Over the decade, more and more platforms for query and problem resolving are becoming more mainstream on the internet. Quora is one of the most popular ones. The platform has gained a lot of substantial popularity and name, all because of the diversity and inclusion on the platform. Wondering how to post a question on Quora and why you should do it?

How to Answer Questions on Quora to Generate Leads
How To Post A Question On Quora? Step By Step Guide 4

Quora evolved as a platform where people could get quick and worthy answers from industry experts.

However, that was not all. The use of Quora as a platform also stood out due to its marketing capabilities. The outreach was so profound on Quora that it became a breeding ground for marketers to leverage the platform to reach out to the target audiences without any delays or queries.

That said, if you are new to the concept of Quora and don’t know how to ask a question or even answer one to leverage it for marketing, this article should give you all the insights that you are looking for.

How to Post a Question on Quora?

Let us preface this by saying that Quora can be accessed as a web application that you can open from your laptop or desktop. Otherwise, you can also download the mobile application for the platform for much easier access. The mobile application is available for both iOS and Android devices, which is an advantage.

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Now, for posting a question on Quora, the process is simple and requires a few simple steps that you need to follow through. To answer your question about how to post a question on Quora, we have sorted the same in terms of your web app and the mobile app.

On the web:

  • Start by opening your browser and then open Quora
  • Once on the homepage, you need to log into your Quora account if you have one. If you don’t have an account, create one first.
  • On the top-right corner of the page, click on “Add Question” and then add in the question that you want to ask.

In case you have a question in mind, we’d always recommend that you type it into the search bar first to check if someone has already answered the question or not. If you don’t find the question already on Quora, you can go ahead and add the new question for the experts and Quora enthusiasts to answer.

On the mobile application:

  • Depending on whether you use Android or iOS, you first need to sort out and download the application and install it on your smartphone.
  • Once done, you can then open the Quora app and log into your account.
  • Like the web application, you will also find the “Add” button on the top right corner of the mobile application.
  • You can go ahead and add your question there. 

Again, we’d always recommend that you do a quick search and check whether the question is already available or not. Sometimes, posting similar questions is futile and won’t get you the same barrage of answers that you are looking for. So, dig a little first.

How to Answer Questions on Quora to Generate Leads?

Since more than half of the Quora users are now leveraging the platform to garner some outbound leads for them, it isn’t surprising that individuals are looking for some insights to make it big on the platform. Let us preface this by saying that knowing how to post a question on Quora is only going to take you so far. Instead, you need to know about the answering tricks too.

Here’s what you can do instead:

  • Be quick to answer

The best way to get quick upvotes on Quora is by answering the question as fast as you can. If possible, keep an eye out on the questions that are being posted in the niche that you likely work in. Once you sort that out, it becomes a lot easier for you to find the relevant questions and answer them truthfully to reel in some leads.

  • Include your brand

Yes, but in a subtle way. If you find a question seeking a solution to a problem that your brand or company deals with, you can take up to answer that question. However, if you truly want to sell your brand, you need to focus on being subtle and not too much in the face. The last thing that you want is to end up diverting the general solution to the question by making your answer seem like a sales post.

  • Use the power of anonymity

Quora lends you the open hand to ask questions anonymously and then answer them to generate a buzz. Yes, you read it right. As tricky as it seems, this is a very common marketing trick that many marketers leverage to their benefit and you can too. If you don’t know how to ask a question on Quora, we hope you know by now. So, ask a question and then answer it to provide a resolution by integrating the brand or services you are trying to promote.

  • Be wise about links

Another important factor that you should look out for when answering questions on Quora is to be wise about the links. Again, you don’t want to be too much in the face with every line having one link. Instead, space things out and include as minimal promotional links as possible.

How to Answer Questions on Quora to Generate Leads
How To Post A Question On Quora? Step By Step Guide 5

Quora is a great place to generate inbound and outbound leads in no time at all. Just make sure you leverage it the right way.

Quora is gaining rapid momentum among marketing enthusiasts and for all the right reasons. If you are planning to leverage Quora for your brand marketing or simply to get an answer to some of your queries, we hope you now know how to ask a question on Quora and get answers to them as well. Just ensure that you cross-check whether that question is already asked or not and then go ahead and ask it if it isn’t already available. 

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