Choosing the right subreddit can be tricky. There are literally thousands of them, each one more specific than the next. The subreddit you choose to post in can make or break your Reddit experience and is often referred to as your “home base”. Your whole posting strategy can revolve around getting a positive response to your posts, which in turn might earn you some popularity.

Reddit Subreddits

Reddit subreddit

As you build your online presence, being involved in relevant online communities can help your profile gain traction. One of the best tools for doing this is Reddit subreddit. Subreddits are smaller niche channels within larger forums that allow users to post and discuss things they find interesting. There are thousands of different Reddit communities, which means that there is a subreddit out there for just about everything you could imagine! However, picking the right subreddit can be tough when there are so many options. So, before you pick a destination take a look at the guide below:

  1. Find the Most Appropriate Subreddit for Your Post

You’ll notice that there are countless subreddits (aka communities) on Reddit. You can find pretty much any niche there, so it might feel a little intimidating when you first start out. Don’t worry though; we’ll help you choose the right community for your post.

To find the perfect subreddit, look at what similar subreddits have been posting lately. To do this, go to r/popular. There, you’ll see the most popular posts from all subreddits in one place. The one shown below is from r/DIY:

Reddit Subreddits

This subreddit isn’t about DIYing things; it’s about sharing photos of DIY projects that users have done themselves or seen on Pinterest or elsewhere online. This could be an opportunity to share photos of your products with other DIY posts.

  1. Determine What Kind of Community Is There

By checking out on time, activity and subscribers, you can find out what type of Redditors frequent that subreddit. For example, is this a highly opinionated group or more laid back? This will help you determine whether or not your content will fit in with the group.

  1. Watch Out for Serial Downvoters or Bullies

Some subreddits are dominated by a small group of users who always downvote people they disagree with or don’t like. You don’t want to get caught in the crossfire of one of these subreddits! Be sure to read the comments before posting if you notice people getting downvoted regularly. If you’ve got something controversial or potentially offensive, it might be better to post it somewhere else.

  1. Track Its Activity on A Daily and Weekly Basis

The more active a subreddit is, the more subscribers there are on that page watching for new links. This means if you post your link when it’s active, you’re more likely to get upvotes. To get a better idea of their activity, it’s beneficial to check the subreddit on both a daily and weekly basis. Both are important, since if a subreddit is busier on the weekend than it is during the week, then you’ll be missing out on quite a bit of content.

  1. What Rules and Guidelines Are in Place?

Each Reddit subreddit has its own unique guidelines in place, and those guidelines can differ substantially from one subreddit to the next. The nature of some subreddits is entirely open for anyone who wants to post, and others are invitation-only by moderators who are looking for specific types of content.

  1. Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re looking for a specific type of content, you’ll want to spend some time browsing various subreddits to see what’s available. You may also find that your first choice doesn’t quite fit your needs, or that it’s too restrictive in terms of the types of posts that are allowed. Once you’ve found a subreddit that seems like it will meet all of your needs, make sure you’re following the rules before you start posting, commenting and voting.

The subreddit that you choose ultimately depends on what you want from Reddit. If you want to post original content, then /r/writing or /r/books might be the good subreddits for you. If you want other users to contribute their own original content, then /r/AskReddit or /r/TrueReddit is for you!

  1. Takeaway

The communities on Reddit are unlike any other place on the Internet. No matter where you go, someone’s there to discuss your interests in great detail and have real conversations with everyone they can. If you’re thinking about joining Reddit to connect better with others online, it’s good to have a plan ahead of time. While it may not be optimized like some websites, with the right subreddit and a little guidance, your Reddit experience can be transformed.

So, how to choose the perfect subreddit? There are no hard and fast rules, but hopefully, this article has given you some food for thought. This article also can’t take into account your personal preferences; things like subreddits you’ve liked in the past, your own artistic style, etc. But if you read through a few and still can’t decide on one, there is always the option of creating your own subreddit! It’s not even that hard, just click the create a subreddit button and you’re on your way. You can be an author now! What are you waiting for!?


  1. How to find the most appropriate subreddit for your post?

    It is advisable to check the nature of the posts available in the popular subreddits to determine which one is the most suitable for the content that you are planning to post. For that, go to each subreddit page and then go to r/popular, which contains the most popular posts of that particular subreddit.

  2. How to find the type of community present in a subreddit?

    Determining the type of community is essential as you intend to fetch more upvotes for your post. So, check the number of subscribers, activity, time spent by the users in a particular subreddit, etc. to trace the trends in a particular subreddit.

  3. How to cope with downvoters in a subreddit?

    If you are posting on a subreddit where the number of downvoters and bullies is high, ensure that you are not getting into a spat with any of them in the comment box, and also try to maintain a non-offensive tone in your post. If you are planning to post something offensive or controversial, it better be in a subreddit that welcomes such content.

  4. Is it a good idea to track the activity of a subreddit?

    Yes, by tracking the activity of a subreddit, you will be familiarised with the trends in the community and will be able to post suitable content.

  5. What are the rules and guidelines present in a subreddit?

    The rules and guidelines in a subreddit are stipulated by the admin and each subreddit has its own set of rules.

  6. What are some popular subreddits?

    Some popular subreddits are /r/funny, /r/gaming, /r/announcements, /r/AskReddit, etc.

  7. What is a subreddit?

    Subreddits are different categories or fields within the Reddit platform. each of them is on a specific area of interest and the users post content related to that particular area under the concerned subreddit. Some of the popular subreddits are about areas like gaming, fashion, food, lifestyle, etc.