the ideal video sharing site. With this in mind, you want to get more views from your videos every time. However, you shouldn’t be looking at just getting views; you need to find ways of earning organic views. Of course, there are ways for you to buy real views and our services are unmatched but, we recommend buying views only after you implement the right strategies to ensure that you drive mire traffic to your channel and build on the bought views. The most effect YouTube-specific strategies are described in greater detail below.
Well, let’s jump right into it!
1. YouTube SEO
It refers to optimizing your video content for YouTube. There are specific strategies you can employ to ensure that your channel gets more traffic and for it to be at the top of results in search engine result pages.
How many times have you searched for information on Google only for half the search engine result pages (SERPs) to be in the form of YouTube videos? For that to have happened, the owners of those sites must have employed YouTube SEO strategies. You could too. How?
Keyword Research
Research into keyword is the backbone of search engine optimization. So, it’s the first process in YouTube SEO. According to Backlinko’s Brian Dean YouTube keyword research starts from you coming up with a list of potential keyword ideas.
All you require is the Search Suggest feature on YouTube. Head on to YouTube and in the search box, type in a word or a phrase. As you do that, this search engine will give you a long list of possible keywords to match your search. The phrases returned are all related to the words or phrases typed.
Now, those suggestions are your goldmine because those suggestions represent the exact words that people search for in YouTube and you already know that those are the popular words you need to target.
What’s more, you can also head on to the popular video section in your niche and copy the words or phrases the videos are optimized for. As mentioned above, a video with millions or thousands of views in your niche was most definitely optimized around that popular keyword.
To find a list of potential keywords for your channel, visit another channel within your niche and choose the videos optimized for those keywords; that is, the most popular videos.
Next up, pick one video from that list, the one with awesome content and then see the keywords that the video is optimized around. The keyword you are looking for is in the video’s title, its description, and in the video’s tags. Find an appropriate chrome extension to see the video tag.
The second best source of YouTube keywords is Traffic Sources in the YouTube Search Report. The report is comprehensive, and it has a list of all the keywords entered by users to find the videos in your channel. While most of the keywords you find in the report are popular, you might find a bunch of keywords and keyword phrases you have never heard of.
• Choosing the best keyword from the list generated
Now, make use of the list you have generated. You need the best keyword, and this boils down to the keyword with low competition (low-competition keyword). This works best if you are still growing your subscribers because picking a competitive keyword means that your videos are easily buried because videos with more subscribers always come up on top of your search engine result pages.
To identify that low-competition keyword, you need to search for that keyword the read the “About results” section. The results highlight the number of videos that are available on YouTube and are focused on the same subject as yours. Naturally, a video with a higher number is optimized for a competitive keyword while the keyword with a low number is the one you are looking for.
While there is no standard for low, you need to know that the low competition depends on your niche.
• Searching for the selected keyword in Google
As mentioned above, before YouTube, there is Google. As the biggest search engine, you need to ensure that your keyword is optimized for in Google. Also, you need to remember that most of the YouTube videos with the highest views get their traffic from Google. On top of it all, your video can easily rake in between 2 and 5times more views when optimized for Google.
But, how do you do it? Well, you should optimize your videos around the keywords that have already raked in video results on Google. Why? The thing is, Google will only include videos in its search results only if the videos are optimized for specific keywords.
And with Google reserving a huge chunk of its first page to video results, other than the normal 10 webpage results, you need to make the most out of the platform.
Note: this strategy works best for How-To keywords, as well as reviews, tutorials, funny videos, and all content relating to fitness and sports.
Optimizing keywords for both YouTube and Google ensures that you get views from people searching on Google and YouTube. To make this possible, take the keyword you found on YouTube and search for it in Google, and make sure that the keyword selected received a minimum of 100-1000 searches every month on Google. Use Google’s Keyword Planner – you don’t want to optimize your channel around a keyword that only gets 20 searches in a month.


What does this mean?
Well, for a high ranking of your videos, you have to create videos that people keep watching. Here's something to jerk your memory: do you remember the last time you watched the first 15 seconds of a video? What happened to the 2 or 3 minutes of the video?
