Like most other sites out there, Patreon is used for entertainment purposes. That is why the question of what to do on Patreon is big to answer.


Content that ranges from videos to comics to information can cover Patreon. It is a platform that mainly helps content creators to earn something worth the efforts they put into the creation.

What to do on Patreon?

That can be said because it was created to solve that very problem. The problem where a platform like youtube was paying its creators solely based on the algorithm.

Here the views on the material mattered more than everything else of the creator. As these are what got in the money that the creators got. The number of views on a video from a channel is the basis of the creator’s income.

what to do on Patreon

To solve this problem and to give creators the worth of their efforts, Jack Conte with the help of Sam Yam tried coming up with a solution. The Patreon platform was thus born.

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Here is where creators can post exclusive content that would charge money for viewing. Here is where they can gain the returns for the investment they make by the content they post.

That is of course easier to do when you already have several followers who can jump right on Patreon to support. But when it comes to having fewer followers who are dedicated to following, there are ways.

There are places out there that provide boosting the number of organic & targeted followers on a social media page. You can do the same for a creator who does not have enough subscribers to run an effective Patreon system.

With that sorted, you will be able to earn according to the limits and options you give as a creator on the Patreon page.

This is why Patreon was made. If you are a content creator unsure of what to do with Patreon but are looking to boost your page, start with Patreon. The options that are available after you sign up are guided enough for you to understand the system and take a leap.

Also, this was the creator’s point of view where they have the option to demand payment for their efforts. When it comes to the patrons that go on to accept them, they get to be a part of it.

Figuring out what to do on Patreon for a patron is even simpler as they are the key to earning when it comes to using Patreon. Unless there is a crowd of people who follow the creator on Patreon, there would be a lack of funding that flows into the creator’s account.

This would thus beat the purpose of the creator’s account. It is an interdependent system. A system in which the creator creates the content and patrons come in to view it. This would transfer the payment from the patrons to the creators, and so on.

It would also depend on the tier or plan they choose to take. There are four main subscription tiers available on the platform for any user. The payment to Patreon for using the Patreon platform to earn would depend on these three tiers.

The first one is the elite plan, where 5% of the revenue is taken as a commission for Patreon. The next would be the pro plan where there are additional benefits included when compared to the lite plan. Here a total of 8% is taken from the revenue of the account.

Next comes the pro plan with a merch option where the products created by the artist can be sold on the profile to the patrons. Here a commission of 8% is taken for the revenue of the account.

The last one is the premium plan where the user would get benefits that come with all the above with two more included. Here the deduction would go up to 12 % from the total revenue of the account.

These tires mainly apply to those users who wish to create content to monetise it. So these benefits also would apply and be useful for those members.

In the case of users who are just there to be a part of different communities, they have plans that are according to the creators they follow.

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Each creator will be able to charge an amount depending on the content they create. It can also have tiers and plans that will include benefits that they offer to their patrons. So depending on the money that one can afford to put into the content, the patrons can choose the plan.

You can do that by simply searching the name of the creator on Patreon and hopping on board with one of their plans. The ones you have subscribed to can be seen on your account through the menu option. Here you will also be able to modify the information or the subscriptions according to your wishes.

When you think about what to do on Patreon for these patrons, the benefits that they get from subscribing would include:

  • Access to the scenes of creative content. It could be a video or the making of an art piece or the inside workings of their whole business.
  • Exclusive content that is separate from the main content on other sites.
  • Blooper scenes videos that were uploaded.
  • Early access to content and giveaways or similar events.
  • Access to merch on an earlier period.
  • Access to blogs they might have created to support the channel.
what to do on Patreon

These are the common content that is present on Patreon, creators use as posts. It is only a rough round-up too. Based on the content each creator produces, the specifics of what comes with their plans and packages would vary.

With content that is exclusively available for the users and a means of earning on the site, monetising anything is very possible. Patreon would be the platform to start with when it comes to using the reach you have to work for you.