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Reasons to buy Instagram followers

Reasons to buy Instagram followers

The need to purchase followers on Instagram will be most felt by businesses that use the social media platform to seek for clients and long term customers. It is true that everyone starts from zero, and that there is a certain number of followers that will be an indication of progress for your business. Waiting to get many followers can take a long time, which could have been used in doing other stuff. This can be in spite of sharing beautiful photos of whatever you deal in on Instagram.

One of the most effective strategies that many social media marketers put in place to increase sales on Instagram is buying followers. Increasing the follower base means increasing the number of potential people who could be clients for your business. This and the fact that Instagram is growing by the day implies that you are set for success. For this reason, only the businesses that will understand how to utilize the power of this social media platform will make it big, and you want to be on the right side when success start trickling down. Right?

Buying Instagram followers in not only beneficial to businesses alone. Some people would like to get to the limelight and would like to use Instagram for their endeavor. Having a large follower base on the platform can translate to many more followers, thereby helping you achieve your desire of fame. How all this can be accomplished by buying followers is what this article is all about.

Many people know so little about buying Instagram followers that some have had it twisted. If you are one of such people, you need not worry since, by the end of this piece, you will be aware of the reasons why you should buy Instagram followers.

Increases the follower base

More followers mean higher engagement and more sales. Besides of that it gives your account a higher authority, so more users are willing to follow you.

Higher conversion rate

With an increase in the number of followers on your Instagram account you build a social reputation as a business that delivers its promises and does nothing less than to satisfy its clients.

Boost brand promotion

Buying Instagram followers will help your account to look popular, which boosts account presence a lot. People tend to trust people who have more followers.

Increases the follower base

When you have a large number of followers on Instagram, other users will know that there is something cool you do and would like to know more about it. As a result, they will become followers to get a closer look on what you post and when you do. Also, this applies if your videos on Instagram have many views. Like many other social media platforms, users tend to get attracted to the accounts and channels that have the most followers.
For a business, a large number of followers means a large ready market to advertise and sell your products, and for an individual looking for fame, well, they should be on the right track, don't you think? The catch is how you will work to keep the followers and gain more in the process. This implies that you should aim at posting relevant photos all the time and encourage engagement with your potential clients.

Boost brand promotion

You will agree that Instagram is one of the social media platforms where brand and product development can be taken to another level if you know how. And one of the most convenient ways of doing that is to have a huge following on the said platform. Buying Instagram followers as has already been made clear with increase the follower base you have on the site making it possible for you to go about promoting your brand and product.
You only have to ensure that you post quality photos and videos on your account to keep your followers coming back for more and inviting more friends as well. Before you know it, you will dominate your niche and your business will be associated with the products and services you offer.

HOW TO Rank higher on INSTAGRAM

It should be the aim of every business to be not only readily available online but also easily accessible. The reason for this is simple – almost everyone is going digital, and before most consumers make any purchase, they make a research and find best service providers and products. The goal is to be found when those consumers do a search of similar stuff. Having a huge number of followers can get you the ranking you need to make it big.


More followers will encourage more people to not only follow you but also use the services that your business offers. This can be done when you share a link to the goods and services you offer.
It will not stop there, the ones you serve will recommend your services and products to others and enhance the number of followers and conversions you make each day. If this is not the dream of all businesses, then we don't know what it is.

Better presence 99%
Reach more people 85%
Posts get on Explore tab 78%
Become a Instagram star 69%

Stay ahead of the competition

There is no doubt that businesses in different sectors are working hard to have success, using social media marketing among other methods. What this does is to make the competition stiff, and unless you have working strategies, your business might succumb. Buying Instagram followers has proven to be beneficial in many ways.
You have to ensure that your posts are relevant, consistent and that you buy Instagram followers from a trustworthy vendor. With all these factors taken into consideration, you will sit back and see your business rise to great heights.

Why FREE Instagram followers or follower hacks are a scam (And What To Do Instead)

Why FREE Instagram followers or follower hacks are a scam (And What To Do Instead)

Instagram is intimidating and starting out at zero when your competitors have thousands of followers will feel like a hard slap on the cheek. So, seeing a site that offers to give you free followers in a heartbeat will be something you want to run out to, right?

