Quora is a consistently growing social platform where you can find a wide range of user-generated questions and answers. All the questions, as well as answers, are usually created and edited by other Quora users. 


It is important to know Quora meaning. A lot of people make use of Quora in the form of resources for information, research, and general knowledge. Other people use Quora for growing their social circle. Though there are too many question and answer platforms like Quora but, it stands apart from the rest in a lot of ways like the emphasis on the question quality, answers and it also lets the users vote for the right answers to encourage accountability amongst them while the users are also allowed to follow the topics where their interest lie. 

Quora meaning

People from different parts of the world visit this platform to get their questions answered by a group of people. Google is also a part of the business of presenting web pages which answers different questions. Quora answering the questions is one of the top reasons why Quora is ranked so high by Google. Read this post till the end to know everything about Quora

Quora has acquired position #345 in terms of traffic amongst all other sites in the U.S by Alexa, a Web metrics company. It is also positioned as #357 in terms of popularity on an international level. This year, the data of Google Trends shows the upward growing profile of Quora. This is proof of the increasing

"> popularity of Quora. The upward trend of Quora isn’t just limited to the US, but it also extends to Germany, France, Australia, Canada, UK and Germany. Quora is a well-known website that is constantly on growth as far as popularity is concerned. 

Quora is a platform on which one can ask questions and answer other questions too. These answers and questions are based on different topics and then, are liked, commented and written by the user’s community on Quora. The users of this platform can show their specialization in different fields, and a few celebrities or eminent people are also Quora users. 

How to use Quora?

As you have to know what Quora means now, you should know how you can use the Quora platform most effectively. Mentioned below are a few ways by which you can use this platform to get the best out of it. Here are the ways you can follow: 

Create an account for free and interact with Quora users 

It is a very easy and quick process to create a Quora account. You just need to know your email address, name and password. You can also use other social media accounts like Google or Facebook to sign in to your Quora account. Once you have created your own, you need to input the topics you seek interest in, so that you can see relevant answers and questions. If you have a lot of information in any field, you can tell Quora that if any Quora user has a question related to that topic, they can get in touch with you. 

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Ask a question 

There are so many users on Quora that the chances of someone having asked your question are high. However, in such cases, you can just input the question and check whether it is matching or looks similar to any other question asked from before on Quora. If that’s not the case, you can just submit the question you have to Quora along with a few descriptive details. If you’re lucky enough, one or more Quora uses will answer the question you have.

Help someone get an answer

If you are wondering how to answer a question posted by some user on Quora, you just need to proceed further an X write the answer. If you are still not clear with it, you must know that someone is there to help. Other Quora users can also be helpful for you in this regard.

Some other Quora users will good knowledge of your topic can be asked for help, or just leave leads to find a particular answer. You can also look for ways to make the question more specific as it becomes more answerable too. Another thing you can try is to share the questions on your social media platforms where some of your friends or followers may answer the question. 

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Spread the word 

Simply because any question on Quora has already been answered doesn’t mean you can’t write your answer there. The answers you find are correct can be flagged or just shared with your friends who might be willing to know those answers too. You can even comment on any answer you like. An answer can also be commented if there is anything that is changed or added, you can write a reply on other comments.

Quora meaning

Can you connect to other social networking sites? 

If you want to get registered with the website through your Facebook or Twitter account or to add friends from different networks after registering, you just need to follow the process mentioned below. 

You need to allow the Quora app to avail access to the information in your Twitter or Facebook account. After completing this step, your Twitter or Facebook friends will get automatically added to your Quora homepage. Quora will add friends who are already users of Quora and contacts that don’t use this site too. Quora can also be connected to WordPress or Tumblr blogs. 

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This is all you need to know about Quora meaning and other aspects of this platform. Quora is an amazing platform where you can put forward your questions or answer the questions asked by others. You can use this platform both in the website version and app version. The app version makes it more convenient for users to interact on this platform.