Quora is one of the most popular sites that offer extensive features to users. It is a question-and-answer platform where people gain every sphere of knowledge. If you are doing some research where you have discovered several problematic areas, then the best friend at that time would be Quora. But, is Quora a legitimate website is a question that you might have in your mind. Well, Quora is among the top websites people use to enhance their knowledge. 

is Quora a legitimate website

Interestingly, unlike the other social media, all the users on Quora are active. More than 95% of the users on this platform are using Quora daily. They actively use the platform and not have just created the account to have one.

If you wish to know about the legitimacy of this site, then you are at the very right place. The post below will introduce you to this beautiful site and discuss whether or not this site is safe from hackers. So, continue reading further to gain more information on the same. 

Is it safe to access Quora?

If you are wondering whether or not it is safe to use Quora, we have got you covered completely. Quora is an exceptional platform that offers excellent service to the users without compromising quality. But, the question is whether it is safe for the users to use this site. Interestingly, the users will face no issues while accessing this site as Quora accounts are being verified. Unlike other social media, you will not encounter fake accounts here. Most of the accounts are active.

Is Quora safe from hackers?

Now, most of the questions people think about will be Quora, a legitimate website. Quora is a legitimate website that is safe from hackers. The users of the Quora platform are delighted with the services provided by the platform. Millions of people from all over the world use the Quora platform to get their doubts cleared and get the solutions to their answers. 

The Quora platform has gained a lot of popularity in recent periods. The users’ privacy is highly maintained, and people from all around the globe are using the Quora platform to get the answers to all their questions. The TheQuora platform is safe and secure which is safe from hackers. 

The information or the data of the users of the Quora platform are kept safe and secure. The Quora Platform is popular worldwide, and no member of this particular platform has ever complained about the security and safety of the forum.

What is the age limit to access the Quora platform?

The Quora platform is a question and answer platform where people from all over the world can get the answers to all their questions. Now the question arises, is Quora a legitimate website. The answer to this question is yes. The Quora platform is a genuine and safe platform where people can register themselves and become members and enjoy the Quora platform’s benefits for a lifetime. 

A variety of answers are provided concerning one particular question. The Quora platform helps individuals get the correct and the most appropriate answer for a specific question. However, the most crucial point that one needs to remember is the particular age limit required for becoming a member of this platform.

The individuals willing to become a member of this platform should be above the age of thirteen users. No individuals below the age of thirteen will be allowed to register themselves and become members of this platform. An individual should adhere to the age limit to become a member of this platform.

is Quora a legitimate website

Is Quora a free platform?

The most common question that arises in the minds of the users is whether is Quora a legitimate website. Of course, the Quora platform is an authentic platform that is used by millions today worldwide in their daily lives. To access the Quora platform and enjoy its benefits for a lifetime, one needs to be a valid member of this platform. The registration process of the Quora platform is relatively easy.

The registration for becoming a member of the Quora platform is free. The users do not need to pay a single amount of money to become a member of this platform. Thus, this feature of the Quora platform is one of the most significant advantages on the part of the users. There is absolutely no investment on the part of the users. Individuals can register for free and receive and enjoy the innumerable advantages of the Quora platform for a lifetime. The Quora platform has also updated and modified itself to a large extent. The users are delighted with the services provided by this platform.

The Quora Platform is authentic and legitimate. The feedback received from the users of the Quora platform is quite good and is satisfactory. The Quora platform has made several changes and modifications in recent years. This has attracted a lot of new members to the Quora platform.

The Quora Platform is highly reliable. This platform provides complete safety and security to its users. The data and the information collected from the members of the Quora platform are highly confidential data that are kept safely and securely with the platform. 

There are no risks involved in being a part of this platform. Thousands of people have shown immense trust in this platform. The quota platform helps people in a lot of different ways. Anyone can become a member of this particular platform without any fear. This platform has helped millions of people all over the world in a variety of ways.


  1. Can Quora be trusted?

    Quora is one of the few websites that provide legitimate content to its users. It is a platform that basically allows its users to ask questions and write answers for them. It is not a spam website and certainly can be trusted. But the problem arises when it allows anyone to answer the questions. So, people with no extensive answers can also answer questions that can be misleading sometimes.

  2. Is Quora safe and secure?

    Absolutely, Quora is a safe and secure platform with no active data breach. It keeps your credential safe and secure without allowing them to leak into the hands of unwanted people. It also has many advanced security systems which restrict people from spamming and allows users to answer anonymously, which reduces the risk of being targeted. So, Quora is surely a safe and secure platform.

  3. Can we trust the answers in Quora?

    Quora is a secure and safe website that has many preventive measures against people uploading fake or misleading content. However, there are people with no extensive knowledge on a given topic which are answering and misleading a large crowd. Anyone can answer any question in open Quora. Quora is a platform that is informative but is it trustworthy is entirely a different discussion. You can’t trust everything that is said on Quora.

  4. Does Quora check its answer are legitimate?

    Quora takes other preventive measures to keep the spamming under control. It also scans for duplicated or copied answers. But it doesn’t check answers whether they are correct and legitimate. It is also impossible for Quora to check each answer submitted on the platform.

  5. Is Quora safe from hackers?

    Yes, Quora is safe from hackers. However, there is no reason for hackers to hack Quora accounts since it is low-value for them.

  6. Is Quora safe for kids?

    Quora allows people to use it only if their age is above thirteen. It also imposes several restrictions on accounts that are below the age of eighteen to abide by the law. However, Quora is a relatively safer place for kids to learn and increase their knowledge.

  7. Is Quora safe for privacy?

    Yes, Quora is one of the platforms that have little to no active breach of the privacy of its users. However, there would be nothing that would intrigue the hackers to steal your confidential information. There are also features that allow the users to answer anonymous questions so that the real user can share true information without risking their privacy.

  8. Is messaging in Quora safe?

    Messaging in Quora is quite safer than messaging on other platforms because you can only message and not chat. You can only send one or two lines in a message, and you can’t spam them by sending messages. Most of the users in quora never bother to use the private messaging option because it is a question and answer platform and not a social media for hanging out.