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Reasons to buy Instagram Comments

Reasons to buy Instagram Comments

Whether you are after fame or would like to grow your business, Instagram is one of the social media platforms that can help you with that. But you can be sure that creating an account and posting photos is not enough. You might have done that already but are wondering why your follower base if not growing as fast as it should. Keep in mind that you don’t just create an account and the following day the number of followers you have explodes. Instagram does not work that way. You need a plan.

By now you probably understand that followers are the most important factor you need to have success on Instagram – after all, they are the market you are looking for. So your strategy should aim to get many more followers every day. And to capture their attention and continue to do so is a sure way of not only retaining the ones you have but also getting new Instagram followers.

Boost interactions

Whenever a conversation between people begins, they tend to join in and share their thoughts too. It is like they need a boost to share their concerns. So if you buy Instagram comments, you will be initiating a stream of feedbacks.

Gain more followers

Once you have many comments on your posts, other users will contribute, too. And as a result they click on the “follow” button, because people want to get updated once you post something new on your account.

Enhance your presence online

When you buy comments for your post on Instagram, you can be sure that the presentation will get a boost. Many users will be attracted to your account to learn more about what you offer, and that is how your business gets known by many people.

BUY Instagram comments

This article focuses on the number of comments you have and the potential that this ranking factor has. How often do you take the time to check the comments on your Instagram posts? You will be amazed at the effect the feedback has on your experience on the platform, and this makes it important to consider getting more comments once you post anything on your account.
You will agree, however, that you cannot force people to comment on your posts, so you should consider to buy real Instagram comments. You can get a large number of random comments from real people, and the benefits of these are discussed in the following section. Of course you need to ensure that the provider is legit and that they offer real Instagram comments, like Galaxy Marketing does.

Rank higher ON INSTAGRAM

Rankings are important in whatever you do online. And for businesses, the relevance of getting high ranks cannot be emphasized more. Now on Instagram, the number of comments you get will be reflected on the amount of activity on your account, which is one of the factors considered when your account is ranked. This means: When you buy Instagram comments in large amounts, your ranking goes up.
The importance of ranking high is that you can make your business easily accessible and available online. When potential clients search using particular keywords, you can be sure that you will be found.

Gain more INSTAGRAM followers

The idea of using social media platforms is to reach as many people as possible, and Instagram is no exeption. The goal should, therefore, be to gain many more followers, and comments can help you with that.
You see, once you have many comments on your posts, other users want to contribute too, and in the process, they click to follow. They want to be updated once you post something new on your account.

Increase sales

Since you gain many followers from having many comments on your Instagram posts, that forms the market for your products. It means that you have successfully attracted their attention and your job then would be to ensure that you retain as many as you can. There is no doubt that it is from this following that you will be making most of your sales. So with a high number of followers come increased sales.
That is not to mean that your work ends there. You need to ensure that you continue increasing your sales by constantly posting relevant stuff. Also, as a strategy used by businesses, you could share links to your website or the product to ensure that your traffic is guided to the right page.

Reasons to buy Instagram comments

So why is it important for you to buy comments on Instagram? Is It beneficial to begin with? If you are struggling to get answers to these questions, then simply read on.

Better presence 99%
Reach more people 85%
Posts get on Explore tab 78%
Become a Instagram star 69%

Boosts interactions

The feedback you get from clients is important to make you realize your strengths and weaknesses to work on them accordingly. Therefore, the more feedback you get, the better your service delivery will become. if you buy Instagram comments, you will be initiating a stream of feedbacks on your posts.

Enhance your presence online

The idea of using social media is to increase the presence of your business online. When you buy Instagram comments for your post on Instagram, you can rest assured that it will get a boost. Many users will be attracted to your account to learn more about what you offer, and that is how your business gets known by many people.

Where TO buy Instagram comments?

When all is said, you have to ensure that you are making the right purchase from the right vendor. At Galaxy Marketing, we offer random comments (or emoji comments) from real Instagram users at affordable prices. You get an enormous number of comments on your posts anytime you want. The quality of our services will enable you to achieve the benefits outlined before and our experience in the area makes us the top choice for many Instagram users who want to purchase comments.
Furthermore, our customer support is fast and always ready to assist you when you face any kind of problem. If you have any question, we are ready to get in touch with you.