See where we are getting to? For high views, people need to keep watching your videos. The number of minutes or seconds that people watch your video is what is called audience retention.
About Audience Retention
It is a big ranking factor. And according to YouTube, its goal is to keep the audience retention of the videos uploaded on the site at close to 100 percent; that means that people are watching your videos all the way. Videos with the highest audience retention rates are the ones that rank high and frequently show in searches.
This ties to the views received by your video. If your video has a high retention rate and optimized around the right keyword, it will rank high on Google and YouTube.
Keeping in mind the fact that YouTube wants people to stay on the page longer to click on the ads in the site, you must strive to create videos with high audience retention. To do that, you need to create videos that will keep people engaged/ high-retention videos.
1) Always start off your video with the summary of that video. Guess what? About 20 percent of people who click on your video will leave in the video’s first 10 seconds; this will directly result in a drop in the number of viewers.
2) Dive deep into your content immediately: avoid lengthy introductions.
3) Use open loops – this is the information that sparks curiosity about what comes up next in the video.
Is Audience Retention the Only Ranking Factor that Matters in YouTube?
No. Audience retention is just one of the many ranking factors used by the YouTube algorithm to rank videos. The others include:
Video comments: most of us will spend out idle time reading through YouTube videos’ comments, especially because most of the comments are hilarious and others tell us whether we should watch an hour-long tutorial or not. But, as you do that, are people leaving comments for the videos you just uploaded?
The truth is, comments send out a strong message to YouTube. It tells them that viewers enjoyed watching the video or that they took the time to engage with the video. So, it’s a stealth move to encourage viewers to leave their comments ‘down below’ after watching the video.
Subscribing: when someone clicks the subscribe tab after watching your video, it definitely means that they enjoyed the video and they look forward to watching others. So, ask people to subscribe to your channel after they watch a video to boost your monthly number of subscribers.
Video sharing: shares on the YouTube video in social media is a great ranking factor, and it sends positive vibes about your video? How? Can you remember the last video you shared on all your social media platforms after watching it on YouTube, wasn’t it great and didn’t you like how many more people talked about it? So, how many more subscribers and views do you think you’d record if you created high-quality and shareable videos, then shared it on your active social media platforms? Besides boosting your ranking, sharing will increase your views because more people from your network will visit your channel.
Video length: longer videos rank better, just like the text-based articles for your web pages. While the longer videos outsmart, the shorter videos, it is important to note that the video’s quality and the level of creativity employed in the video matters more. So, don’t sweat the small things (length) if you can create a great 5-minute video. Thanks to the new YouTube Studio, you can track your stats easily.
Click-Through-Rate (CTR): Did you know that YouTube observes what users do and the videos they click on when they search for specific keywords? Did people click on your video or the other person’s?
Well, it turns out that this behavior is essential in ranking and YouTube will always record the percentage of people clicking on your results – the CTR. A video that gets many clicks communicates to YouTube positive vibes, and the video gets a boost. On the other hand, a video with a few clicks will receive a low ranking.
How to boost CTR - Create a high-quality video with compelling thumbnails, as well as title. By this, we mean that your Thumbnail image must be of high-quality, and at text next to the image visible and engaging. Something else about thumbnails: the images should be consistent so that they are easily recognizable by your audience.
1. YouTube Video Optimization
Now that you have a high-retention video, your next move is to upload then optimize the video to get the most value in the form of SEO from your video. That is the target keyword.
Confused? Think about it this way – YouTube automatically transcribes videos uploaded on the site, and if you mention the target keywords, it hears it because you said it. By saying the keyword, YouTube understands your content better and knows that it is about a specific term.
Video optimization strategies
Video title: should be 5 words long, on the low side so, you can add the main keyword and you don’t have to worry about keyword stuffing. Always place the keyword at the beginning of the video’s title.
Video description: the description makes it easy Google and YouTube to understand what your video is all about, resulting in a higher ranking. To create the best description, you should incorporate the keyword within the first 25 words of the description; your description should be at least 250 words. And use the keyword 2 to 4 times. Note that by optimizing your description, you are telling Google and also YouTube what the video is all about; without appearing spammy.
