Reddit is a popular social network that's based on the idea of people posting comments, images, and stories for each other on a given topic or community, with the goal of 'upvoting' the most interesting or useful material. If you’re wondering how does Reddit work, this article is your answer.

The popularity of Reddit

Reddit's popularity has made it a prime target for satire and parody, with numerous subreddits existing to poke fun at a wide range of topics.

(Redditors were amused by the news that there was a ''I've been abducted by aliens'' subreddit, with it quickly reaching over 100,000 subscribers.)

Other subreddits focus on the topics of politics, video games, and cats, to name just a few. There are over 3.5 million subreddit members on Reddit and over one million subreddit threads in existence. With its ever-growing popularity, we tend to think about what happens behind the scenes and how does Reddit work.

how does Reddit work
How Does Reddit work: Your Guide to the Popular App 3

The working of Reddit

For a new user contemplating how does Reddit work, it works in simple ways.

It is a large collection of posts, with each post serving as a thread on a particular topic and each of these threads is indexed by a subreddit title which the user can subscribe to by clicking on a link that appears in the sidebar of the site.

At the top of each thread, the user can vote on the post, with the most up-voted posts appearing at the top of the thread.

Therefore, the more upvotes you have, your content is more likely to reach more people.

With a few clicks, the user can jump from a discussion on politics to a discussion on video games to a discussion on cats to one on the best pizza spots in Philadelphia.

As such, the site works best as a place to simply talk about what is going on in the world without necessarily having to be an expert on every subject that is discussed in the thread.

As such, it can be a great way to find what other people are interested in.

What are subreddits?

Subreddits allow users to create a specific topic on which to focus their interests and follow. 

In this way, many subreddits provide a virtual space where people can find an interesting group that they feel comfortable with. 

A subreddit can be accessed by anyone who wants to follow it and there are many that are completely free and open to the public.

Some are free and open to any of the general public.

For some, however, having a Reddit account means that you must pay to access a subreddit.

These paid subreddits are popular amongst many Reddit users, with many offering free content to users for a small sum that is similar to a month's Internet access.

These are known as "subscription-based" subreddits.

Users who pay for a subscription also benefit from extra features and access to content that is only available to paid subscribers.

There are over 500,000 paid subreddits on reddit, with more than 20 million members of paid subreddits on the site.

It's not clear how the majority of these paid subreddits are monetized but many of the more popular paid subreddits are subscription-based, charging as little as $5 per month for access to specialized content.

how does Reddit work
How Does Reddit work: Your Guide to the Popular App 4

Moderation in Reddit

In addition to its popularity and its huge userbase, when knowing about how does Reddit work, it’s important to know about its moderation feature.

Reddit is an incredibly well-moderated community, with countless volunteers monitoring its subreddits to ensure that a post is appropriate and that it doesn't infringe on any user's rights.

The result is that its communities are usually very civil and respectful of each other's opinions and ideas.

The few times that an argument does break out can be attributed to a simple lack of common sense or miscommunication.

Even though Reddit does have a well-established set of guidelines regarding what content is appropriate (as well as a good FAQ page), there are no rules on what content is prohibited, and as such, moderators of many of the sites' communities are on alert for any material that may be offensive or harmful.

This means if someone sees something on the site that they find to be inappropriate or harmful, they can report it to a moderator, who then can remove it, lock the comments associated with it, or ban the user who posted it.

If the user has been previously banned, they will not be able to participate in the subreddit or the comments of other users for a specified period of time.

The last option is called a temporary ban. If the material is very harmful, the material may be removed entirely and the user can be banned for good.

While these bans are rarely imposed on users who have merely posted a comment or image that may be considered offensive, they are imposed on users who have been reported for things like spamming, trolling, posting hate speech, or making threats.

Some subreddits also have an additional set of rules that the mods may enforce, such as prohibiting the posting of personal information or linking to copyrighted material.

In extreme cases, such as posting a threat of violence, moderators may revoke a user’s access to the subreddit completely.

In other cases, moderators may allow users to post under an alias rather than their real names.


We hope to have answered your question about how does Reddit work and familiarised you with its other interesting features.

Join Reddit today and get the added benefit of community and discussion around the most interesting topics from around the world.

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