Reddit is a website that originated in America and is used for services like discussion, content rating and aggregation of social news. Those with registered accounts on Reddit times submit their content to this site in the form of videos images, links and text posts. The content is either up voted or down voted by the members. The organisation of posts is done through the subject in the boards which are created by the user and are known as subreddits or communities. They are known to include various topics like politics, science, video games, music, sports, books, cooking, fitness, pets, religion, image sharing and pets. This article contains all the information about who founded Reddit.

The submissions which have more up votes can be seen on the top of the subreddit and when ample up voting is received, it can be seen on the front page of the site.

Though there are hard and fast rules which prohibit harassment, it is still occurring, and the administrators of this platform conduct the moderation of communities and restrict all of them on any occasion.

Moderation is conducted by the moderators who are specific to a moderator who isn’t an employee on Reddit. 

who founded Reddit

When was Reddit founded and by whom? 

Reddit is a privately owned platform that is more about sharing similar news. It can be availed only in the English language. It was founded on 23rd June 2005 by 3 founders namely, Alexis Ohanian, Steve Huffman and Aaron Swartz. All of them were roommates of the University of Virginia. 

It is very easy to register an account on Reddit and you can create an account free. It doesn’t even need an email address.

Apart from making a vote and comment, the registered users can try creating a subreddit as per a topic of their choice.

In the style of Reddit, the usernames start with u. The subreddits are often overlooked by the moderators.

The users of Reddit acquire by forming a subreddit or also by getting promoted by a present moderator.

These moderators can volunteer who can manage their communities by setting and enforcing rules which are specific to a community, removal of comments and posts that can show a violation of the rules, and usually keep working to keep all discussions in their subreddit on violation of rules.

Adkins who works for the Reddit platform gets paid. The question of who founded Reddit has been answered heresy briefly. 

A lot of transparency is also released on Reddit every year which has details kike the number of posts brought down by the moderators and specific reasons.

It also provides information used for requesting the agencies of law enforcement who have asked for information about the users or for taking down the content.

In the year 2022, 6% of posts were removed by Reddit made on the platform. Over 99% of removals were titled as spams; the leftover was made of a mixture of other content that is offensive.

Almost 131 million posts were also removed by an automatic moderator and the rest were normally taken down. 

Features of Reddit 

Reddit premium is a kind of premium membership that enables users to view free site ads. Users can also get coins gifted by other users who give value to a post or comment usually because of top-quality content.

Reddit premium offers you access too many features which can’t be accessed by regular users, like exclusive subreddits, highlighting comments, as well as a customized avatar. Reddit gold also got another name Reddit Premium back in 2021. Apart from gold coins, users gift platinum and gold coins to the rest of the users in the form of rewards for good quality content. 

who founded Reddit
When and who founded Reddit? 3

On this site, the users of Reddit are known to celebrate cake day every year for once on the anniversary of their account opening.

Cake day also includes a small cake slice icon to the name of users for a day. 

Back in the year 2017, Reddit also created a realistic chat application for the website.

Some of the highly established subreddits made use of third-party applications for chatting about all communities, the company developed chat services that it may hope can turn into an important part of the Reddit platform.

Individually used chat rooms got a roll out in the year 2017 and group chat rooms for all members of a particular subreddit gets rolled out back in 2021. 

In the year 2021, a new feature was also tested by Reddit which enabled the users to pay a tip to others.

It was made only available for one user who was known as Chris who go by alias who was well-known for posting nicely made comments, only for the users to finish the same referencing the match conducted in 1998 in between the wrestler. 

Also it announced a Reddit talk in April 2021 that emerged in competition with Clubhouse. It allows the subreddit moderator to start an audio meeting room used for mimicking Clubhouse in terms of design.

In August 2021, another short-term video feature was also introduced for the iOS platform that allows the users to swipe rapidly through an attractive feed related to short video creation. 

Another feature called Spoiler tags were released back in January 2017. This feature can keep the users safe from powerful spoilers in pixelates and posts with images. Reddit has unveiled different transformations to its front page viewed by the public known as popular in the year 2017. The change can also help in creating the front page of the adult content for unregistered users. 

That’s all to know about who founded Reddit for now. Everything about the founder of Reddit and other relevant details has been shared above in this post.

Reddit is a very famous platform used by the majority of the social influences or others who are active on social media.

The best thing about this platform is that it is completely free to use and you need not worry about paying any charges to get registered on Reddit.