Hold up! You know how they say that when the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Well, this phrase is the truth, even though your business page might start off with 10000 free followers, you will never reach the height of your competitors if all their followers are legitimate unless you start employing some smart, authentic, and effective strategies.

But, before we get deep into why the free follower hacks are scams and reveal ways of earning legitimate followers on your Instagram, there are important things we need to discuss.

What started out as a social media platform allowing individuals to share photos and videos of their lives’ events is now among the top giants in the social media scene. But, the most interesting thing is that this site is no longer a place limited to individuals flaunting their perfect lives, but it has become a great marketing platform for business. With the introduction of Instagram for Business a few months back, digital marketers around the world are now looking for more ways of tapping into this market.

Instagram is also riddled with influencers and brands are trying to make the most of them, including the most recent move where influencers are the biggest brand ambassadors for leading brands on Instagram. There’s also the fact that the platform has been improved and packed with features that make the platform suitable for marketers and marketing.


Wondering what the biggest driver for the shift in the use of Instagram by internet marketers comes from?
Well, the most recent statistics indicate that Instagram has 500 million active users on a daily basis, there are at least 400 million Instagram stories shared daily, not to mention 50 billion photos that have been shared on the site from its inception. As if these numbers are not intimidating enough, there’s the fact that Instagram has 25 million businesses on the site and the number of likes on photos per days that currently stands at 4.2 billion.
Also, at least 100 million photos and videos are uploaded every 24 hours. So, taking these numbers and looking at the baby steps your business is trying to make, as you learn about the nooks and crannies in Instagram, doesn’t the premise/ offer of free followers and hacks for getting new and free followers feel very tempting?
Though it is not an ethical move, there is a big number of brands and individuals that have thousands of free, and unfortunately fake followers. The platform also notes that about 48 million followers on Instagram are fake.
But, why is it a scam and also a wrong move to find and flaunt free followers on the gram?
Although it pains to create great content, share breathtaking photos, and post engaging videos on Instagram, not to mention the fact that your first painful and efforts result in low traffic driven to your site, getting free and fake followers is not an option. These followers, perhaps bots, are not human, they cannot interact with your content, they have no interest in what you do, and basically, they will just lie around pretty, making you look powerful when you have no teeth to bite with.
The deal with free (and fake) Instagram followers
The followers will do their best to make you believe that they are real. So their landing page looks as human as possible. But, as you learn more about these ‘followers,’ you will realize that they are either fake but undetectable as fakes or, just fake. Both these followers will only spam and flood your page.
Why should you avoid the free followers, as well as the hacks to get you, free followers:


1. This act violates Instagram’s terms of service
If you are looking for an easy way to get banned by Instagram, get thousands of followers but still look like you have no followers. Social media platforms always watch what happens when someone or a business creates an account. Considering what you are promoting and the content you share, it’s expected that your statistics will improve or at least change with time. So, when you have thousands of followers, but a negligible number reported to be visiting your website, liking or sharing your content, your page looks suspicious.
Note that Instagram forbids its users from taking part in likes, shares, follower, or comment exchange programs. What this means is that Instagram wants you to build your followers organically. For this to happen, you have to strive for excellence in the content you create while ensuring that your followers have a high-quality experience throughout.
2. You will be risking your reputation
Do you know what happens when people realize that the 200,000 followers in your account are fakes? You guessed it right – they feel cheated, angry, and disappointed with you. In turn, they retaliate by leaving negative reviews and anything else they can think about to discredit your brand. So, unless you have real followers that know what your brand means, and they promote your content, avoid the free follower hacks. Keep in mind that once your loyal followers lose their trust in you, your competitors will be smiling all the way to the bank.
3. Free follower hacks do nothing to boost your engagement rate
By now, you know that the success of your social media marketing strategy relies on your page’s engagement rate, right? The engagement rate refers to how people react to your content, share it, comment, and even repost it. This metric is what determines whether you are better than your competition or not, and it also helps you make changes to your marketing strategy. A high engagement rate is an indicator of a potential increase in leads, traffic to your site, and potential sales. Also, your real human followers will soon realize that the big number of users on your site is a mere patsy.
Fake followers equal inaccurate representation of reports and the market/
On a large scale, a marketer whose data is inaccurate will sabotage the credibility of the entire market. Since fake followers skew results, you might end up making poor marketing decisions in the future.
4. They are ineffective
Since the fake followers are not interested in your business’ success, they will easily forget about you, and they won’t leave a positive impact on your brand. It’s important to mention the fact that the effectiveness of your business’ marketing strategy relies on the activities of your active followers.
5. Fake and free followers will put your online security and safety at risk
Most free followers are bots made to look human and to raise your Instagram count. With social media sites implementing strict rules and regulations against fake followers, the creators of bots are making these tech devices social proof by stealing details of real people so that the bots have ‘lives.’ Considering the amount of private information shared by Instagrammers online, it means that it’s easy to steal someone’s identity.
There’s also the risk associated with the use of bots to attack people. This takes place when the bot is made to befriend you by sending private messages through phishing attempts or scams.
Other risks associated with free followers include:
• Ending up with an inappropriate bot that comments on your posts
• Too much spamming on your site
• Free followers do not earn you money
What to do instead
Considering the risks you expose your brand to by following the free Instagram followers and followers hacks, you need to employ smarter, safer, and effective strategies in marketing. In this section, we delve into the legitimate ways of getting Instagram followers (you can get money from/ sell to).