Video tags: the first tag is the exact keyword although you might want to include variations of the keyword. With a targeted tag, you will rank for the target keyword, and your video will show up a lot more frequently.


To get more views for your SEO optimized video with a high retention rate, you must market that video.
• Make use of forums
Forums like Quora will ensure that your content gets a high viewership. First, because the site is among the biggest Q & A sites and also because the site will ban you easily if you span the site with your videos. Also, Quora gets you high-quality and quantity views so, you have high-retention views. Forum sites work because the people on the sites are thirsty and desperate for information.
• Linking your videos to your Email’s signature
Can we all agree that most, if not all people who email you like you? Why then, don’t you leverage your likeability by adding the link to the video to your email’s signature? You will get high audience retention and high-retention views.
• Embedding videos in your blog posts
This is the most effective strategy for promoting your YouTube videos. When writing your blog posts, think about where you can embed a video.
You might want to use auto-play for your embedded videos too. But, don’t overdo it by putting many videos on auto-play, especially on one web page.
• Encourage other bloggers to embed your videos
While this strategy works for a few people, it is one of the most effective strategies for promoting your videos and reaching more viewers. For this, you must frame your video in a manner that matches their content.
• Use Playlists
Since a playlist automatically plays every video within the playlist, you should use it for thousands of free views monthly. To create a playlist, look through your videos then identify a few videos, say 5 with a common theme/ topic. Once you have the videos, create a playlist with that set of videos. This strategy works because the videos in the playlist address a specific subject comprehensively and your viewers dislike incomplete information or hanging pieces they have to look for. Don’t forget to include the playlist in your channel.
1. Optimize your YouTube Channel page
Now that you have at least three high-retention videos in a playlist within your channel make that content accessible; this is, optimize your channel.
You could optimize your channel easily using one of two ways: first, rank your channel on YouTube; and secondly, work on building the number of subscribers and also improve views. These strategies will improve your ranking indirectly.
But, the tip of the iceberg is making your channel page professional and attractive. Incorporate the target keyword in your channel’s About Section (but don’t stuff keywords in your description).
How else can you optimize your channel?
• Connect to your social media channels: to boost your credibility, you must add your other social media channels to your YouTube channel’s page.’
• Use a great icon for your channel: this is the same as your profile picture. Ensure that the image is compelling and that it portrays who you are accurately.
• You might want to add an eye-catching banner art for your channel.

2. Excellent shots
Motion shakes, inconsistent focus, poor lighting accompanied with harsh shadows, wrong color balance, distracting backgrounds, and incomprehensible/ inaudible dialogue are the ingredients to a poor video. A video with these characteristics will rank low on YouTube, and there is no way it will make it to Google.
Since the appearance of your channel determines how many views you get, subscribers and your ranking, you must create excellent shots.
With video content on top of the list of the effective strategies for inbound marketing, and with video marketing expected to constitute about 75 percent of all the traffic on the internet, you must employ the best video recording and editing strategies to make great shots. You also need to keep in mind the fact that your video is judged and ranked based on your presentation, quality of content produced, the production quality, your style, and whether or not it provides valuable information.
So, seeing that a lot is at stake here, how can you produce excellent YouTube Videos?
Originality: you have to be original and very creative in the content you are creating. Do not copy-paste someone else’s ideas. You can create original content by running persona research on top of keyword research.
Plan: always create a script, then draw out your storyboard and create a short list of the things you want to communicate.
Selectiveness: set very high standards for your work and always choose quality over quantity.
Consider your set carefully: think of the set’s dressing and what it communicated. You don’t want it to be too busy and distracting to your viewers.
Video production tips:
• Set up the lights to avoid overexposure or underexposure
• Be aware of the quality of sound produced and use microphones
• Always use a tripod to avoid motion shakes, and make sure that the camera is in focus before shooting.
• Rule of thirds: basically, split your shots into thirds, horizontally and then vertically, framing your subjects in an off-center position. Doing this creates life and movements in your shots in a manner that the straight and centered shots cannot.
