Reddit has now turned into the main home page of the internet and the title is not merited less as it has a global rank by Alexa in the top 100 page views per day. The platform shows huge content. Hence, lot of people wonders What is The Purpose Of Reddit. You can also post intriguing and helpful content every hour. It has content that can cater to the requirements of every niche you can imagine, you can just get within and start discovering. If you are not yet familiar with this site or haven’t navigated across it yet, this post is going to help you learn what is the purpose of Reddit. 

what is the purpose of Reddit
What is The Purpose Of Reddit? 3

Keep reading ahead to know a few tips by which you can make the best use of the Reddit platform: 

What is The Purpose Of Reddit

Knowing what are subreddits A user gets onto the Reddit platform for the first time, they may come across an overload of information on the internet front page. To comprehend the platform, you must understand what subreddits are. 

Subreddit can be defined as a part of the site dedicated to just one subject, like games, fitness and news. On the front page, you can find a lot of information developed by the poets from a default subreddit of that platform. Search around for the various subreddits to fit your topic and you will discover a community that is all set to get engaged with you. 

Hunt for suitable subreddit

Reddit is a huge platform with numerous uses and subreddits which can cater to all topics you can imagine. The availability of so many subreddits is the main reason why there it can be difficult for you to search for that particular community that matches your interest. To aid you in searching for one, you can make use of their Reddit search which you can access by hitting more, situated towards the right of my subreddits panel, you will find 2 search bars.

The first search bar will provide you with recommendations based on a keyword. For an instant, looking for the word book will provide you with the most well-known Reddit. The second search bar will provide you with a plethora of all the relevant subreddits for an intense exploration. 

Create an account and subscribe 

The first thing to be done in this regard if you are serious about entering this platform is to create an account. By creating an account, you will not only be while to seek participation in comments, but you will also be able to survive to various subreddits you find interesting so that they can show up on your Reddit front page.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to subscribe out from any subreddit that you don’t like, so all their posts won’t appear on your homepage anymore. This is the most common thing to know regarding what is the purpose of Reddit

Learn commenting 

You must have seen some of the most popular Reddit comments, how they add style to your comments. There are many ways by which you can change your style of commenting. The best way of learning them is to go through their comment related FAQ. If you know the use of Mark-up syntax, you have a good start because Reddit gives full recognition to these. 

For using the funny emoji which are commonly used on Reddit, you must use the Unicode characters of the Kannada language. Reddit is supportive of the Unicode characters in the comment box. 

Follow Redditors

If you have come across an intriguing Redditor and you want to check out their activities on the platform, you can include them in your subreddit containing posts only from people you approve of. For adding a user, click on preference, friends and input the username of the Redditor who you want to talk to. Once that has been done, you can go to the link to see all posts they have submitted. You must note that for doing this, you must have an account. 

Use random button to find new topics

If you are bored with the random subreddits you mostly come across, it is time for you to explore the new ones. You can do that with the help of a random button that will bring new subreddits for you to know. However, you should be careful while clicking on this button because as suggested by the name, it is too random and you could reach an NSFW subreddit by pressing it. 

Categorize the subreddit submissions

The sort feature is the best way by which you can discover a lot of new content while you browse a new subreddit. Towards the top of the page, you will be provided options for sorting. However, the most effective way of using the sorting feature is top. Just press it and you will find the option of sorting the submissions based on hour, week, month, year, etc. 

Create a multi Reddit 

Reddit enables the users to create a multireddit that is a way by which you can father various subreddits and view them together on a page. This can be very useful for grouping together relevant subreddits on one page instead of visiting each one separately. For creating a multireddit, you must be logged in. Visit the front page of your Reddit account and click on create option towards the left side of the screen beside the multireddit option. Give it a name and you will be redirected to a page where adding subreddits is allowed. Other multireddit can also be explored by creating the Explore button. 

what is the purpose of Reddit

These are some of the best ways in which you can use the Reddit platform. If you want to know what is the purpose of Reddit, these points can be the answer. There are many other options for which you can use the Reddit platform but those mentioned are the most useful ways to use Reddit.