Quora is a multipurpose and versatile platform that can augment your online presence, your credibility and also promote your brand and services. However, how much do you earn from Quora? This is a question that will haunt many Quora enthusiasts who spend hours from their day answering questions on the platform.


Some people find it an amusing and productive use of their spare time while a few others believe in the power of the platform. Although quite an understated platform, Quora has the power to transform your marketing game and elevate your branding skills and reach. 

how much do you earn from Quora

However, just because you are a Quora connoisseur, it doesn’t mean you know it all. If you want to have a good side-income from the platform by engaging in constant answering and sharing value with the users, you need to put in a lot of effort.

What Is The Quora Partner Program?

Quora partner isn’t an easy one to get started with. The program is an invite-only option wherein Quora makes you part of the program when your content has been viewed over 100,000 times.

Many people have this initial belief that the program is not a trustworthy option, especially because not many people are in it. However, if you spend a good amount of your time on this platform asking and answering questions with a good response, be assured that you won’t have to wait long before you are part of the program.

But, the question is, “How much do you earn from the Quora partner program?” Well, this is a subjective answer and depends on how engaging your shared content on the platform is. Some creators witness pretty

">amazing revenue generation, while a few others struggle quite a bit.

How To Earn Good Revenue From The Quora Partner Program?

So, your initial content has garnered over 100,000 hits and you have a good following on Quora but you are still failing to generate a good buzz and revenue surrounding it. This isn’t something new and is one of the most common issues that several individuals struggle with.

Here are a few tips that can help you sort out that issue:

Know how the program works

The first and likely the most important factor to make the most out of the Quora partner program is by knowing how the program works. Keep in mind that the partner program runs with ad revenue from the advertisers on Quora.

So, depending on the advertisers and their outreach, you need to also focus on the way the program works. Ideally, we’d recommend focusing on keyword-based interaction for your content, because that is how the ads are aligned. 

This means if you are posting content randomly without understanding the advertiser’s intent, your chances of making good money will most definitely go down the drain. So, focus on inclining your business with the right keywords. Sometimes, that is what makes all the difference in the world. 

Leverage Google

Although people do spend a good amount of time on Quora directly looking for answers to their queries, what you need to realize is that a good chunk of traffic on Quora comes from the Google search engine. If you aren’t optimizing your Quora answer for Google’s search engine result page, you are already missing out on a good chunk of traffic.

Google trends is a good way to analyze what kind of searches are more trending and have questions on Quora that you can answer. When you answer more of the trending questions, it becomes easier for your account to get the rightful hits which make it deserving to earn more.

Again, how much do you earn from Quora is a phrase that will bring subjective answers. So, depending on how many users found their query’s answer on Google and then opened the thread to read the whole answer will determine how much you earn.

Yes, even Quora has creators or some accounts garner more attention compared to the rest. These accounts are versatile, cover multipurpose niches and provide value to the users that they are answering the question of.

There are hundreds of other answers that are of two to three lines. However, an elaborate, well-explained answer is what steals the show and brings in the views that you are likely looking for.

You must focus on the content you are sharing, especially if you do want people to engage with your content. Ideally, we’d recommend taking your time building your credibility on the platform first before you dive deeply into thinking about earning money.

In what other ways can you earn money through Quora?

As we said, Quora is a good platform for marketing. So, another common way you can generate a good amount of money is by marketing your brand and services the right way. Besides that, you can also build courses on Quora to market them to your target audience. Sometimes, these won’t work out right off the bat, especially if you don’t have a credible platform to showcase.

how much do you earn from Quora

So, before you focus on how much do you earn from Quora, we’d recommend that you first build your credibility on not just Quora but other social media platforms to expand your outreach. 

Also, never think about doing an online course on Quora for earning money if you don’t have the platform learned to like the back of your hand. If you don’t know much about the platform, don’t even think of creating a course. It won’t sell.

Earning money from Quora isn’t as complicated as many often make it out to be. However, we’d say that the process can’t be achieved within a day. You need to actively partake in conversations, answer the questions in the right way and focus on enhancing your credibility as a Quora enthusiast before you even start seeing some money coming your way from the platform. Sometimes, all you have to do is wait and give it your 100%.