The ultimate guide for creating perfect Instagram photos

The ultimate guide for creating perfect Instagram photos

As soon as you set up a business Instagram account, you are part of the 500 million active users on the site. You may be running a business account, but you are also competing with individuals with more followers and a wider audience than you. There’s also the fact that your competitors have perfected the use of Instagram and all their photos are breathtaking.

But, as a business determined to push through to the top, how do you ensure that you start off well and create a themed and beautifully crafted newsfeed? How do you motivate your followers to click on ‘turn on post notifications,’ share or ‘copy link?’ How do you get those new followers with little knowledge of your brand to comment and repost your content?

Here is how: create perfect photos (and videos). And, not just perfect photos but photos people want to engage with, photos that people comment on, and photos that push your brand’s image.

As the crucial part of your Instagram marketing strategy, photos will always be at the center of things. But, before we uncover ways of creating those perfect photos, you must create the perfect Instagram profile.

But, before we shed the spotlight on your profile, what will you be posting photos about?


This is easily the most important factor to consider when creating an Instagram profile for business. While your private account is a place you can share all photos you can think about, your public business profile is a canvas that aims to sell your business to the rest of the world. Whether your Instagram marketing strategy succeeds or fails depends on what is painted on that canvas (your feed) and also how you present that information to the world. So, what will you be posting to garner a huge following, likes, shares, comments, and a high engagement rate?
The answer to this question lies in your passion, your line of business, and most importantly your niche. You cannot post photos of everything you come across or see and expect to stand out.
If you are into travel, it will make sense to paint your canvas with photos of travel destinations and other things related to travel. But, that is not all, you also need to draw the line between which travel photos you post and the ones you leave out. One breathtaking photo a day is better than 5 poor-quality and uninspiring photos.
How do you know that the photos you have in mind will appeal to your audience?
Simple. The best photos on your feed are educative, entertaining, motivating, and they help your followers find solutions to problems.
Now that you know what to create and post let's scoot over to your Instagram profile – the factor that determines whether or not people will recognize your canvas of niche and audience-specific/ related photos.
Your profile is what your followers will identify you with. So, that the profile must be simple and unforgettable. The basic elements of your profile include a recognizable profile picture, a consistent theme, and an informative, but delightful bio, among others.
Looking for another incentive to push you into creating the best Instagram profile? How about 75 million daily users and an engagement rate that stands at 58 percent times the engagement rate from advertising on Facebook?
What makes the perfect Instagram profile for a business?
A public profile
By default, your Instagram account is set to private when you create it, and this means that anyone in the world can visit your account and check out the content shared. Since you are setting up a business account, a public profile is what you need. Keeping your account private means, you are shutting out potential clients and you will lose out on followers.
While your account is set to public by default, you need to ensure that the profile is actually public. Using the gear button or the three dots on your iOS or Android device, open the options tab the check that the Private Account setting has been turned off.
Make sure you are easily searchable and recognizable
Here, we are talking about your username. Is it easily recognized? Can your followers search you and find you in seconds because the spelling to your username is simple? While you might find that your business name is already snatched, you need to ensure that your username has your business name. Using the Edit Profile button, you can change your username so that you are easily searchable.
In the name section of your business profile, input your actual and full business name. This way, you are easily searchable, and your followers don’t have to struggle to find your username because they cannot figure out where the underscore character goes or whether the last letter is an ‘s’ or a ‘z.’ We all have friends we couldn’t find on Instagram because they flipped their names with not-so-alien, yet confusing characters, right? You don’t want to take your business down that path.
When editing or creating your profile, you should use accurate capitalization and styling for your username. You don’t want grammar Nazis to rain on your parade, do you?
Work on your Instagram profile picture
As long as you wish to build a reputable brand on Instagram, you must spend time and resources to create the perfect profile picture. You see, your username makes you searchable, but the profile picture pulls the weight behind getting recognized online. Your profile picture must highlight clearly who you are and point your followers in the right direction on what you are all about.
How do you ensure that your profile picture displayed at the top right corner of your account appears prominently? Do you use a picture of the whole company, a flyer with the company’s details, or a logo? In most cases, a logo works best because it is the element of your brand likely to remain unchanged for years. Logos are also appropriate because they fit into the circle that covers the profile picture a lot better. In case you are wondering, the circle is 110pixels in diameter. So, when looking for the best picture of the size of the logo to display, you should make sure that the image fits into the 110 x 110 pixels, a perfect square inside a perfect circle. To be on the safe side, stay below the 200x200 pixels mark so to keep the image clear and to avoid having a blurry profile picture that looks stretched out. If you’d like to edit your profile picture or add a new picture, all you have to do is to click on the Edit Profile tab then tap or click on edit.
Keep in mind that you are doing all these because the perfect Instagram profile communicates the values and the benefits of your brand.
If your business has several multiple branded images, you should consider using your store’s front, the mascot, or anything else that uniquely identifies your brand.


