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Why you should buy YouTube subscribers

Why you should buy YouTube subscribers

With the ever growing number of viewers of YouTube videos, this platform has proven to be one of the best places to find a massive audience for promoting your products and services. One key aspect as you may have already figured out is that your success will mainly depend on the number of subscribers your channel has and the number of views, among others. And getting these kind of subscribers quickly is even better for your endeavor.

You could consider working on your production and quality of the content you post on YouTube, but that may not be enough. If you are into the business and want quick results, then you could consider buying YouTube subscribers. If this is new to you, don’t worry. This article is everything you need. That does not mean that you should hold back on producing the right quality of your videos since there will be other viewers who would want to get a taste of the channel with lots of subscribers.

Increase your Popularity

With fame comes authority, and people will associate you quickly with the kind of production you deal in. When starting out, you may be struggling to get noticed with only a few subscribers to your channel. A quick solution is to buy YouTube subscribers from Galaxy Marketing.

Improve your Ranking

It should be your goal as a channel owner to gain the best ranking for your videos. For instance, when anything relating to your niche is searched on YouTube or Google, you want your videos to appear the on top of the search result page.

Reach the target audience

You want your channel to attract the targeted audience and buying real YouTube subscribers can be the solution you need. Although this type of subscribers can be a bit pricey, you will be up for success.


Buying YouTube subscribers is a straightforward process which involves getting in touch with a site where you will find the required number of subscribers. It is highly recommended that you be vigilant due to the rising number of scammers out there. How can you be sure? The first thing many people do is to conduct a background check of the service provider and read reviews. Galaxy Marketing is your partner when it comes to buying YouTube subscribers.
What many people fail to wrap their mind around is the reason why you should buy YouTube subscribers. That is what the following section of this article will address. By the end, you will be well informed about why you should consider to increase the number of the subscribers on your channel.


It is the desire of every owner of any YouTube channel to be popular in their respective niches. In the beginning you may be struggling to get noticed with only a few subscribers on your channel. Sometimes, even with excellent content, the number of your subscribers will not reflect the effort you have put in.
But that doesn't always have to be the case. Purchasing YouTube subscribers can get you to the level you have always dreamed of. Many YouTube users tend to view and subscribe to channels that have many subscribers as well. This will lead to increased popularity and therefore conversions.


Many YouTube users will more likely go for the videos from channels with many subscribers. According to them, there should be something unique about such accounts. If that happens and they find quality videos on your account, you can be sure that your number of "real subscribers" will increase drastically. You see, buying subscribers will influence other users to keep viewing your videos. After a while, you can bet on it that they will click on that "subscribe" button without needing any more push.


If you talk to some of the most successful YouTubers, they will tell you the effect of having many subscribers on their channel. It motivates them to take time and produce better quality videos every day. That is the effort that ensures that the subscribers stay subscribed and encourage them to refer even more of their friends. Even with the bought subscribers, you will have the push of confidence which will make you produce better quality every time.


Of course you want your videos to have an increased ranking for specific keywords. For instance, when anything related to your niche is searched on Google, you want your specific video to appear as the first one the search result page. How do you do that? The answer is simple – Just have many subscribers on your channel! And one sure way of getting many subscribers at once is by buying them from trusted providers like Galaxy Marketing.
A large number of subscribers make your video search engine optimized, which is relevant for ranking your channel favorably. As such, the number of views will increase in numerous folds, and you will soon be the authority on the web. If you are dealing with a brand, you can be sure that your conversion rate will be boosted and your popularity, if that is what you are after, will be put on the right track.

Better presence 99%
Even more subsribers 100%
Get more views 95%
Rank higher 89%


You will agree that with the millions of people watching YouTube videos daily, not all videos are relevant to them. You want your channel to attract the targeted audience and buying real YouTube subscribers can be the solution you need. We sell real YouTube subscribers at great prices, just check it out!
When people like your content, they will more certainly share it with their colleagues, and that means more views and more conversions. The next thing you realize is that most of the subscribers you have will find your content relevant and are willing to make purchases and refer more friends to the site.


This is the last reason why you should buy YouTube subscribers. The fact that it is simply easy. To get started, you can do a quick Google search for websites that sell YouTube subscribers. And from the available providers, choose one that seems okay for you. Our company can offer them to you at a fair price.

How to grow your YouTube Channel

How to grow your youtube channel

After months of deliberating, months of second-guessing, and months of reading comprehensive and somewhat confusing literature on how to make money out of YouTube, you have finally put down your foot and decided to create your YouTube Channel. The excitement is out of this world, and you just can’t want to be the next bog vlogger.

