Reddit is an American website. People often discuss, post, and share different content on this platform. Registered users often post texts, media, and links on their subreddits. But how and when did Reddit start? Want to know? Let’s get ahead! 

The Start 

The name 'Reddit' is quite fascinating as it is a play-on-words for the phrase ‘read it.’ Everything began in 2005. Reddit founders Steve, Alexis, and Aaron initiated the idea in Massachusetts. Steve and Alexis were roomies and attended a lecture back in 2005. The speaker invited them to work for their startup, which later failed. 

Then they were working on another startup. It was during this brainstorming session that Reddit came up. Mr. Graham, the speaker, picked Steve and Alexis for the job right after his speech. Steve took care of the coding, and they together launched Reddit. 

Evolution of Reddit 

Initially, Reddit launched two different advertising ways in 2009. After several improvisations, proposals, and people leaving the company, Reddit stands at what it is today. Have a look at some exciting features of Reddit that were included as a part of developing the platform. 

when did Reddit start
When did Reddit start? 4

Information Display: 

Reddit basically hosts user-generated content which mostly appears in the bulletin board system. The platform calls its millions of users Redditors. With more than 138 thousand active communities called subreddits, this platform is among the most happening ones at the moment. 

  1. Voting System: 
  • The Karma Feature: 

One key feature of Reddit is its voting system. People can upvote and downvote a certain thing on the platform. These votes decide the popularity and display frequency of the posts. So, you usually come across the most popular content on Reddit. So when did Reddit start?

Karma is another interesting thing on Reddit. Users can earn this for their comments and posts. Karma is like a reflection of a user’s contribution to Reddit and their position in a specific subreddit. 

  • Automatic Archive: 

Another intriguing aspect of Reddit is the post archives. Usually, every post and media on Reddit is automatically hidden after six months of posting it. So, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your Reddit space! 

  • Frontpage Rank: 

Whenever you sign up for Reddit, it displays some links on the homepage. They can either be posts, external links, or media files. However, it is not easy to appear on Reddit’s front page. The platform uses a unique algorithm and considers several aspects like upvotes, downvotes, total votes, collective feedback, and more to give this rank. 

  • Mobile App: 

Reddit also has a mobile application for easy access. You just need to download the app from Google Play Store for Android phones and App Store for iPhones. Both the versions have similar functionality. In fact, most users find the mobile version of Reddit convenient and accessible. 

when did Reddit start
When did Reddit start? 5

Several other features await the users on the Reddit platform. To date, Reddit constantly updates itself to present a better version and more features. 

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