If you are not so familiar with the world of Reddit and wondering how popular is Reddit, you are missing out on a great collection of interests on the internet and an equally effective tactic of social media marketing. It was founded back in 2005 by a few students in their leisure time. It is a forum where you will find some of the cleverest, hilarious, nutty and vibrant online communities. The number of Reddit visitors goes high every month. Reddit is categorized into several theme-based sections known as subreddits.

how popular is Reddit
How Popular Is Reddit? 4

In every section, you find members sharing content threads that are forum-like. This could be a story, an image, a link, or a survey. It has also accumulated replies and upvoting, down voting based on the post quality. The outcome is a multitudinous version of the original one and funny content that needs several hours of the day from your routine if you have no self-control. 

Reddit was introduced back in 2005 in the form of a centralized forum platform based on various interests. Initially, the funding for this platform was $100,000 from the Y combinatory. Till August 2021, the value of this company was aid to be $10 billion, after which there was a recent funding session of $410 million. 

It has over 430 million monthly users who are active on this platform and more than 100,000 communities which are active. To learn more about how popular is Reddit, read below:  

Statistics of Reddit 

Here are some of the top picked statistics that can give you an idea of the popularity of Reddit: 

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  • Reddit has 52 million users who are active daily.
  • The worth of Reddit is $10 billion. 
  • There are more than 430 daily users on Reddit.
  • The total funding raised by Reddit is $1.3 billion.
  • 48% of Redditors are in the US. 
  • It was ranked 9th in the list of popular social media applications in the US. 
  • 25% of the adults in the US use Reddit.
  • 52 million daily users access the Reddit platform. 

Qualities that make Reddit popular

  • There’s no show-off 

Reddit is not one of those social networking apps which encourage practices of a constant show-off that can be seen on many other social networking apps. The profile of Redditors can only show you their earlier threads as well as their ranking, excluding other details like a business CV or relationship status. 

  • AMA subreddit

Ask Me Anything is one of the highly popular and interesting aspects of the Reddit platform. It can be used by anyone who wants to present a particular side of their life and take comments from the audience. The interactions may differ from one user to the other based on the questions asked by the audience. 

  • There’s so much to learn 

The reason Reddit is so well-known amongst the nerdy part of the population is, it is a reliable source one can use to get information on almost every topic of human wisdom. There are so many subreddits you can browse across on topics like coding, language, philosophy, molecular gastronomy, or anything else that interests you. Many subreddits are containing several enlightening topics. This is one of the most remarkable qualities you should know to perceive how popular is Reddit. 

It is a community 

Reddit doesn’t have a very good reputation for being overloaded with anonymous comments and trolls. Though you can find these users around, they don’t represent most of the Redditors. You can also come across people who give you free legal recommendations, relieve people in pain, and help members to arrange surprises for their loved ones, as well as other acts. 

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  • Best Humour 

Reddit comprises a group of users who add up to a total count of 1,001,805 million. This is the Reddit past-time and not a social experiment. You can find a lot of humor-filled posts on Reddit and these posts are what make this platform even more intriguing. 

how popular is Reddit
How Popular Is Reddit? 5

Signing up on Reddit

If you find it to be the place of your kind, you can easily try signing up on this platform. This can be done if you click on the blue button showing the sign-up option towards the topmost right side of the Reddit front page. Then, start following the prompts shown on the screen for creating an account.

There is no restriction on Reddit and you can create as many accounts as you want. You can also set up several usernames and select the one you want to log in with, based on the subreddits you are willing to participate in. Some of the subreddits promote personality revealing posts whereas others put forward advice for professional and relationship requirements.

Once you have signed in, you will be offered several recommendations by Reddit which can help you to find some of the most well-known boards to suit your interests.

Specific community

If there is already a specific community in your mind and you want to join it, you just need to proceed and input its name in the search bar. As an alternate option, you can also look for the relevant words and search accordingly.

When you come across any subreddit that you want to visit, you can avail yourself of the opportunity of subscribing to it. Your Reddit front page will show various posts from the subreddits you have subscribed to. You can take a look at all the subscriptions in the drop-down menu of the navigation bar. This also allows you to switch in between communities at ease. Not just that, it also lets you link the comparable subreddits with personalized feeds.

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That’s how you need to know about how popular is Reddit for now. There are several reasons