YouTube application on Apple iPhone 5S Kiev, Ukraine - June 5, 2014: Brand new Apple iPhone 5S with YouTube application service on the screen lying on a desk with headphones. YouTube is the world's most popular online video-sharing website that founded in February 14, 2005 YouTube Stock Photo
Do you know how subscribing to YouTube mean. What are its benefits! know more in detail by reading this blog.

 The online video sharing site exploded with streaming media when the very first video gets uploaded in April 2005 on YouTube. March 2010, the site testified 24 hours of videos uploaded every single minute of the day. After two months it was receiving 2 two billion views every day. For YouTube fans who feel stunned by the sheer amount of material available. The subscribing to YouTube feature allows the choice for people to collect and assemble interest information only. 

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Getting In

Subscribing to YouTube requires minimal effort to subscribe to the channel and is generally free. In many cases, basics such as YouTube, Google account and email account, as well as personal specifies such as age and address, are all necessary. Subscribers get part of the mailing list for the channel, which means that they will get an email update warning of new content. Some customers may also have to undergo the waiting process, where they are subject to approval by the YouTube channel moderator.  

Managing Subscriptions

Subscribing to Youtube get accessed via the Subscription hub. To access it, click the drop-down menu next to your user name in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. "Subscription" also appears as an option with "Recommendations" and "All Activity” on the main YouTube front page on 

Other Users Subscribing to Your Content

If one more YouTube user subscribes to your user account network, he can view videos, ratings, and comments you make public. They can't watch secretive videos hosted on your account. What content and activity you have on YouTube is public, and so the information your customers can check. Go to the "Settings" link that looks on the drop-down menu below your user name in the top right-hand corner of each page on YouTube. Unlock the "Activity Sharing" link to adjust what activities get involved in your user account feed. This feed is available to everyone who subscribing to YouTube account.

Unsubscribing from a User

If you no longer want to entertain video alerts and more updates from a user or network on the YouTube service. You can easily stop your subscription from the channel. Go to the subscription center on subscriptions and choose the user account that belongs to the list on the left-hand side of the page. Tap on the "Edit Subscription" link next to the username, and then select the "Unsubscribe from..." option and then tap on"Update" to confirm the option. The selected user account gets deleted from the list of accesses on the left, and you will return to the Main Subscription Center sheet. 

VIP Access

Persons who subscribing to YouTube  channels get equal special access pass or waiting in a long line in the cold rather than being bounced past velvet ropes. Although the membership requirements and benefits of each YouTube channel vary, those who bring into line themselves as customers will get something that the general public does not do.

Content Curators

Although a person can log in to YouTube and spends 24 hours looking at the content without finally coming, it is probably wastage of their time. By availing subscriptions, users can become their content curators, narrow videos, movies, and other media to see what they want to see. Subscribing to channels or posters increases this information at the top of the chaff. Subscribing to YouTube help fans discover new knowledge and favorites, as they can see the favorite content of people they subscribe to as well as their content. 

How to Verify Your YouTube Subscriber Count

Currently you have well knowledge of your YouTube subscriber count, let's take a look to check how many subscribers you hold. Remember that you will not be able to access complete analytics via your mobile YouTube app. For this, you need to work with the web browser. As of creating this post, YouTube beta is scanning the new YouTube studio. So this is impossible that you can access classic creator studios via the normal process. But you can still see your subscriber count with the help of studio analytics. Here's exactly how:

  •  At first, tap on your profile icon at the right angle. And then select the option “YouTube Studio (beta).”
  • This will lead you to the new Studio dashboard. Then click on “Analytics” on your left.
  • From this point, you can access complete data about your channel’s concert – from views and watch time to subscriber count.
  • If you still need to use the classic Creator Studio, you can perform so by obeying the stages below:
  • Tap on “Creator Studio Classic” at the bottom left angle of the page.

This will lead to a window asking why you need to switch. Just select your cause and it will turn you again to the old Creator Studio dashboard. From the dashboard, choose “Community” option.

Next, you'll contract the option to observe your channel subscribers. It will display all customers who have selected to make their subscription public. You will also realize some essential evidence like when they subscribed to your channel and exactly how many customers they have. 

You can also sort your customers by "most popular " and "most recent ". So you will be able to keep track of whether other YouTube content creators have tracked you. If they have, it may be a good idea to track them back and try to build connections with them for future relationships. 

Building valuable relationships can be a perfect way to develop your channel. You can co-create content with them, facilitate them, or even feature them in your films. This will appeal to their viewers taking place your channel, which will help you obtain more customers. 


Thus subscribing to YouTube is a very easy process. Now you have complete knowledge of what YouTube customers are and all features that can disturb your customer count. You also know how to observe your YouTube subscriber count with the help of analytics. But keep in mind that these numbers are not permanently accurate and updated. To check your customer count in real time you can use our Live Subscriber Count Tool also.