Editing tips:
• Optimize the video text
• Use soundtracks in the background
• Make use of the b-roll
• And align the flow of your video with the emotional response you wish to evoke
• Optimize your video for YouTube.
3. Create niche-specific content and Ask for Feedback
Never create content for everyone. When creating content, you must have specific persons in mind. When you create content that focuses on a specific group of people, you are certain that you will always have more people to view and share your videos.
Don’t we all have that one friend who sings praise for a certain vlogger you’ve never heard off? Well, by having a niche, you build a reputable brand known best for that specific thing. And even more importantly, you will have loyal viewers.
Asking for feedback: The easiest and the most effective way for you to create videos that high a high-retention rates and ones that have more views start by creating and sharing videos with information that the viewers want. Can you think of something that works better than asking your viewers what they’d like to see?
When you ask, your subscribers will think that you read their minds. They will keep asking for more, they’ll share your videos, and the best part is that you build brand loyalty and your viewers will keep coming for more.


To promote your videos and your entire channel, make end screens cards, and watermarks your best promotional agents.
End screens and the cards will direct your viewers to your cards and encourage them to keep watching; the watermarks promote your channel.
Cards work like popups and appear in the video, while the end screen appears at the end of the video. The watermark appears at the same time and location in all your videos – bottom right corner.
1. Try your hand in YouTube Ads
Ads are effective tools for promoting your channel, improving your total number of views in the process. This is possible because the ads will expose your content to persons who wouldn’t know of your existence. Also, the YouTube ads will increase your organic traffic.
Studies show that the people who watch ads on YouTube to the end are more likely to watch your videos, subscribe, comment and watch more videos.
2. Buying YouTube Views
Yes, you can buy views, and yes, it is not against the rules; also, you can count on us for real and authentic views. However, many others promise to offer authentic views hence the need to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the product offered before you buy YouTube views. Numerous sites offer this product, but you need to make sure that you check the reviews for all the potential sites.
Why buy YouTube views?
• It gives you a head-start – instead of starting with 10; you start with 5 or 7,000; propelling you above your competitors
• It will strengthen your social proof- what this means is that your brand will be stronger, more credible, and with a trustworthy reputation.
• It makes for effective marketing: people are likely to watch a video with a few thousand views than one with 100 views
• In results in improved search ranking on YouTube and Google. But, there’s a catch, you must optimize your content.
• You will receive more and better YouTube Suggestions because you have many high-quality views.
• You attract more views because you have a high ranking.
• Lastly, you will become an authority site and make more money out of it.
However, you should know that buying views for a site with poor quality content will bite you back later on because no one will watch your videos.
Other strategies that boost YouTube Views
• YouTube Analytics
Track your channel's performance using the analytics tool to find out what works and what needs work for more views. The analytics will help you make appropriate adjustments, and you will also know the videos that are performing well, as well as the engagement rates and the demographics of your audience
• Turn your videos into GIFs
While everyone loves GIFs, a few people know how to create and make use of them for money. Besides sharing your YouTube videos on Facebook, you could turn them into interesting GIFs.
The best part is that GIFs from YouTube videos are easy to create. All you have to do is to choose the video you want a GIF out of then add the word ‘gif’ before the YouTube Video’s domain name. Doing this will take you to gifs.com where your video will be uploaded for editing. You can set/ crop the frame, set its length, and add captions, among other things.
• Creating links that start YouTube Videos at a specific time. Use the “Start at” option that comes after you click the share button.
• Upload or edit its transcript
• Allow saving of videos so that your viewers can ‘Watch Later.’
• Customize your YouTube URL. Go to the advanced settings under your channel’s settings.
• Use YouTube’s large library of royalty-free music for the background. The Music Bar (in the Audio Library) has a list of all the Royalty-music you might want.
• YouTube Kids for parents with kids – it’s the safer option
• Upload and watch 360degrees videos on VR (Live and pre-recordings).
• Live-stream your videos to YouTube
Keep in mind that even with the option to buy YouTube views, you can only get a high ranking if you implement the white hat strategies discussed above. For authentic views, reach out to us today.



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