Quora is a question and answer site that allows users to gain information on various topics. If you are doing any kind of research on different areas, you can get a lot of help from Quora. However, most of the questions asked are to find different products and services. This gives a way to an important question is Quora social media? Well, we will find that out in the post below with the following sections. Quora is henceforth a unique site that allows the users to advertise their products and services


is quora social media

The interesting part is that the users will not be charged when they launch their advertisements. They can launch different ads at free of cost. However, they will be required to pay based on the number of clicks on their site. Quora is among the top-rated sites offering a wide range of audiences from all over the globe. But, the question is what kind of platform is Quora? Is it a news platform, social media, search engine, or something else? So, keep reading to find that out in the very next section of the post. 

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What kind of site is Quora?

Whenever any question pops into your brain, the very first place you might go would be the Internet. This is particularly because the internet is filled with a vast source of information and hence, you can easily find that information you are seeking. One of the sites where you can similarly find answers to all your questions is Quora. It is a question-and-answer site where people visit to find answers to different questions.

The interesting part is that the content on this site, unlike other sites, is generated by the very people who use it. This means that the content on Quora is organized, edited, as well as created by the same group of people who use this site. 

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This begs a critical question, what kind of site is Quora? Is it a search engine, or a news platform? Well, Quora is not completely a search engine as it possesses several unique qualities that make it different from other such platforms. Quora allows the users to follow the topics that they like and also expand their social network.

It allows the users to upvote as well as downvote based on their liking or disliking of the answer. Additionally, the users will also be getting high-quality answers with accurate information. So, the question arises is Quora social media? Yes, it is a kind of social media that provides a bundle full of features. 

Let us now move on towards the next section to check what makes this site different from other social media? So, keep on reading the post below to gain some insight into the same for your reference and clarity. 

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How different is Quora social media?

As you might be already wondering, Quora is different from other social media in various ways. This leads to another question how different is Quora’s social platform. Quora is a question-and-answer platform and not completely social media. People can connect with other users and expand their network as well just like other social media platforms. However, unlike many other platforms, over here you cannot directly communicate with other users in your inbox. The only way to communicate with others is through asking questions and answering those. 

is quora social media

Quora is a kind of social media as it allows the users to connect with other users and follow them like other social media sites. It is similar to other social media sites and yet stands completely different from them due to the extensive list of features that it offers to the users.

If you are curious to know this list of features that the site offers, we have got you covered completely. The next section will be shedding some light on the exciting list of features that Quora offers to the users which other social media platforms do not. As your query ‘is Quora social media’ has been answered completely, keep on reading further to know the amazing list of features it offers. 

Features of Quora that other social media platforms lack

Quora is different from other social media sites in various ways. Wish to know the features of Quora that make it different from other sites? Some of the exciting features of Quora, that other social media sites do not have, have been laid down below for your reference and clarity. Go through the same so that you can get an overview of the same. 

  • Verified accounts: To begin with, all the accounts on Quora are verified and real. None of them are fake accounts and hence you can rely on the information as well. Unlike other sites, where many fake accounts exist, Quora does not allow unverified accounts. 
  • Language control: In addition to that, Quora also controls the language that the users will be using while asking questions and answering the same. The short forms or slang on this site cannot be used. The users are allowed to communicate professionally only. 
  • BNBR policy: The BNBR policy of Quora that is ‘Be Nice and Be Respectful’ requires the users to treat other users with civility, consideration, and respect. It does not allow the users to humiliate other users. 
  • 95% of accounts are active: In conclusion, more than 95% of the Quora users are real and active, unlike other sites where thousands of IDs are fake and inactive. 
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These were a few of the exciting features of Quora that makes it different from other sites. So, if you now ask is Quora social media, the answer is yes. It is a social media along with a list of features that makes it a bit different from them. 

Quora is a question-and-answer social media platform offering a thorough list of features. It allows the users to also connect and expand their network. Unlike other platforms, you cannot communicate to the users directly through the inbox. All you can do is ask questions and answer a few others.


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