Quora is a social platform used by numerous users. It was first introduced in Mountain View, California, in the US. It was started on 25th June 2009 and was available to be used publicly on 21st June 2010. Users may also get into collaboration by editing the answers and making comments on questions asked by users. As of now, this website is visited by more than 300 million users every month. There are also speculations about how much does Quora pay for questions

how much does Quora pay for questions

Quora is a constantly growing platform that is user-generated and features a wide range of questions and answers from various topics of interest. All questions and answers are formed, edited and organized by people who use this platform. A lot of people use this platform as a source of general interest, information and research. It is also used by many people for adding and building up their social networks. 

There is a lot of well-known question and answer sites, but Quora stands apart from them in a lot of ways. It is more focused on the quality of questions and answers. It also lets the users vote for answers and increases accountability among the users, and the users can also find topics in which they are interested. 

Can you ask questions about Quora? 

Quora is a very popular question and answer website on which people who are part of the Quora users community can ask questions, answer them and submit their questions. A Quora account can be created just by filling in a few details on this platform. However, if you are a new user on Quora, you might be wondering how to ask questions on Quora, so follow the steps mentioned below: 

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Via website 

Follow the steps mentioned below to ask questions on Quora through its website: 

  • Open your PC and search Quora.com.
  • Tap on the add question option towards the top-right corner of the screen.

You can also type your question in the search bar located towards the top of the screen. You will see the search results based on what you type. If you can’t see an already existing edition of your question, you may hit the “add new question” for adding it on Quora. 

Via mobile app

It is also possible for you to ask a question in Quora through its mobile app version. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • First, you must download the Quora app on your device.
  • Now, you need to sign in to your Quora account on the device.
  • After signing in, tap on Add link option located towards the top-right side of the home screen

Regardless of whether you ask the questions on the website or app, you should click on the “what is your question?” pop-up above the feed and type your question. After asking the question, you’ll see that the question will be distributed by Quora to the writers and send a notification when new answers are added. 

Do Quora pay users for asking for money?

One of the most common questions that users tend to have about Quora is how much does Quora pay for questions. As mentioned already, Quora is a question and answer platform where you can ask your questions, submit answers to questions asked by other users or simply build your social network. You must be willing to know if Quora pays money to the users who ask questions on this platform.

Quora pays users for asking questions and you can earn a hefty amount on Quora if you ask high standard questions and if your questions get accurate answers in return. However, you cannot earn money on Quora by randomly asking questions. You must make sure that the question you ask is from a particular field of interest that suits a lot of people. Your question shouldn’t be very common but it shouldn’t be so uncommon that the relevance gets lost. To know how you can earn money by asking questions on Quora, continue reading. 

How to earn money by asking questions on Quora 

Those who are a part of the Quora partner program, also known as QPP can get their questions monetized on this platform. This is an interesting feature to know that Quora has started because as of now, there is no other social media platform that can come up with something more relevant. There are three common concepts you should know if you want to earn money by asking questions on Quora as a member of the Quora Partner Program. 

how much does Quora pay for questions

The first concept to know for earning money on asking a question on Quora is by becoming a member of its Partner program. The Partner program on Quora is also called QPP. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about the Quora Partner Program. Many people may fall prey to the misinformation shared on these sites. People shouldn’t believe what is said about QPP by random people. Though numerous Quora users ask several questions daily, one a few of them earn a good amount of money whole other users may never be able to monetise the questions. 

The amount of money you can earn on Quora has no limits and you can earn a lot of money from the Quora partner program. This is one of the common questions asked in FAQs on the Quora Partner Program. You must know that until the questions you ask to meet a particular standard and get quality answers in return, you will get paid by Quora. 

This is all you should know about how much does Quora pay for questions. You can earn money on Quora by asking questions but, you should meet the standards and fulfil its requirements. The amount you earn on your question depends on the standard of the question you ask and other factors. 

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