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TikTok – a real hit

TikTok is the successor of the App Musical.ly. It is a special app with which you can make funny short videos. Conveniently, you can also earn money with the funny videos on the side, through sponsoring or donations.

For this to work, you need some followers, because otherwise you won’t be interesting enough for potential sponsors.

The smart app TikTok exists since 2016 and is originally from China. By buying its predecessor Musical.ly by TikTok, it was able to increase its reach in the West drastically and its triumphal procession is now unstoppable.

The way it works is very simple. The user produces short videos, using many creative tools. In many cases the users dance or do lip sync, but often also comedy or re-enact film scenes. There are no limits to creativity and the app is used enthusiastically by young and old, but more by young people, because most users are under 20 years old.

With TikTok the spice is in the brevity and the video clips are limited to 10 seconds.

The videos on TikTok can be shared with other users, so the platform can be categorized as social media.

With TikTok, you can reach a young audience – teenagers in particular. Typically, they don’t have a Facebook account anymore and are more likely to be on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube – just the typical Generation Z.

TikTok has more than 200 million users worldwide.

Can you buy Tik Tok Likes?

Buy TikTok Likes – a great strategy for serving success!

TikTok Likes are incredibly important to get noticed, because the competition is fierce. If a video already has a lot of likes, other users will automatically assume that there is something great to see and will also watch your video. Of course it is important that they get something great to watch. So make a real effort with your videos, offer first-class quality and really something creative and unique.

We are your TikTok Marketing Agency for more Follower & Likes

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How to get more Likes at Tiktok

When clever entrepreneurs, freelancers, influencers, etc. buy TikTok Likes, they automatically get more range and a better ranking for the lovingly created videos. So you get more range, visibility and with a little luck you even manage to go viral!

Buying TikTok Likes saves you tedious work and a lot of time.

Other aspects of your TikTok strategy should include creating great videos, posting regularly at carefully defined times, and of course interacting with other users. Also leave likes and comments – one hand washes the other, especially in social media!

Buy real TikTok Likes

How Galaxy Marketing helps you buy TikTok Likes

We at Galaxy Marketing are proud of our many years of experience in the field of social media marketing and help with followers, likes, buy comments at TikTok and other social media platforms. It is our goal to sell only qualified and high quality Likes to our customers.

With us you can buy TikTok Likes without any worries and at the best price. The TikTok Likes are available in different quantities and it is not a subscription with hidden costs.

You can start your account and then of course feed it with good TikTok Likes from time to time and boost your videos.

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Order processing is fast, secure and uncomplicated. In most cases, you’ll receive the eagerly awaited TikTok Likes within the first 24 hours!

Of course we are discreet and discreet, because Galaxy Marketing attaches great importance to data protection. No one will ever know that buying TikTok Likes has helped your success!

Any more questions? Then please contact our friendly customer service. Just send our team an email or contact us via Live Chat (bottom left of the website).

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high quality followers, likes, calls, etc.
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fast processing and delivery often within 24 hours
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Buy real Tik Tok Likes

Buy real Tik Tok Likes






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TikTok – the perfect social media platform for creative content creators

TikTok is an innovative social media platform that is being used more and more by creative content creators. Especially for music and dance, but also for short sketches, tutorials and smart acrobatic tricks are popular content. Everything is recorded directly on the app and edited there in an easy and creative way.

Accordingly, users have a lot of fun browsing through the large number of clips on TikTok. But to be honest, it’s even more fun to be creative and let your imagination run wild. Because with TikTok, you can do so much more with design and video editing.

No wonder that TikTok has also become interesting for online marketing, content creators and companies. So it is important to get many fans and likes, because the platform has a huge number of users and therefore potential followers.

In this short guide we would like to show you how you can get as many likes and followers as possible!

Before it starts

To get started, of course you first have to download and install the app from the official Appstore or Playstore. As soon as YOU have done this, you will receive a welcome video clip and you can watch other clips as well

But first you should register, this is possible via email address, cell phone number or one of your social media accounts. Among the data you have to provide when registering are the usual ones, that is:

date of birth
E-mail address OR phone number,

Desired password

Then you should spend a little time creating an appealing and interesting profile.

Because the fans you get over time usually look at the profile of the video clip makers you like and want to know more about the person.

So in order to keep the potential fan as a real and loyal fan, the profile must be correspondingly good.

To be honest, this already starts with a smart, interesting and well thought-out name. So take enough time to think of a suitable name. You should not use complicated combinations of characters and numbers that no normal person can remember.

It is important to understand the difference between “Display Name” and “Username”. The “Display Name” (the little picture with the name tag) can be changed as often as you like, this name will be at the top of your profile together with your picture. The “Username”, on the other hand, is the name that is assigned an @. It is important so that other users can link you and should not be changed. If you do want to change it, you can do so every 30 days.

The photo for the profile should be chosen to match your content. You make funny videos? Then the photo should also be funny. You put in great dance clips, then the photo should show you as a dancer.

In the area of bio, everything interesting about you should be included. Also the bio should fit to your content and give a coherent picture of you.

Don’t beg for subscriptions at this point, it doesn’t look good at all and seems “desperate”.

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