The purpose of social media is to stay connected with people. So what can you do to find these people? Read this article to find out.

It can be pretty tedious to find someone on Instagram when you do not know their Instagram handles or usernames also because all users have the choice of giving whatever names they want on the platform. With millions of users worldwide, it is challenging to find one particular person on the forum. However, with modern algorithms, Instagram has come up with new methods to provide an effective solution to this problem:

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Different methods to find people on Instagram:

how to find someone on Instagram

The easiest way to find someone on Instagram is to use the inbuilt search bar on the mobile application or desktop. If you have an idea of who the person or brand is, you can use this tool to type in the whole or part of the name you think may be associated with the one you are searching for.

An added benefit to this tool is that you can choose to search more in-depth with the filters provided at the top, namely- Account, Places, Top, and Places. You can also choose not to use these filters, type in the search bar, and click on the search icon.

Name/ Account:

The algorithm will detect the name you are typing and display several accounts, tags, or places similar to what you are searching for. It is easy to open and check all the accounts that pop up to see if that is the one you are searching for. As long as it is not a private account, you can view their posts to check.


You can choose the filter as “places” when you search. This will limit all the search results to one particular place and narrow down the number of accounts.


 Another way to find people is through hashtags. The essential key for this method is to know the keyword to enter when searching. Ensure to add the # sign at the beginning of the keyword before clicking on the search button. This filter can only detect accounts that have used the same hashtag as you have entered.

Using Facebook:

how can you find someone on Instagram

Since Instagram is a product of Facebook, you can link your social accounts easily. In this way, if you are already friends on Facebook, you can add those people on Instagram through your Facebook contacts. When you choose to add people through your Facebook account, you will get a list of people from Facebook who are also on Instagram. Scroll through the list and add your friends on Instagram.

Using your phone contacts:

finding someone on Instagram

If you don’t know the account you are searching for, you can use your phone contact list to explore. In the “Discover people” option, you can choose “contacts” and sync your contacts on Instagram. However, this method only allows you to befriend those who have enabled their contact number on their Instagram profiles.

If none of your contacts have linked their phone numbers with thir Instagram profiles, the screen will show “No contacts available.”

Using WhatsApp, e-mail, or SMS:

how can I find someone on Instagram

If the screen shows “No contacts available,” you will see another option as “Invite friends.” This will allow you to invite your friends to Instagram through various methods like Whatsapp, e-mail, and SMS.

You will be able to share an automated link to your contact list with this option. When your contacts click on your link and join Instagram, you will find them on your search bar.

The “Suggested Users” algorithm:

finding someone on Instagram

If you are an avid Instagram user, the algorithm will offer you accounts of people whom you might know or may be interested in following. However, it may not show up immediately if you are fresh to Instagram, but you can manually go through the suggestion list.  

This option can also pop up when you go to your friend’s profile and tap on their “following” list. You may know or be acquainted with some of the people that they follow.

Using the Google search engine:

find anyone on Instagram

Another easy method is typing the keyword or the username of the account you are trying to find on google. It will show you a list of results similar or associated with your search.

Here is a video on how to find someone on Instagram. You can also click this link to increase your likes on Instagram.