Quora is a widely used Q & A platform where some ask questions and others try to answer them. The relevance of every question is decided based on the upvotes and downvotes on Quora. How to ask a question on Quora? Well, the process is quite easy. Have a look. 


Asking a question on Quora 

Quora, being a Q & A platform, keeps it simple for everyone to ask questions. The process is as easy as typing a search request, but with a slight difference. So, here is how to ask a question on Quora in detail. 

how to ask a question on Quora

Basically, there are two ways of getting an answer to your question. First, you are searching for an existing question, and second, you need to post a new query. Either way, the steps are simple. Here’s what to do. 

Asking an existing question 

First, let’s see what happens when you are trying to ask an existing question. Generally, an existing question means some other Quora user has already posted the same query before. It is not necessary that it would have the answer. You just have to know if your question is on Quora or if it has to be posted. 

  1. Go to Quora and click on the Search Bar. 
  2. Start typing your question in the space allotted on the Quora platform. 

Now, you will immediately find the search results based on your query. If nothing matches with your point, you need to ask a new question. 

Posting a new question 

Posting a question on Quora needs you to sign in to your account. If you don’t have a Quora account, create one first and proceed with the following steps. 

  • On the web 

You can post the question on the Quora webpage or the mobile application. Let’s first discuss how to post a question on Quora webpage. 

  1. Go to the Quora webpage and sign in with your account. 
  2. On the top corner towards the right, you’ll find the Add Question option. 
  3. Like I said earlier, if your question is entirely new, you need to head to the Add New Question option here. 

Type the question you want to ask and follow the instructions to post the question on the platform. 

  • On the mobile application 

Most people consider it easy to post a query through the Quora mobile app. Here is how to post a question on Quora through your mobile. 

  1. Download and install the Quora application on your smartphone through App Store or Google Play Store. 
  2. Login with your Quora account and head to the homepage. 
  3. Again, you’ll find the Add option on the top of the application towards the right. 
  4. Click on it, type your question, and follow the instructions promptly to complete posting a question on Quora. 

That is how simply you can ask any question on Quora. But before this, you need to create a user account. Here’s how. 

how to ask a question on Quora

Creating an account on Quora 

You can signup for Quora through your Google, Facebook, or email account. Go to Quora’s homepage and follow these steps. 

  1. Access the Quora homepage and click on the Signup option. 

Here, you’ll find three options: 

Continue with Google – you can use your Gmail or Google account to signup with Quora. 

Continue with Facebook – you can also use your Facebook user account for the same. 

Continue with Email – if you use other user accounts apart from Google and Facebook, you can select this option and continue with the next steps. 

  • You can see the signup form here, asking for your name and other relevant details. Fill them up and tick on the I’m not a robot selection. After this, select the Signup option. 
  • Now, Quora asks you to pick some topics of your interest. This is to display questions and answers relevant to your areas of interest. 
  • You need to pick at least three topics displayed on the screen for the Continue option to appear. 
  • Select all your interests and head to the personal information section. 
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Here, Quora asks you for all your details. Fill them carefully to avoid authentication issues. You might have to enter your education and employment details. 

You can follow the instructions to complete profile creation on Quora. The platform gives the choice of linking other social media accounts with your Quora account. Also, you can modify your privacy settings to use the platform in a better way. 

This way, you can create a profile on Quora and ask a question whenever needed. As mentioned above, the questions can be discarded or promoted based on the votes by other users. Try keeping your query to the point. Also, ensure that the information is understandable so that other people can answer them.