Quora is a platform on which the users can ask questions, answer different questions and interact with other people. But, there are times, when many people ask random questions on Quora. The questions may range from different topics of interest like general knowledge, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, etc.


In the present times, as soon as a question arises in your head, you search the internet to get an answer because it offers a wide range of resources of information you want. One of the most commonly used platforms is Quora. Here, we have discussed quora review in detail. 

Quora review

What is Quora?

Quora is a platform where people look for information. Every information piece on the website is user-generated which means that it is created, organized, and edited by a similar group of people using the website. After knowing what Quora is all about, you might be wondering why you even need to use Quora. The answer is pretty simple. There are some unique qualities offered by Quora and these qualities are hard to find in the rest of the research tools. Some unique features of Quora as mentioned below as follows: 

  • Quora has a simple user interface which makes it ideal for being use by people of different age groups. 
  • The layout of both the Quora website and application is very well-organized and simple. You don’t need to spend a lot of time asking a question, answering a question, or interacting with other Quora users. 

You must create an account on Quora for using it most effectively. Then, you’ll know the primary functions of this website. You need not worry as it is very easy for the users to create an account or navigate through the website very easily. The best part? It is completely free to use. 

Now, you must be wondering how you can create an account on Quora. So, you should know that when you visit Quora for the first time, you will get options for signing up or creating an account on the screen. On the screen, tap on the sign up with the email option. 

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After the page is filled out, other requirements need to be fulfilled such as adding a display picture and getting connected with your friends on Quora. Then, you can start following topics where your interest lies. Quora is the best combination of social media and search engines. You follow different topics on this website, but there is a greater emphasis on common topics than people. Anyway, regardless of which way you want to follow, that particular topic will be seen on your feed.  

Asking questions on Quora 

Once your Quora account is created and you have selected the topics you want to follow, you may start to use Quora. This also includes asking different questions on the platform. For asking a question on the website, you just need to tap the red option showing Add link or question in the topmost corner towards the right of your screen. 

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Input your question and then, tap on Add question. You will be then asked by Quora to select and complete the verification of topics related to the question. After this, you just need to wait for a response from the users. 

Answering questions on Quora 

On other hand, Quora has the potential of answering the questions asked by other users. It is not at all difficult to answer a question on Quora and you should only answer the question of a user if you have confidence in yourself and are sure about the answer. You shouldn’t reply to the questions of any use if you are not sure about the answer.

The primary way a website like this works is if all the users are respecting the answers and requests of other users. Keeping that in mind, you should remember that answering the questions on Quora is easy. Your feed consists of different questions associated with various topics you are following. Click on any question that you are sure of and touch the answer option. Move ahead and make a submission of your answers on Quora to your preferred content, just ensure that it is accurate and can help the users who have asked the question. 

Are the answers on Quora reliable?

This is a common question asked in every Quora review by users as well as those who are beginners on this platform. The reliability of Quora answers largely depends on a few factors like the type of question, the user who has answered the question, and a lot more. As you already know, there are many illegitimate and fake users on Quora who can do nothing but share inaccurate answers and wrong information. 

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Quora review

To keep yourself safe from such answers, you must consider a few factors before you determine whether an answer is legitimate or not. For checking the reliability of an answer, you should check the account and profile of the user who has answered. That is the primary factor used in determining the reliability of an answer on Quora.

Upvoting and downvoting on Quora 

Another Quora feature that is useful to the users is upvoting and downvoting. When you can see any response on this platform that seems suitable to the question you have asked, it can be upvoted. Also, if you see another answer that seems low on accuracy, you may downvote it. The total count of upvotes and downvotes on any reply will charge an impact on its visibility. If there are too many upvotes on an answer, it may appear to be more valid than the rest. If the answer is more downvoted on Quora, it seems invalid and will not be prioritized by Quora to be seen by others. 

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This Quora review can be useful to you if you are looking for the most genuine information about Quora. All basic information along with the reliability of answers has been discussed above in this post. You must consider the above-mentioned factors while assessing any answer on Quora.