Follow other users
The easiest way to build your followers’ list involves following other relevant users. This creates a ripple effect, and it also boosts your visibility. Think of it as networking, and identify people with interests similar to yours then follow them. You can also comment on their posts.
Use hashtags appropriately
Besides running contests, you can use hashtags to improve your brand’s visibility in different ways. Besides curating a brand-focused hashtag to go with your posts, you could incorporate hashtags into your Instagram stories. And, it is real simple: you could either type out the hashtag on top of that photo or video or you could use the hashtag sticker, that lets you add a hashtag sticker of your choice.
To attract more followers to view your page, think of the different hashtag categories available, and always choose to use the hashtags that feel and appear purposeful.
You also need to engage with those hashtags you are using to market your products to users. You can make this work better by researching the market and seeing which hashtags they are using, then use them for your content.
Don’t rinse and repeat your hashtags: what this means is that you must find new hashtags for every post, don’t use yesterday’s hashtag with today’s photo. While Instagram lets you use at least 30 hashtags per post, you must take your time to create a different hashtag to match your content.
Geo-tagging your location
While there are a few security concerns over sharing your exact location, it is a great way for you to get more followers. All you need to do is to enable the location sticker. You can tag your location to Instagram stories, as well as the normal Instagram posts.
Write better captions
Captions are as important as the photo shared. Given the fact that more than 70 percent of people buy products on Instagram after reading the caption, you need to work on a way to create excellent captions. Some of the ways to create excellent captions include:
Developing and maintaining your brand’s voice on Instagram. To do this, you might want to use a caption that will create an emotional connection with your audience.
Always incorporate a CTA (call-to-action) to your caption and use a caption that will trigger emotions like a sense of belong, fear of missing out inspiration, or trust.
Incorporate hashtags in the captions
Don’t forget about emojis
And keep those conversations going. What this means is this – never post content and watch the comments trickle in without replying. Your followers want to see and feel a human presence behind the photos and stories shared. Be that voice and interact with your customers. You can use humor but, you also need to maintain a professional tone.
Boost your posts
Instagram Ads might not be as popular as Facebook Ads, but they present an opportunity for you to reach more people and gain more followers. Though intimidating, running an Instagram Ad campaign alone is easy, and you don’t have to create complicated ads. Just create a post as you do normally and then hit the promote button once you post it. Instagram will pull out the audience similar to yours, and you can also create your own audience based on location, interests, gender, and age.
Don’t forget to Switch to a Business Account
As long as you want to earn from Instagram, you should switch to the Instagram Business Account. If you are an individual, you will be recognized as a public figure. Ensure that your account looks professional. Note that this account is better than the personal account because it lets you run ads and you get to track all your metrics a lot faster. Also, you will get more comprehensive reports.
Join Instagram Groups
Instagram has several engagement groups, and by not joining them, you lose out on many potential followers. It works well when you are starting out.
Reposting content from others
Think of this as a way of shining the light your way. It also shows business maturity, and you’ll have more followers coming your way. Just make sure that you always credit the original content creator in your description.
Find and work with influencers in your niche
Influencers in your niche already have thousands of followers. Why not leverage their popularity? Whether you give them free products or pay them, (others are willing to work for free), influencers will mention your product and their followers will get wind of your products, following you in the process. You don’t have to find a macro-influencer for this to work; a micro-influencer might result in great followers that drive your engagement rates higher.
Get your content promoted on Buzzfeed
Because Buzzfeed embeds several of Instagram posts into their content.
Ask your followers to share their photos and videos.
This makes them feel like a part of your family, and if that dress bought from your store looks great on them, others will make orders.


