However, you must be thinking about how much exactly you can earn through this platform. Read this post till the end to get all your queries on the Quora partner program resolved. Quora started back in the year 2009 and since then, almost everyone has come across this platform in some way or the other. 

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Quora enables a user to ask questions and anyone can answer the questions. The positive aspect of this is that you can all the rarest questions on this platform. The negative side can be a lack of quality in the answers with no factual data and a lot of spam. An upvote system is used by Quora for ranking answers based on their usefulness. Quora has a moderating team that can review the questions and checks the quality of answers. 

Quora partner program

You can often find Quora questions to be featured on Google searches. When a question is typed in Google, oftentimes, a quora question will show up at the top of search results to drive the internet traffic towards their website. Quora can also generate its earnings through advertisements on the Q/A page. There are endless questions in the database of Quora, because of which it can drive a huge amount of traffic towards its site and gather a good revenue amount as well.

What is Quora Partner Program? 

The Quora partner program is a program that facilitates only invitations and pays you real money to answer the questions on Quora. That is simple, just by asking questions on Quora, you can earn several dollars every month. You don’t need to give answers the members on Quora will be more than happy to answer the questions you ask. You will then get compensation based on questions that are asked. This is just so easy. You must be thinking about how to get an invitation to this scheme. Follow these tips to earn more through the Quora partner program

  • Ask questions regularly as it is a great way of getting into this program.
  • You may have to wait for months before you can get an invite, so try visiting the site at least once every month to show them that you are regular in terms of visiting. 
  • Share good answers which show your concern about Quora.
  • Create a genuine profile and add details like name, bio, and profile picture. Quora prefers real people to ask questions instead of spammers or bots. 
  • You need to have a lot of patience. Invitations may take as long as a year, whereas some people claim it early. 

Why is the Quora Partner Program invite-only?

If you are thinking about why the quora partner program is open to only invitees, you must know that that’s what lets the program go on. By allowing people to join, the moderators of this platform may face difficulties when they weed through the spam questions, and there will be a decline in the overall quality of the Quora questions.

It is also done to impose limitations on resources used for paying the users, with more users putting their questions forward. This means that there will be higher competition among those who are participants in the program, and the money generated will also be less. 

This is a really common yet good question that Quora users tend to have. It also helps in sustaining the program. If everyone is allowed to sign up for this program, the moderators of Quora will find it difficult to filter all the unnecessary questions, and the overall quality of Quora questions will degrade. It may also help in limiting the resources for paying the users as more users who ask questions give rise to competition for people who are already a part of this program and will probably decrease the amount of money that is earned.

How to earn money using Quora Partner Program?

The Quora partner program pays you for asking questions. The money you get is based on traffic generated for Quora and not based on the number of questions asked by you. Keep in mind that Quora earns money through advertisements on the questions page, you can earn a percentage of revenue from the pages if you are a part of this program. When you get ab invitation to this program, you will find a link to the partner dashboard.

This is the place where all questions need to be put in, check how much you earn, and look at the suggestions of topic categories to be focused on. There are two main types of questions that can help you earn money: 

The first type of question is a short-term question, it is supposed to generate the viral traffic sources and the traffic will decrease after a few days. These questions are mostly related to whatever goes on in the world including current affairs and other topics. These questions can also generate traffic straight from Quora, because of their system that is fed the interesting questions. As mentioned before, traffic from such questions will drop off after a few days. 

The second type of question is the one that can bring traffic organically. This comes from sources including Google, where they can present your question to the people who search. Usually, these questions can last much longer than the first question type.

These types of questions are the best way to earn a passive income because they can generate revenue for a long time. Another important thing you should note is that it presently pays out the revenue on those questions for a year. 

Quora partner program
What Is Quora Partner Program 5

Unfortunately, the partner program of quora is open only to people who are invited. This means that you must be getting an invitation to participate in this program by Quora. They usually ask only the active users meaning those who have signed up for Quora, asked some questions, and gave replies. There are no rigid rules to getting invited; you may just try to ask questions. Even if you ask several questions and offer many responses, you may not get any invite links because of time-related issues.