But, there’s one huge challenge – actually making things work, and also, starting out in the right way. The biggest hurdle of all is how to get more subscribers. You may have to find legit ways to buy YouTube subscribers but, of course, that is not something you jump into when you are all green and inexperienced.

So, how do we go about this whole thing?

First things first, congratulations for making that huge move. But, now comes the tough move.
YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It has users in over 90 countries, it has about 1.8 billion logged-in users monthly, and there are 46,000 years’ worth of content on YouTube alone! Also, 70 percent of all the traffic to YouTube comes from mobile phones. And, in a day, 1 billion hours per day of video content is watched on the platform with 400 hours’ worth of YouTube videos uploaded every minute. Also, there are only about 1500 YouTube channels with more than 1million subscribers.
Yes, this is a lot of data to work with. But, it only goes to tell you that you are not going to get thousands of subscribers in a few months or even years without working hard.
Your subscribers are the engine that drives your brand’s reputation on YouTube. While it is not a direct ranking factor, it influences the number of views that your YouTube videos get and the views will directly influence whether you get more subscribers or not.
So, how do you break through this platform, a great marketing medium when used well?
There are two ways to go about it: the blackhat way and the white hat way. Blackhat strategies involve raking in subscribers using bots and shady sites while the whitehat strategies involve growing your channel organically. The latter takes a lot of effort and time, but with patience and a creative mind, your subscriber list will grow exponentially.
In this article, we shall focus on the whitehat strategies that could grow your subscribers.

Add a subscribe button

You cannot have subscribers if you don’t have a Subscribe Button. And since every time a new visitor visits your channel or watches your video you have the opportunity to make him or her a part of your YouTube family when they subscriber, why should you skimp on that button? So, here is how you do it.
• Log into your YouTube Account, the one with all those engaging videos you want people to view and then subscribe
• Click on Creator Studio located on the main drop down at the far right. It’s in the drop down
• In the Creator Studio, click on Channel, located on the left side of the screen.
• Click on YouTube Branding
• Click on the ‘Add Watermark’ tab
• Upload your preferred watermark. Note that the watermark file should be in GIF or PNG format and it should be less than 1MB. If it’s an image, it should be in the 4:1 ratio. Either use a Google Image or Create your unique ‘Subscribe’ Image.
• Next up, choose your preferred display settings. This is where you want the button to appear – it could be at the end, running during the whole length of the video, or it could appear at a specific time.
• Lastly, Watch how it goes for the next 48 hours and test its results, making changes appropriately.

