People in the present day are inclined towards deleting everything in the digital world, owing to different reasons. A part of it is the Quora account, as it links with either your Google, email or Facebook account. So, here is how to delete Quora account in different ways. 

how to delete Quora account

Deleting an account on Quora 

Remember that deleting an account on Quora is irreversible. This means you cannot reinstate the data or the account information. So, if you are sure of it, here is how to delete Quora account. 

  • On the website 

You can delete a Quora account on the web version or on the application. Let’s first see the steps for the Quora webpage. 

  1. Go to Quora and log in with the account to be deleted. 
  2. Open the settings menu by clicking on the top-right corner. 
  3. Head to the privacy section and scroll for the menu. 
  4. Select the Delete Account option. 

Here, Quora asks for your account password to confirm the action. Type it and confirm deleting your account. 

  • On the Mobile Application 

If you want to know how to delete Quora account through the mobile app, follow these steps below. 

  1. Download and install the Quora app on your phone or tablet. 
  2. Log in with the account to be deleted. 
  3. Click on the Quora profile icon present on the top-left corner. 
  4. Select privacy and scroll until you find the delete account option. 
  5. Select the same, enter your password, and confirm the account deletion. 

This way, you can permanently delete your Quora account. When deleting it, you are erasing all the data except for your questions on Quora. Your questions will still be displayed but without your name. However, you still have a 2-week window if you want to revert the action. Quora keeps the data for 14 days, after which you’ll forever lose all the data. 

Can you create another Quora account with the same ID? Yes, you can use the same Google, Facebook, or email ID of the deleted account to create a new one. In this case, the account would be empty, and you need to start afresh. Well, there are other alternatives to deleting your Quora account if you chose to stay inactive for a while. Have a look: 

Deactivating your Quora account 

One best alternative to permanently deleting your Quora account is deactivating it for the time being. It is a softer version of deletion and is reversible. You can follow these steps for deactivating your Quora account

  1. Go to the Quora web version or mobile application and log in with your account. 
  2. Click on the profile icon and head to the privacy section. 
  3. You’ll mostly find the Deactivate account option just below the delete account option on Quora. 
  4. Confirm the same to deactivate your Quora account. 

Deactivation will remove your comments and answers on Quora. But everything would be restored once you activate your Quora. 

how to delete Quora account

Hiding your name 

There is another alternative you might want to consider hiding your name on the search engines like Google. If you don’t want your Quora answers to be displayed, you can untick the “allow search engines to index your name” option. You’ll find it in the privacy section. Again, you can toggle this option as well, whenever you feel like it. However, the search engines need a little time to recrawl your Quora information and see your preference. 

These are the only ways on Quora to stay anonymous or delete the account. So, if you don’t want to continue Quora, you can delete it permanently. Or, if you wish to take a break or might have a change of thought later, you can deactivate the account instead. Hiding your name from the search engine keeps your information anonymous from search engines.