Reddit is a great platform to know about rapidly developing and engaging events. People often post a lot of useful pieces of information for reference. Staying updated on Reddit is an excellent way to reach more people. So, know how to post on Reddit and keep the trends booming! 

Posting on Reddit 

For the uninitiated, Reddit is available in mobile and web versions too. So, you can post on the website or the mobile app. Let’s first see how to post on Reddit web version. 

On the website: 

  1. Open Reddit website on your PC or Mac. 
  2. Sign in to your Reddit account and head to the homepage. 

Now, navigate to the community you want to post information on. Just use the search box or enter the URL to find the one. 

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how to post on Reddit
How To Post On Reddit Easily? 4
  1. You’ll find the Create Post option on the top-left corner of the header. 
  2. Click on it, type in everything you want to, and tap on the Post option on the Reddit window

Easy, isn’t it? Well, the mobile version is a lot easier too. Have a look. 

On the Mobile Application: 

Follow these steps if you want to know how to post on Reddit mobile application. 

  1. Download and install Reddit from the App or Play Store. 
  2. Open the app and sign in to your Reddit user account. 
  3. Again, head to the community you want to post the information

If you are a subscriber, you can easily find the community on your subscriptions list, or, you can use the search bar or URL methods listed above. 

  1. There is a pencil icon on the Reddit app when you open the community. Tap on it. 
  2. Type all the information to be included, create a title, add a link, and do everything you want to do here. 
  3. After you are done, click on the Post option. 
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Reddit allows you to post different content, including a text post, a video, an image, or a link. Have a look: 

Text Posts: 

These require a title and some information. Text posts on Reddit are the best way to communicate with anyone. Reddit provides a toolbar for formatting and editing. You can use it to improve your text and make it effective. 

Media Posts: 

These posts also require a title. However, here you’ll include an image or a video (as in a media file). You can upload these images and videos from your computer or mobile. 

At last, you have the link posts on Reddit. You need to post a title and the relevant links in the text box. Using this can help improve your web traffic and reach

how to post on Reddit
How To Post On Reddit Easily? 5

A common thing in all the posts in the title. So, ensure that you add a catchy title to grab the eyes. The views of your post depend on the community you are posting it. Pick wisely! 

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