Reddit offers a variety of features and a lot of freedom to its users. Even though Reddit has been open about its ads and has a specific service dedicated to it called Reddit ads. Reddit premium, previously known as Reddit gold, is a paid subscription to Reddit. With Reddit premium, you get several exclusive features and benefits. 

Reddit premium
Reddit Premium Features-Are They Worth It? 3

Let us take a better look at the features of Reddit premium. 

Why buy Reddit premium?

Reddit alone would suffice for your need to gain knowledge. However, with Reddit premium, you get access to exclusive services that not everybody has. It has many exciting features that will set you apart from the crowd. Enhance your experience of using Reddit by buying the premium version. 

One of the vital benefits you get is 1000 coins as a welcome gift and 700 coins per month. But what exactly do these coins do? You can gist these coins to users as a reward to show that you liked the content. Depending on the number of coins you decide to give, that user will be able to display a badge- silver, gold, or platinum. Although the silver badge is purely for show, with gold, the user gets a free week of Reddit premium while platinum gives a month of the free trial.

As a result, your credibility and reach on the platform increase. You can surely expect to get more attention than you otherwise did. 

Features of Reddit premium

Following is a list of the highlight features or benefits of getting Reddit premium. 

  1. Ad-free browsing: With the Reddit premium, you can surf freely without ads popping. It increases your speed and ease of surfing through Reddit. 
  2. Monthly coins: Get 700 coins monthly with a premium. You can gift them to other Redditors as rewards. 
  3. Coin bonus: Get a one-time 1,000 coins bonus as a welcome gift.
  4. Premium awards: Get exclusive premium awards and set yourself apart.
  5. Powerups: Unlock exciting new perks and get Powerups with premium. 
  6. Members Lounge: With Reddit premium, you can get access to a unique subreddit that goes by the name r/lounge. 
  7. Avatar gear: Get the best accessories for your avatar with Reddit premium. You can customize Snoo- Reddit's alien mascot!
  8. Custom app icon: Let your unique style represent your app icons. 

With all these benefits, you can make your experience of using Reddit more fun and interesting. 

Reddit premium
Reddit Premium Features-Are They Worth It? 4

Is it worth buying the premium version of Reddit?

There are certain groups of people that differ in their opinion regarding this. Generally speaking, many users believe that it is not so expensive and does justice by genuinely enhancing their experience while using the site. 

In a nutshell, users without Reddit premium are just as happy but going premium is a way of supporting the website. There is no denying that premium users do have higher credibility. After all, who does not enjoy a little privilege over others?

Other ways of getting better engagement 

There is no doubt that Reddit stands on the pillars of its community and its strong network. To get validation or to be noticed, people try very hard. Reddit is a beautiful platform to promote business and find the right audience. Subreddits are special forums dedicated to a particular topic or ideology. You can find the one that interests you or meets your needs. 

To establish a good reputation, you should try to gain followers. Increasing followers will enhance your engagement on the site and fetch you credibility. Having a solid support system is your first step toward earning trust and being able to tell people about your ideologies.

Reddit is a place where you get an incredible range of content. From memes to informational posts. Another well-known use of Reddit is for marketing. You can use Reddit ads to reach the desired audience. However, you must follow certain etiquette. Reddit is easy to understand and use. 

It is crucial to be active and stay in touch with the latest trends. Before you can start promoting yourself, it is advised to create a stable identity first. 

Reddit has more than a billion active users. You cannot appeal to every one of them, but you should try to get more upvotes. Benefits of getting more upvotes are listed below:

  1. Better credibility
  2. Better engagement
  3. A large audience keeps you motivated to create worthy content
  4. Higher upvotes mean higher karma
  5. Help you in promoting your business
  6. Gives new direction to marketing strategies


Reddit is an all-inclusive platform where you can post text, comment, upvote, downvote, subscribe to your desired subreddit, and much more! It is a great way to explore the topics that interest you. You can also meet like-minded people on the way. You have the liberty of staying anonymous on Reddit. It gives you the freedom to express your views without the fear of judgment. But, it would help if you kept in mind that the power of anonymity does not support spreading hate. You can get banned from Reddit for spamming or any suspicious activity. Use the platform wisely, and you will see how it enhances your personality over some time. 

What if there was a way to make this already exciting experience more fun? Well, there is something that can do just that. Reddit premium is a paid subscription to Reddit that gives you access to some very enticing benefits. You get an ad-free experience, access to a particular subreddit called r/lounge, free 1000 coins as a welcome gift, 700 coins per month, Powerups, exclusive avatar gear, premium awards, etc.

When you buy Reddit premium, not only do you show your support towards Reddit or the community in general, but you also stand apart from the crowd.