Buy real Ones Here at Galaxy Marketing
I know what you are thinking – ‘did you just ask us to let followers come to us naturally?’ Right? Well, this is a safer way of getting followers and even a higher engagement because we let you buy real followers. Being real followers paid for, you expect them to engage with your content. You will be able to choose the number of followers you want to buy, from 100 to 50,000, and the best part is that our platform is secure. Your information is safe and the payment details safer.
Why are we offering this service when many people are discrediting this business model?
Having been asked this question uncountable times, here’s the simple and accurate answer: other than your closest family members and friends, who do you expect to follow you when your products or services marketed on Instagram are unknown to others? When taking your first steps, it’s important to know that people buy where others have bought from. Buying real followers who engage and even promote your brand gives your business a stepping stone. The best bit is that you get the option of buying geotagged followers from specific countries. And, you can expect an improvement in your ranking once you buy real and active followers. With some real followers to set your business off the ground, your reach improves, and you will attract more followers.
Note: we understand that the success of your business relies on the things you do to boost your brand’s visibility organically. While buying 1,000 followers gives your brand a boost, you cannot expect to buy followers forever to make money. So, even with real followers bought from use, it makes sense to employ strategies that will grow your follower base organically, increase your leads, boost traffic to your website, and improve your ROI.

The rest of this article is dedicated to the strategies you should employ to gain followers organically. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?
Optimize your Instagram Account
If you want followers to flock your account, you need to make it appealing. You must curate a bio, caption images, and always use a proper account name and a good image. You need to use elements that make people identify you without getting lost.
This means that you need to use specific font and colors and stick to them. People will easily recognize you when they know how you look like. If you want to rebrand, let your followers know. Keep in mind that among many other mistakes people make on Instagram, failing to incorporate a bio or a link to their landing page is a big mistake. You also need to remember to use search-friendly usernames and branded hashtags. If your business has a long name, shorten it but make sure it will be recognized easily.
Creating a concise Instagram marketing strategy
What do you want to achieve from Instagram? Who are you targeting? What appeals or compels them? Is your branding set in a way that will help you meet your objectives?
Create and promote riveting content
How many times have you followed a page or an individual on Instagram because you cannot imagine missing out on such captivating content because it’s too funny, creative, informative, or just because their content and they seem to get you? That is what your active and potential followers. Even when in a highly competitive niche, mesmerizing content will always pull people to you.
There are many ways of creating that content that gets to people who stumble on it, but the best and the most important thing to do to create that content is to understand who your audience is and what they are looking for. What this means is that you need great content to build up on your followers and to make them loyal to your business brand.
When starting out, you should research on ways of using the ready-to-use templates available on the internet. The templates are a great place to start as you explore the inner workings of Adobe Suite. Fortunately, the internet has templates for every type of content you create. You should, however, use your creativity to make the end result in a representation of your business. Own that template and make it the best.
• Premium-quality stock images
Unable to use or buy a camera yet, how about using the royalty-free stock images available online? Instagram is all about appearance. Anything that looks great will sell away your brand easily. While trying not to over-post stock images, you need to ensure that you pick a few to use when you need to communicate some information. The best bit about these images is that they are available in different categories and you will always find the appropriate images to promote your brand. Here’s the catch, find stock images that don’t appear too stocky. You also have the option of buying the photos.
• Leveraging user-generated content
Want to create a relatable brand, while boosting your reach and the engagement rate, you should leverage the power of user-generated content. The user-generated content refers to the posts shared by your followers with mentions of your products or services. It is one of the most effective Instagram marketing campaigns, and it promotes your brand’s visibility. By showing that someone likes your products or that the product worked for them in a specific way, other followers are easily encouraged to try out your products while sharing more about your brand and your products.
• Mix things up
Using one format for all your content will make you look boring pretty fast. Make use of content in different formats including GIFs and memes.