Even with an easy to search username and a beautiful logo, nothing boosts your brand better than your bio. Think of the bio as the 150 characters that will mill in leads and generate sales for your business. As you personify it, what do you want your active followers and the potential followers to see? Do the words used resonate with your brand? Will a visitor want to stick around and scroll through the page because your bio piqued their interest?
To attain all these, you must keep your bio short and super sweet. You also need to use the space to promote your content across platforms, while marketing your latest products and services. In some cases, you can use the bio section to outline all your locations, link to your website, and other social media links. Don’t forget to incorporate those brand-specific hashtags your business is already known for. You also need to include a trackable link. The link should be changed regularly. The trackable link is important because single clickable URLs are unacceptable, except at the website box in the bio section.
Now that you have a pristine profile, with the first Instagram-perfect photo – your profile picture, it’s time to get to work. And this means creating excellent photos that will drive up your engagement rates, not just the number of followers and likes.
How to create the perfect Instagram photos
Use your photos to tell a riveting story
The main reason why people will visit your account and stay lies in the stories you share. This is because the success of the content shared on Instagram depends on your ability to create an emotional connection that connects your brand with your audience. While you will want to post all the images of your new product line, the engagement and reach for such photos will not be as high as what you get from sharing photos that stir emotions, ideals, and the dreams you want to be associated with.
Note that Instagram has been marketed as a social media platform that is all about aesthetics but that it not the entire truth. Like marketing in any channel, success marketing on Instagram lies in your ability to share a story that touches on specific emotions. You shouldn’t however, downplay the power of an excellent story by using poor-quality images. The two go hand in hand.
Focus on quality
As mentioned above, the quality of the content you intend to share is superior to quantity. Since this article is all about how to create the perfect Instagram photos, we will be looking at everything that makes a high-quality photo.
According to the marketing experts at Hubspot, high-quality photos on Instagram depend on three factors: the relevance and interesting nature of a subject, how well a photo is framed, and editing skills. And, we agree with the experts thanks to statistics which indicate that in comparison with videos, Instagram photos will generate 36 percent more engagement than videos. Engagement is a monumental ranking factor used by Instagram’s latest algorithm. So, you have to create top-notch content.
Creating relevant and interesting photos
Identifying the field, you want to shoot and share photos about is essential. It determines if people double tap on the images or not. This means that you have to work on creating interesting photos that are relevant to the subject you are addressing. For this, share funny photos, as well as the ones that emphasize the value of fun, adventure, and friendship, among others.
Perfect shots
Instagram is all about sharing the perfectly shot photos. You want people to marvel at your photography skills, not just the new products you are unveiling.
So, how do you do it?
Start by taking photos during the day (in daylight). This is an essential step because shots taken early in the morning and later in the afternoon look great, regardless of the device you use. Keep in mind that even with the most powerful camera, taking the perfect shot will require several takes.
Preparing for the perfect shots
The success of any project you take part in will depend on how well you prepare. Without preparation, even with the most expensive camera, you won’t get the best results. Here are some of the things you need to do:
• Determine whether or not you need to buy props for the photoshoots
• Scout the best locations for taking photos. The selected location should make your photos pop.
• Look for other supplies you might need like the backdrops for the flat photos. You might want to begin your search for a model at this point if you need one.