Work on your channel

Work on your channel’s homepage and make it look like the big brand you are building
Other than having a Subscribe tab, the most effective and natural way of getting more active subscribers lies in branding and most importantly, the appearance of your homepage. So, you need to pay attention to the colors, fonts and other graphical elements.
You also need to remember that people like consistency and the easiest way for you to leave an impression would be picking 2 or 3 colors and only 2 fonts that you will use consistently on the thumbnails, the banner and the graphics within the videos.
The other important element is the artwork. What is the first thing that someone thinks when they see your channel? What does the artwork say about you? Does the artwork match the niche you are targeting?
If you are using a headshot, ensure that the background is clear and you look your best.
Grow your email list
With 3.25 billion hours of YouTube videos watch monthly, you need to ensure that you get your piece of the pie. While you have the option to buy real subscribers, growing your email list will triumph any subscribers you pay for.
Email is an effective channel to build your subscriber list thanks to the fact that it is a preferable means of communication in both the personal and the marketing settings. And, people check their emails daily. So, to grow your market size and to reach more potential buyers of your products and services, you have to work on building your email list. Fortunately, there are many ways of doing this.
• Creating a lead magnet
A lead magnet is a form of incentive often used by marketers in exchange for email addresses and any other contact information. A lead magnet could be in the form of a video, a downloadable PDF checklist, an eBook, whitepaper or a report. It is an effective way of generating leads online, in this case, a great way of adding to your list of subscribers.
Lead magnets work because emails are personal and without a great incentive, people will not give you their personal email address.
As you think of creating a lead magnet for your YouTube Channel, keep in mind these things. Your lead magnet should solve a real problem, promise a quick win, be very specific, easy to digest, instantly accessible, and also, it should offer high value. It should also demonstrate your skills in the unique value proposition.
Among others, the most effective type of a lead magnet is content upgrade - a lead magnet explicitly created for a YouTube video. For this to work, you need to learn to condense the message in your video so that the video carries only the important points, before turning the points into a PDF.
Cheat sheets, templates, checklists, or swipe files and examples are great lead magnets.
• Incorporate a Call-to-Action (CTA)
With the lead magnet ready to pull in new subscribers and viewers to your channel, you need to promote the lead magnet using a CTA. In case you are wondering what this is, a CTA refers to a statement used to ask your viewers to act. The best and the most effective CTA for your YouTube Channel will be ‘Subscribe to our channel’ or as simple as ‘Please like our video.’ Note that the CTA used here will be asking your viewers to download the lead magnet.
• Linking to your lead magnet, everywhere
Having added your CTA, you have to include a link to the website. Make sure to incorporate an optin form for your viewer to download the lead magnet from. You can include links to the optin form in different places including;
The video’s description: this is an obvious place that your viewers will look for the link to the lead magnet.
Your Channel’s header: incorporate a link to the lead magnet in the YouTube channel’s header. This works well with the universal rather than the specific lead magnet.
About Tab: though often overlooked, your biggest, most loyal fans will look at the about section to learn more about you and what you do. So, incorporate a link to your website with the lead magnet.
In the replies to the comments: comments to YouTube videos are effective in building your views and subscribers especially because it sends positive signals that YouTube uses to rank you highly. To build your list of subscribers even further, you need to ensure that they are on your email list and that they will be the first to know of every new video you upload. To inform them, you need their emailing information. Replying to comments gives you an incredible way of building the subscriber list. Since someone will ask for more information, other than what you have covered in the video, a link to the relevant lead magnet will come in handy.
• Running Ads
YouTube Ads are not only effective in bringing in more views but also in adding to your subscribers’ list. Having created videos that are optimized for videos and also optimizing your YouTube Channel for the email optins, you can use ads to take things a step higher.
For the best effects, choose the right location for the ads. These places include:
• Directly under the YouTube search box
• As a pre-roll video as people watch other videos
• In the sidebar

• Adding annotations
Do you use YouTube annotations in your videos? Perhaps you should start. The annotations will allow the addition of links, layer, texts, as well as hotspots over the YouTube videos. You could also use annotations to add links to the lead magnets using a compelling and customized CTA.
How can you create an annotation?
• Go to the Video Manager in your channel
• Next to that video you want to edit, click on the down arrow located on the right side of the edit button and choose annotations.
• Then click on Add annotations button to the right and then Apply Changes after you create your annotations.
• Cards
Having tried to create annotations above, you know that they don’t work on your mobile devices, right? Well, your next best option involves the use of cards. You need cards because at least half of the YouTube Views come from mobile devices. For your viewers to see your CTAs, make use of YouTube Cards.
Is the email list all you need to build your list of subscribers on YouTube? No.
The use of email marketing and lead magnets is just a tip of the iceberg. Keep reading for more strategies, as well as details of where you can buy YouTube subscribers

Keep posting useful stuff

At the end of the day, what matters is what your subscribers and loyal viewers learn or get from your content. If you want to get more subscribers because a friend recommended your channel to all their friends, you will have to work on creating unique, engaging and useful content.
With every video you shoot, think about your competitors fighting for the same audience you are targeting. To attract more people your way, you might want to be consistent. Let your viewers know when to expect wittier and informative videos and take things a step further by letting them know what you have in store for them in the next episode. The key is learning ways of pulling in more viewers and subscribers by dangling bits and pieces of content they cannot afford to miss out on. Think of how movie creators make you anticipate sequels and how you always look forward to the next episode of your favorite TV show. As you’ll notice, it’s all about creating content weaved around a story or stories that keep the fans asking for more.
Stop looking for shortcuts and keep promoting
The internet is full of ideas on YouTube glitches you could make use of, but those don’t guarantee more loyal subscribers. You want active and loyal subscribers and the only, or rather the most effective strategy lies in marketing your channel.
The best promotional tactic lies in creating headlines that your followers get hooked, wanting to watch more of your videos. But, don’t make empty promises, your content should be equally good or better. Now that you have great content and have placed a lot of focus on optimizing your channel and videos for both Google and YouTube use all you breathe to promote.
Start with social media. How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many active followers do you have on Instagram and Twitter? Use your connections on social media and keep sharing your videos. As long as they are good, someone will always watch the videos, and if sublimely impressed, they will automatically subscribe. When sharing the links to your YouTube videos or channel, don’t forget to ask people actually to subscribe – humans forget.
You also need to share your videos to the blogs that have content related to your content. Also, bank in the comments section of your videos. Remind people to subscribe.
Shortcuts might sound great but, they do not create traction. So, do the manual promotional work first. Once you gain some tractions, the number will stack up, as long as the content is consistent and consistently great.

