Reddit is a social media platform where people manage their communities, known as subreddits. It is more like an informative site where people curate whatever intrigues them. So, how to join Reddit and start building your community? Have a look. 

Getting started with Reddit 

Anyone can start using Reddit by signing up with the platform. You can follow the process below for how to join Reddit. 

  1. Go to the Reddit webpage or install the app on your device. 
  2. Reddit asks for a sign-up or login option. Since it is your first time, you’ll need to sign-up for Reddit. 
  3. Click on the Register option, and you’ll see a pop-up window. 
  4. You need to give in a username, password, and email address (this is optional, and you can skip it too). 
  5. Complete the verification and click on the Create Account option. 
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That is how to join Reddit in simple steps! Well, keep an eye on the username. Pick it wise, for there is no way you can change the Reddit username later. 

How to join Reddit
How to Join Reddit – A Beginner’s Guide 4

The moment your account is created, you’ll be directed to the Reddit homepage. Here, you can find all the hottest links and the most happening communities out there. These could be blog posts, subreddits, or links to external pages too. It is just that they appear based on the highest votes. 

Some considerations for Reddit 

Of course, every social media platform comes with a set of rules. They usually revolve around personal details, law, etc. However, you need to consider certain things when using Reddit in specific. They are as follows: 

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  • Subreddit rules: 

Since Reddit has several subreddits, the platform allows you to keep specific restrictions too. For example, some subreddits may not allow video graphics on them, while others may restrict link posts. So, consider every subreddit’s rules when trying to be a part of it. Breaching the rules is not tolerated, and you might immediately end up being banned from that subreddit. 

  • Understand the pseudonyms: 

Almost every person posting on Reddit uses some pseudonym. It is best to create a pseudonym for yourself when you create your Reddit account. If you are interested in promoting your brands, try creating another account with a different pseudonym. Reddit lets you handle multiple accounts within its voting algorithms. So, you might as well use that trick for pseudonyms here. 

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  • Reddit’s algorithms: 

Unlike the other platforms, Reddit uses a unique algorithm. It is a combination of both the upvotes and downvotes scaled logarithmically. The algorithm is pretty smart and can get you silent banned if you use tricks. Since the approach here is logarithmic, the first 110 votes are crucial for your account’s existence. So, try focusing on the quality and approach of your content instead of forcing the votes. 

How to join Reddit
How to Join Reddit – A Beginner’s Guide 5

Remember that Reddit notices every pattern and scrutinizes the votes extensively. Sticking to shortcuts can not help you here.