Reddit is a social platform with a huge number of forums dedicated to certain topics. These are called subreddits. You can subscribe to the subreddit of your choice and get the latest updates on your homepage. This Reddit guide will walk you through the central points- from creating an account to adding karma.

Reddit guide
The Ultimate Reddit Guide For Beginners 10

With millions of active users around the world, the community is getting bigger each day. You can post images, text, comment, upvote, or downvote on Reddit. 

Reddit guide for creating an account

The first step in the journey is to sign up on the official Reddit website if you do not have an account. In just a few simple steps, your Reddit account will be up and running.

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  1. Enter your email address
  2. Subscribe to recommended subreddits if you like
  3. Type in your username and password
  4. Click on sign up

And just like that, you can now be a part of the forum. It is advised to pick a relevant or fun username as it will not be changed later.

What can you post on Reddit?

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On Reddit, you can post images, texts, or links. To make your first post, do the following steps-

  1. Go to the home page on your browser
  2. Click on submit a new link, or submit a new text post according to what you feel like posting
  3. Compose your post
  4. Click submit

Once your post is up, Redditors can view your content and interact with it. They can upvote, downvote or comment on your post.

How to find a subreddit?

You can find a subreddit earmarked to almost anything. There are subreddits for movies, literature, memes, technology, music, art, science, and so much more. Finding subreddits is pretty simple. All you need to do is go to the search option and type in the topic that you want to find a subreddit for. 

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If you do not happen to find the one that you want, you can make one on your own. 

What is flair?

In the Reddit guide, flair means an addition to your submission in a subreddit that can represent its contents. 

What is karma and, why should you care about it?

Karma is a way for Reddit to tell how active or credible the user is. With every upvote, you add to your karma. Similarly, with every downvote, you lose karma. The higher the karma you gain, the higher you stand among fellow users. It is like a score that is indicative of your contribution to the site. 

What to not do on Reddit?

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Despite being open and collaborative, there are certain rules that the users must follow. Read the rules of any specific subreddit that you wish to follow. If you do not act according to the rules, you might end up getting banned. 

Now, in case you end up getting banned from a particular forum, do not panic. You can always ask the moderators nicely. 

Reddit on your mobile

The Reddit mobile app gives you a fully-packed experience on iOS as well as android. The experience is wholesome and, you will surely enjoy it once you get started. 

Marketing on Reddit

So far in this Reddit guide, you read about setting up your account and exploring topics. Now, imagine being able to harness the reach of the site for your gain. That is what a lot of people do these days- marketing on Reddit. 

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It is easy to find like-minded people on Reddit. Once you establish a strong support system and a decent number of followers, you can use Reddit ads to advertise yourself or your business. The high traffic on the site with active users helps you find your target audience easily. 

Reddit guide
The Ultimate Reddit Guide For Beginners 11

Reddit premium

Reddit premium is a monthly paid subscription that provides you with several benefits. Some of them are-

  1. Ad-free experience: No ads will be shown in Reddit premium. It means you can surf through the website a lot quicker.
  2. Free coins: you get 1000 coins as a welcome gift and 700 coins per month. You can use the coins as a gift to other users from your side.
  3. Get access to an exclusive forum called r/lounge only for prime members. 
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The premium subscription is not that expensive and is a good way for Redditors to show support to the website. 

How to get recognition on Reddit?

By now, you may have realized the importance of upvotes and followers on Reddit. As simple as it may sound, it takes people a lot of time to get that level of people to put their faith in them. If you are new to Reddit it may take you a long time to get to that level. But it all comes down to its benefits. 

  1. Karma is directly proportional to the number of upvotes
  2. Redditors deem you to be credible
  3. Better chances of promoting yourself
  4. Better connection with fellow users
  5. Downvotes can bring your karma down
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Now that you know the benefits, you should aim for increasing your followers. Apart from your followers, the general public must relate to what you post. Only then do you have a chance of getting upvotes.

In conclusion

Reddit is an incredible platform for learners and explorers. You can surf about what interests you. Since all the users stay anonymous, you can express your opinions freely. Keep posting quality content and, people will upvote it to the top. Do not try to break and rules as you can get banned from the discussion. To make it to the top fast and easy, you can also buy upvotes or followers from a trusted website. 

Be respectful, be creative, and be active. Sign up on Reddit today and dive into the world of subreddit and find the place that suits you the best.