Reddit is a community for sharing interesting, entertaining, or useful information and entertainment online. It is a collaborative website where registered users can post textual and multimedia content, which is then listed in rank order. Users can comment on the submitted content and vote on it. Users are called “redditors” and most of them are anonymous, although registered users are known as “users who upvoted”. This article is a beginner’s guide on the popular app Reddit and how to create Reddit account for someone who has just started using it.

In June 2015, Reddit had 175 million unique users. Reddit users can share links to news articles, videos, images and other media.

The front page of the website is one of the most popular destinations online. It is ranked the 10th most visited website in the world according to Alexa.

Once you create Reddit account you notice that the website is divided into categories, sorted by a community-driven algorithm. The website has a default comment section, used to discuss the submitted content and voting. The website has a strong voting system, where a user can vote up or down any submitted content. This way, the content with more votes is ranked better and will be placed at the top of the home page.

create Reddit account
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How was Reddit started?

Reddit started as a college project in 2005 by Mike and Alexis Ohanian, two college students at the University of Virginia.

In 2010, Alexis Ohanian started working at a venture capital company and Mike Ohanian continued developing Reddit. After the company was sold to Condé Nast (parent company of Vogue) in 2011, the Ohanian brothers continued running the site in their spare time.

In July 2013, Reddit was sold to Advance Publications (now Advance Publications Inc), a publishing company that also owns Condé Nast.

In May 2014, the company rebranded to simply Reddit.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA and employs about 700 people. Reddit is a member of the Specialty Media Group of Advance Publications, which also includes The Onion, Deadspin, Jezebel, and Lifehacker.

The company has raised over $130 million in venture capital funding and has been profitable since 2013. In 2015, Reddit founder Steve Huffman became CEO.

What is Reddit used for?

Reddit is a place for people to share their interests and submit interesting articles, videos and images. It is also a platform for communities to interact and share information.

Every post may link to a site or video and can include text, photos, videos, polls and links to other posts. The content is organized in “subreddits” by topic.

The most popular subreddits are “r/funny” and “r/news” which attract over 12 million readers each month. Another very active subreddit is “r/todayilearned” which attracts over 10 million subscribers monthly.

The website also has a subreddit dedicated to American politics named “r/UnitedStates”. There are also subreddits for many different cultures and interests such as “r/india” and “r/worldnews”.

Many subreddits also have communities and sub-communities, such as “r/movies” or “r/music”.

Each subreddit is run by moderators who are volunteers who control the rules for that subreddit and keep the community active. All of the content must have been posted by a registered user and is usually a link, usually to an actual website or an image.

The first post in a subreddit is called a “golden post” and often links to something highly rated.

The subreddit then becomes associated with what was posted. Each subreddit is a topic or theme that users discuss.

It is usually created on the fly by the users. These topics are usually decided in a contest or vote.

However, users can create their own topics as well. The users can create their own communities and choose their own names. This community is also called subforums. They may link to websites or videos.

Most subreddits have their own subreddit rules, which may include what is and is not allowed on the subreddit and what kind of content should be posted. Subreddits which are not moderated by their team of admins are free to post just about anything.

Making an account on Reddit

You only need to follow a few simple steps to create Reddit account. You just have to enter your email address on their application or website and then you get an email from the site.

Once you click on the link in the email, you’ll get a verification code you have to enter in the account creation form. After you enter the verification code, Reddit sends you an email saying it sent you a verification email.

Now you can create a new account. (This may take a few days depending on the time of the day you’re signing up.)

Once you get your verification code, you enter it in the account creation form and submit it. You’re done.

You can now enjoy the benefits of your Reddit account. You can save your username; you can change your profile picture and you can add your own flair.

You can also follow other people or create a new subreddit for yourself. On the profile page, you can change your name, your nickname, your username, your email, your gender, and your location.

create Reddit account
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So, create Reddit account today and start posting and commenting. It’s easy and fun. Make friends with other people on Reddit. Start your own community or make a new subreddit. Share your passion. Share your knowledge and skills. Share your stories and experiences. The entire world is waiting for you. Make it happen today with Reddit.