Quora is a famous Q & A platform with numerous queries posted each day. Well, anyone with a user account can answer a question. Knowing how to answer questions on Quora can help improve your knowledge and share your insights with the world. Here is how to do it. 


Answering Quora questions 

The process for how to answer questions on Quora is quite simple. All you need is a proper and relevant answer to type in. Have a look. 

  1. Find or choose the question you want to answer on Quora. 
  2. You’ll find the Answer button just beneath the question. 
  3. Select the same and type your answer in the allotted space. 
  4. After you are done answering, tap the Post option. 

Your answer will appear along with the question whenever someone tries to look for an answer. Also, Quora sends a notification to the person posting the question. You’ll also receive notifications if there is a comment or reaction to your answer. 

how to answer questions on Quora

Tips to answer the questions 

Well, as I said before, answering a question on Quora is easy. But the impact would be on how the answers are or what information you give in. So, here are some tips for how to answer questions on Quora. 

  • Check the previous answers: 

First, check if the question has any answers. If yes, read what others have mentioned. If everything about the question is answered, there is no point in answering the same again. In that case, it is best to look out for other questions. 

  • Stick to relevance: 

One best way to answer questions on Quora is by sticking to the relevance. As in, it is best to answer the question as much as asked and not deviate from the topic. You can delineate the answer but including irrelevant stuff to add words is of no use. 

  • Try adding examples: 

To the point and vague answers cannot help in every case. So, instead of posting a one-liner, you can add some examples. Witty and relevant examples often attract people into reading your answers frequently. Try including relevant and lively examples to the questions to add punch to your answers. 

  • Consider the length: 

There is nothing as too short or too long on Quora. Several questions might require a detailed clarification, while some only need a paragraph or a few lines. So, writing essays when not necessary is a waste of time. Most people avoid reading lengthy answers too. So, try keeping your answers crisp with intrigue to drive them. 

how to answer questions on Quora

If you are among those answering Quora questions frequently, you can use this to promote anything too. Say you own a business and wish to promote it. Quora could be a great aid here. Try answering questions related to your brands and mention them wherever relevant. Quora can help improve your reach