This is the second most important part of shooting perfect Instagram photos. If you are using your smartphone, explore all the features the phone offers for excellent photos. Do you know when you are required to adjust the exposure of the camera, the brightness, or the camera’s focus for the best photos?
Here are some of the essential elements of photography you need to learn about:
Composition: This refers to the arrangement/ the placement of the subject you want to take a photo of. You need to ensure that the subject is within your photo’s frame for balance. For the perfect balance, you need to learn about and make use of the rule of thirds.
• What is the rule of thirds?
The rule of thirds is a crucial compositional guideline that is not only used in photography, but also in painting. It creates an easy-to-use navigational blueprint especially for anyone new in photography.
What the rule of thirds theorizes and conceptualizes is the fact that your photos will be interesting subjects if they are straddled by imaginary lines which divide the photo horizontally and vertically, in thirds. When a subject is placed a little off the center, there is a greater feeling of balance attained, in comparison with photos taken with the subject right at the center.
The rule of thirds applies whether you are using a phone or a high-end camera. To make use of this rule, imagine a grid that divides that photo into nine sections/ squares. Your subject should be balanced within those lines, and the intersection points should align with the specific elements of your subject such as the eyes, hair, or sunrise/ sunset.
Note that while the rule of thirds is crucial in photography, there are many cases when it is not as effective – for example when you are trying to capture the symmetry of an object like a building.
• Negative space
In photography, negative space represents the area around the subject. The negative space helps in steering people towards the object/ subject, without having to deal with a lot of clutter. Note that Instagram photos with a bigger negative space will have a higher engagement rate than the ones where the subject is the only area of focus.
• Lighting
As implied above, great photography is all about lighting. This is important because the direction, harshness, and the color of your light source during photography will determine the results of your shots. Light gives your photos dramatic effect, hence the need to invest in extra lamps and other devices that let you manipulate the lighting. If you are only using your phone, you should learn to use and control the light that is available to you.
Here is a secret you should take with you when you take photos: your primary source of light must be behind you, only shining on your subject. You also have to try taking shots from different angles because the light will hit your subject from different angles. Again, this involves a lot of trial-and-error. You are also recommended to take advantage of all those strange colors.
Also about lighting, you need to be aware of the best artificial light sources. They range widely from:
1. Ring lights: high-quality light from a UV bulb ideal for macro photography and portrait selfies.
2. Strobe lights: these lights create a crisp but sharp lighting effect because your camera will only pick the lights for a second to prevent overexposure.
3. Flash diffuser: this is the device that will soften the overpowering flash. You can use this light for macro photography, close-up shots, as well as portraits.
4. Fill Lights: these are lights sized for professional cameras or smartphones. The light will only fill a local area with light, in the process, it evens out issues like contrast, as well as extremely dark shadows.
5. Spot light: this light will shine on from a specific position in the room.
And, we cannot talk about light without mentioning the flash. So, here is all you need to know about flashes in photography:
The flash is an incredible feature to take advantage of when taking photos under low light. However, the location of the flash next to your phone camera’s lens often means that you end up with photos that have an overwhelming glare. Also, the light from the flash will result in a photo with unwanted elements that are hard to edit out. So, while the use of flash sounds like an excellent idea, you should only use it when you absolutely need light.
• Perspective
Besides lighting and the rule of thirds, you will take photos that decide to buy Instagram likes the best decision ever if you factor in perspective. Perspective is all about taking interesting photos by shooting your subject from different angles.
• Optical Illusions or shapes
For better photos, you should leverage the power of optical illusions like reflections and also shapes because they help in creating a sense of marvel, as well as curiosity.
You should also learn how to create the perfect symmetry, play with lines, use geometric shapes, abstract shapes, and repetitive patterns.
More on taking the best Instagram photos
Keep your lens clean always
Since your phone spends a lot of time in the pocket or your hands, the lens gathers a lot of dust, not to mention your smudged fingerprints all over the lens. Since a dusty camera will result in blurry photos even in the excellent light, you need to use a cleaning fluid or a microfiber cloth to clean the lens before you start taking photos.
Do not use the digital zoom
As tempting as it is, you must avoid the digital zoom like a plaque. Actually, you should never use this feature. Why? That zoom function in your phone does not work. Confused? Think about the DSLR camera you were using a few days ago, what happened when you zoomed in on your subject? The lens projected forward and got closer to the object, right? That is what you get with an optical zoom feature. Unfortunately, this feature is missing from the camera and the digital zoom only blurs images. So, if you want to focus on the photos taken, you will want to edit them later. You have to find appropriate editing software that will manipulate your photos and make those spots appear closer than they were on the camera. The next best option involves moving closer to the target subject.