Schedule your content

You’ve definitely heard of all the people who are earning seven figures from YouTube and in your wildest dreams, you imagine yourself in their shoes, right? What if we told you that you could be that person? Well, there’s one thing you have to be ready to do – you have to work really hard. But, other than working hard, employ the 1x4 strategy for scheduling content.
While it all boils down to creating content and uploading videos consistently, it is specific in that; you should strive to publish one video every week, so, four videos in a month. Consistency brings in more subscribers because once they get used to watching great content, people begin to have expectations. You have created a dependable rhythm like the creators of your TV show has. So, keep the beat going, every week.
Make a commitment to you and your subscribers to share a video every week and keep that promise. Doing that ensures that you always have new subscribers trickling in. To make it better, stick to uploading the episode on a specific day of the week.
Leverage the power of Facebook Groups
Facebook and YouTube are neck-to-neck regarding the audience they have been able to reach. So, while working on your YouTube channel, you should leverage the power of Facebook, specifically the Facebook Groups.
Why? Facebook groups are categorized into different topics, and people with different interests create them. There are groups specifically for cooking, others focus on construction, while others are communities made up of social media and digital marketing strategists and consultants, among others.
To find groups that are relevant to you, search your target keyword with the Groups filter on in the search bar. Look through the different groups and sort the groups by interests. You could use Facebook’s Discovery Feature.
Find between 10 to 20 groups and then add your comment to the discussions in the groups, telling people about your channel or a specific video you did on a specific topic.
Mentions in Amazon Reviews
As mentioned above, you need to promote your channel to increase your visibility and to get more subscribers. Amazon is one of the best places to market on especially if you are selling products or you create content focused on specific niches. For this to work, you will need to leave reviews on Amazon and while at it, mention your YouTube channel.
Also, mentioning that you have reviewed a specific product on your channel after unboxing it is a great way for you to widen your reach and bring home more subscribers.
Note that you will be banned for posting your URL to an external site and so, adding a link to your channel is not a smart move.
To get the most out of this, you should look for products and even books related to your YouTube channel, then add a genuine and a thoughtful review on Amazon and at the end, mention your channel in passing. To reiterate, do not include your channel’s URL.
Binge-worthy Playlists convert searchers into subscribers
When did you last watch a tutorial? Did you notice how sequential the videos from a specific tutor were? Did you visit and subscribe to their channel afterward? Well, use that technique too.
Since its almost impossible to deliver every bit of information about a subject in one video, you always end up with a number of videos with related content. Group that content into a playlist. Fortunately for you, you can have more than one playlist on your channel.
There’s another way of doing this: Playlists are effective in turning casual searchers into subscribers. To get the most out of this, treat your viewers like a cohort and segment them into groups to fit your content.
Create a cohort for new viewers to include the content they should watch first; task-oriented viewers when offering educational content; and as implied above, topic-based viewers where the content in the playlist covers a subject comprehensively.
• Creating a playlist is easy:
• Select the video you want in the playlist and under the video, click Add To, then create a new playlist.
• Enter the name of the playlist
• Then use the drop-down menu/ box to pick the playlist’s privacy setting. Note that the video/ playlist won’t be found on YouTube if its private.
• Next, click Create.
Deliver long but important content – stop talking
This applies to garnering more videos too. Channels and YouTube videos with a high watch time will most likely turn up first on the suggestions from searches and also in recommended videos.
So, how do you go about increasing your watch time? Well, there are many things you could do that but at the heart of increasing watch, time is placing great value on the viewers’ time.
Most viewers will look at the video with the second highest number of views in about 10 seconds after they click on your video. You can avoid this and lower the abandonment rate of your video by delivering value to the viewers as soon as you start rolling. In the same way that music starts immediately you click a music video, so should your videos – deliver information immediately. You also want to do a quick rundown of what your viewers should expect from your video once they click on it.
If you have to promote the content or your products, do that at the end of the video.