• Show how the product can be used
Do your followers know how to use the new beauty product for maximum benefits, and do they know about all the other potential/ alternative uses of the products? Why don’t you use Instagram to tell them all about it? Brands are no longer marketing products as they, they are taking things a step further by showing what else they can get, other than the obvious. By illustrating value addition options, you are increasing your brand’s potential to attract more followers.
Chefs, food manufacturers, and fashions stores are doing to make their products a lot more marketable. For instance, a chef sharing a recipe for cooking a meal, or a retailer showing what you can wear those pants or shoes with. These somewhat trivial things make up great and highly marketable content.
• Run contests
People love contests because they are likely to win products they have been dreaming about without doing much or paying anything. When you run contests and promise to give away products, you will easily gain more followers, especially if your first contest ran successfully. For the contest to work well and for it to have a wider reach, you might want to use hashtags that will encapsulate your message, and capture the attention of your followers at the same time.
Thanks to the new feature that allows people to follow hashtags, contests run using contests prove effective in marketing brands and products, increasing the number of followers on your page. In the contest, always ask people to create or do something that involves your products. Besides followers, contests contribute to an increase in the number of likes received by brands.
• Tell a story
Stories curated carefully will not only tell people about your brand but also open their eyes to the possibilities you are bringing to life. Relatable stories that elicit emotions are effective in promoting a brand. And, the story shared doesn’t have to be a sad one. Stories tied to your products or services give your consumers a reason to engage with you, and it also pushes them to buy from you.
If you don’t believe us, think of all the charities that are making lives better around the world- were it not for the stories of the people, how much help would they receive?
Promote content on Instagram across other social media platforms
Now that you have created irresistible content, it’s time to get to work. Promote the content out of Instagram and tell them what you are all about? This promises to boost your brand’s engagement rates higher. Confused? According to a study conducted by Forrester, Instagram is one of the most effective marketing social media sites noting that it has a higher engagement rate than other social media sites and its engagement is at least 50 times higher than that of Facebook. What that means is that you will get more followers from Facebook and eventually higher sales on Instagram when people visit your site.
So, while you may not be big on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, you are leaving money on the table. Fans on other platforms will also share your content, and at the end of the day, you will have an enviable number of followers, more traffic to your website, and higher sales.
Keep in mind that you can easily promote your content across different social media sites by boosting the post – you have to pay for this, but the return on investment is great.
Use Instagram Stories, live videos, and videos
There is something about a favorite brand’s Instagram stories, especially when the brand has a knack for riveting content. Instagram stories prove effective because of their ephemeral nature. Social media boosts FOMO (fear of missing out), and when someone knows that they will miss an update on the gram, he or she will make sure that they do not miss the story. As mentioned above, at least 400 million people use Instagram stories daily. So, that means that you have an opportunity of gaining a few more legit followers when you share your stories.
Stories aside, there are videos. Popular Instagram profiles post great videos that keep people hooked. If you join the train, you will benefit from a higher engagement rate thanks to the fact that videos have a higher engagement rate than a photo.
Live videos are also great for marketing yourself and your products. You could use the live videos to showcase your products and how to use them. When running contests, a live session could help you reveal the winners of the contest. This way, the results of the contest are a lot more transparent, and it also makes things interesting.
Considering the effectiveness of these features, you should make the most out of them.
Can we all agree that the key to a social media marketing strategy lies in consistency, to a great degree? People forget about a brand when you stop posting, but they learn more about you when you post frequently. To get followers when you start out, post great content consistently. To make this easier, keep a schedule. You need to post, but you also need to post your content at the right time. Others say that you can post at any time on Instagram but some times are better than others. Once you identify the time of day that your content receives the highest engagement, keep at it.
If you are worried about forgetting to post over the weekend of a busy Monday, schedule the posts ahead of time. There are free tools you can use to schedule your posts.



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