Reddit is a platform with an immense collection of forums where users can share content and interact with the rest of the community. You can post links, texts, images, etc. Members of Reddit can then either upvote or downvote your content. You might have been familiar with the name but, it may have confused you. Here is a breakdown of how to use Reddit.

how to use Reddit

It is one of the most popular websites in the States and is on the path to gaining recognition. Reddit users like to call themselves “Redditors.”

Setting up your Reddit account

If you want to know how to use Reddit, follow through with the steps described ahead. Open your browser and search for Reddit. On clicking the first link that comes up, you will be directed to the homepage. Now follow the steps given below to set up your account-

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1. Click on sign up


2. Enter your Email ID 

3. Choose your username and password

4. Fill in any additional details 

One thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to change your username in the future. You can explore Reddit while staying anonymous. So, choose wisely, and let’s get exploring!

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What’s a subreddit?

The forums on Reddit are referred to as subreddit. You will see a subreddit on your homepage in the form r/“topic”. Each forum is dedicated to a specific topic where you can post texts, links, or images. You can discuss with other users anything related to that topic. Once you have set up an account, you can subscribe to multiple subreddits. You can even unsubscribe if you want. 

This way, you can freely interact with content regarding your preferred topic. The top posts of your subscribed subreddits appear on your front page.

What is “The Reddit Karma”?

If everyone is anonymous on Reddit, how do you determine the user’s credibility? The uses something called “karma” to do so. The higher your karma, the higher is your credibility. Gaining karma is pretty straightforward. You either acquire karma by upvotes on the posts that you share or the comments you make on the site.

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Similarly, you can lose karma by getting downvotes on your posts or comments. 

It is where subreddits play a crucial role. You can become an active member by interacting with the posts regularly. 

How to create your first post on Reddit?

It is all about finding and interacting with like-minded individuals. Redditors can contribute to subreddits. Posting on the platform is a significant step toward becoming inclusive of the community. Here is how you can create a post on Reddit- 

  1. Open Reddit on your browser or smart phone
  2. Click on submit a new link or submit a new text post
  3. Enter your title and content of the post
  4. Select a subreddit 
  5. Click on submit once finished.

To experience the platform in its totality, interacting with the community is the fastest and the best way to do it. Create posts regularly for gaining karma. 

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Why should you know how to use Reddit?

Reddit is a platform that brings various groups together. Redditors often use the site to promote themselves or market their product. To use Reddit for business, you should be familiar with Reddit ads and how they can prove beneficial to you. 

Ads provide you with a space to advertise, targeting your specific audience through subreddits. 

how to use Reddit

With this platform, you can expand your business and target the right audience through subreddits.

Why should you worry about upvotes?

By now, you may have realized how upvotes can fetch you credibility and recognition despite anonymity. On this platform, you can find like-minded people. If your work appeals to them, they can upvote your content. More number of upvotes can fetch you good karma.

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All said, here are some reasons why upvotes matter:

  1. With a higher number of upvotes, your credibility increases.
  2. You can target the audience you desire and promote yourself.
  3. It makes it so much convenient for you to promote your business.
  4. With a large number of upvotes, your content will stand out to Redditors.
  5. You will get more recognition.

Importance of Reddit followers

If you know how to use Reddit, you might be familiar with the importance of followers. More number of followers is a symbol that people like what you do. The more your number of followers, the more you will be heard. Establish your reputation on the platform by improving your follower count.

Some important things to know 

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Here are some extra points about the platform that you may find handy-

  1. If you cannot find the subreddit of your choice, you can start your own. However, you should follow specific community guidelines.
  2. You are free to navigate on Reddit. You can comment, upvote, post, reply, or almost interact in any way with the community.
  3. “Reddiquette” is a general rule instructing the users to be respectful to one another.
  4. When someone downvotes your post, you lose your karma.
  5. Make sure not to spread negativity else, Platform can ban you from participating in discussions. 

Now that you know how to use Reddit, you are ready to explore and learn on the platform.


It is a fast-growing community and is worth exploring. By now, you must have gotten a picture of how to use Reddit. In reality, the experience is much more profound when you get a hook for it. The reach and influence of Reddit make it the perfect place to promote your business

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With the platform, you get a chance to explore topics that interest you and express yourself openly. The sub-communities within Reddit called subreddits are the place to look for content on the topics that interest you. Get on Reddit today. Express, interact, and learn with the community!