Better presence 99%
Even more subsribers 100%
Get more views 95%
Rank higher 89%

Make use of Pinterest and Reddit

Pinterest is more than a platform you use to showcase your picturesque home, experiences, or share your unique skills. If utilized well, it is the biggest search net of potential subscribers. Pinterest is one of the best visual search engines, and it’s great for promoting your YouTube channel.
But, there’s one catch – not all brands or businesses thrive on Pinterest. It all depends on your niche and your target personas. If they are big on Pinterest, then go ahead and set the trap net.
• First, get a great graphics designer to turn your best YouTube Videos into Pinterest-worthy images
• Next, collect the created graphics then create a SEO-specific collection
• Invest in Pinterest Ads to boost your visibility.
As long as your SEO-specific collection on Pinterest is built to link to your YouTube channel, you will start to see the number of subscribers increase.
Promoting using Subreddits
Reddit is an incredible marketing tool, but it only works if you abide by the strict rules in the forum. The users of Reddit are organized into subreddits, which are basically communities based on specific topics.
So, look for 10 or even 20 subreddits and promote your channel or video.
For this to work, you have to create great content (horrible content is made fun off, and subredditors could kick you out of their community), and you should only promote your video if you are certain that you have an awesome product.
Expanding your reach by creating searchable titles
Boosting the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel lies in creating and following an effective YouTube SEO strategy. You need to come up with searchable titles, and for that, you must use the first SEO strategy for YouTube marketing – keyword research. The right keyword will tie in with the second most important strategy, optimization of videos for SEO. These two strategies are essential in ensuring that people find your YouTube videos and channel. You need to create SEO-focused titles and descriptions.
Start by identifying the right keyword to use from the suggestions you get then look at the competitiveness of the keyword and choose a low or high level of competition depending on the size of your views and subscribers. Optimize the keyword for Google too.
Also, don’t forget about meta tags and add transcripts to your videos
Clean up your channel
It is not enough to market your YouTube channel everywhere; you have to can it up too. Don’t assume that your channel is flawless. The people in Reddit and Facebook groups you market your content to might see flaws and decide against subscribing, even when you have a great potential for growth.
Go through all your content and delete the old videos that no longer add value to your channel. This applies to poor quality content with low views.

Create high quality videos

As mentioned above, you need to create useful content. However, that is not enough. Get rid of clutter. Also, a great watchable video lies on the pre-production steps you take. You want to do your research and note down the most intriguing parts of the content you want to share.
You also need a script. If you try to wing it, you might end up looking confused and your content drab.
Purchase high-quality equipment. You need the right equipment. The good news is that you can afford the equipment especially because you can use your phone’s camera to shoot great videos. The most important equipment for in-house shooting include the studio lights, the background, and a tripod. You might also need props and audio equipment.
Now that you have the right equipment make the first 10 seconds of your video memorable. Why? 20 percent of YouTube viewers abandon the video after 10 seconds. You need to make a great first impression, tap into those initial 10 seconds!
YouTube Channel Trailers
A channel trailer refers to a beautiful feature by YouTube that is used to grow the subscriber base. The trailer is simply a short video trailer that plays automatically when a visitor gets on your channel.
The trailer should be at least 60 seconds long although anything between 30-60 seconds will work. It should be compelling, and it must give that person a reason to keep watching. It could be hilarious, emotionally charged, or simply beautiful. Basically, you should be aiming for a trailer with an impactful CTA that will give the visitor a reason to subscribe.
Add CTAs to the video
As mentioned above, you need to use CTA when creating an email list for potential subscribers. But, that should not stop you. You should incorporate a subscribe-CTA. To add CTAs, you could use cards or end screens.
End screens are CTAs that appear at the end of the video, and they encourage people to subscribe.
Cards let you add your CTA while the video runs. It could point viewers to your URL or a video, or it could be promoting your channel.
Buy YouTube Subscribers
Wondering why this comes last on the list? Well, we wouldn’t you want to buy subscribers only for them to dive from the ship after a few uploads. By bringing this as the last option, we are telling you that you need to first work on creating value and watchable videos that will bring in more people organically. We are saying that you are only buying subscribers to add to your list so that your channel ranks higher and brings in more people. Think of this as an extra boost to your site, but you still have to work on the subscription to ensure that you have a wider base.
Buying subs will encourage others to subscribe, boost your recognition, and it gives you a good start, especially since you will be competing against channels with thousands of subscribers. People trust places others have been, they will subscribe when others have subscribers. You might want to get started with our service to help you buy real subscribers.
Other strategies
• Come up with a pitch for your channel
• Collaborate with other YouTubers especially the ones with a similar audience to you
• Create custom thumbnails
• Invest in YouTube Ads
• Incentivize viewers to subscribe by running a cross-channel contest or offering other benefits, only to subscribers.



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