When using your phone camera’s default app, you will notice that the camera comes with a wide range of options or modes that you can choose from. There’s also the automatic option. Unfortunately, the auto option limits your range of control and your ability to take great photos. The manual modes, on the other hand, will open your world of possibilities making your Android phone an excellent tool for capturing the insta-perfect shots.
The HDR (High Dynamic Range) is one of the most useful camera settings on your phone. It’s a form of image processing which helps the camera to balance out light while darkening the photo, making it possible for you to capture images that resemble what you see with your naked eye. Using the HDR function, you will take three kinds of photos – a dark image, a light one, and a neutral image, and then, it combines these three photos into one, creating a great photo. HDR is suitable for capturing landscapes and the low-light scenes, but not moving objects or scenes that are too vibrant.
High-end phones
Note that if you are using a high-end phone like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, the phone’s camera shooting modes are almost like the ones for the advanced cameras. They have an aperture priority, a full manual feature, shutter priority, white balance, and ISO (the light sensitivity control element). These features will give you better control when taking photos. As long as you have adequate lighting, these features eliminate the need for an expensive camera.
RAW Capture
This is a feature present in some phones. Uncompressed RAW capture is essential when taking photos that require post-shoot editing. Since most smartphones will compress photos into JPEGs, they are not ideal for all Instagram photos. The only issue with the RAW capture is that your phone must have a lot of storage space because the uncompressed images are large.
Use of iPhones
• Wondering how you can take great photos on your iPhone:
• Accessorize the phone with tools like a tripod, lens, and films
• View your photos through a different lens
• Control the camera remotely
• Launch your camera app fast to capture the perfect moments, and use the hidden features of the phone
• Master lighting
Editing and saving options
Instagram makes it possible for you to throw around filters creating a great photo that garners hundreds of likes. But as we all know, you need more than filters to post a great image. It is, therefore, important that you learn about the vast array of editing tools at your disposal.
Keep in mind that you cannot rush great photography. You have to try numerous angles, poses, and objects to be good at it. But, don’t forget that capturing the right or perfect moment will call for fast action.
If you cannot afford the expensive phones or cameras, keep your eyes open for great-quality and budget-friendly options.
Filters help in distinguishing your photos while drawing attention to specific features. Some of the filters you need to use include desaturation, saturation, bright and minimalistic effects.
Using graphics
To draw more attention to your photos, incorporate graphical overlays on the photos.
Identify apps to create the best photos
The advent of edgy smartphones has suddenly made everyone an amateur photographer. Unfortunately, we still miss several bits that make excellent photography. If you still want to take excellent photos using your phone, then these apps will be your best buddy.
BeFunky: this is a high-end photo-editing tool that cleans up pictures effortlessly. With it, you can crop, resize, sharpen, and soften your photos, among other things.
PicMonkey: it’s been here for a few years now, but it’s not getting out of use. It features adjustments that will help you create breathtaking landscape photos, not to mention the fact that this is an excellent app for fixing selfies – it removes wrinkles, spots, and also reduces the shine.
Adobe Aviery: this is an editing tool from the Adobe applications suite. It is ideal for sharpening, softening, and you also get to play with saturation points of pictures. Also, it will suggest edits on your behalf.
Other apps include Canva, Framatic, Layout, Piktochart, TouchRetouch, A Color Story, Snapseed, and VSCO among others.
While editing, it is important to understand that no amount of editing will turn around a bad photo. But, light editing on a good photo will yield magnificent results.
Editing tips:
• Adjust the brightness of the photo for a crisp, white look
• Increase the contrast for the colors to look stronger.
• Soften sharp areas, and also jump things up to for a finer detail
• Play around with the photo’s level of saturation to achieve a natural balance
• Use highlights and shadows appropriately.
• You also need to ensure that you are working with a constant color palette, creating a theme that is easily recognized, and it ensures that you get many more Instagram comments.
Planning your feed
You don’t want all your shooting and editing efforts to go to waste. So, before you post those photos and encourage people to like or share it, plan your feed. Fortunately, there is an endless list of tools you can use for the perfect layout.
What else can you do?
• Use user-generated photos
• Focus on your employees
• Use contest photos
• Use influencer photos
Lastly. Now that you have the perfect photos and your Instagram is looking neat and snazzy, you might want to buy Instagram comments from us to push your content out for it to reach a wider audience. Knowing that photos that get more likes soon after they are posted tell Instagram that your content is great and that the content will have a high engagement rate – an element necessary for ranking, it is time for you to take all the advice above to stand out. Note that a great Instagram profile coupled with high-quality photos will result in a high engagement rate.



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